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CBSE Class 12 Commerce Business Studies Financial Management

CBSE Class 12 Commerce Business Studies Financial Management

CBSE Class 12 Commerce Business Studies Financial Management –

CBSE Class 12 Commerce Business Studies Financial Management -Commerce is a term which means all the activities which start from production and end at consumption.The system includes legal, economic, political, social, cultural and technological systems that are in operation in any country or internationally.

There is great extension for hopefuls who have finished their degree in Commerce, both regarding advanced education and additionally for prompt occupations. Training in the concerned field is a great base for an assortment of professions.

CBSE Class 12 Commerce Business Studies Financial Management –

The Central Board of Secondary Education (abbreviated as CBSE) is a Board of Education for public and private schools, under the Union Government of India. Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has asked all schools affiliated to follow only NCERT curriculum.CBSE conducts the final examinations for Class 10 and Class 12 every year in the month of March. The results are announced by the end of May

CBSE Class 12 Commerce Business Studies NCERT book

For downloading NCRT Bussiness-Studies Books for Class 12 part-1 (English) click here

For downloading NCRT Bussiness-Studies Books for Class 12 part-2 (English) click here 

CBSE Class 12 Commerce Business Studies Financial Management –

CBSE Class 12 Commerce Business Studies Financial Management Important Notes –

CBSE Class 12 Commerce Business Studies Important topics for theory


 1.Nature and Significance of Management
  • Meaning , Characteristics, Objectives and Importance of Management
  • Nature of Management: Management as an Art, Science and Profession
  • Levels and Functions of Management
  • Features/Nature and Importance of Coordination

2.Principles of Management

  • Meaning, Nature and Importance of Management Principles
  • Fayol’s Principles of Management
  • FW Tayolr’s Scientific Management Its Principles and Its Techniques
  • Fayol Vs Taylor

3.Business Environment

  • Meaning, Features Importance and Dimensions of Business Environment
  • Impact of Changes in Government Policy on Business and Industry


  • Meaning Definition, Features and Importance of Planning
  • Limitations of Planning
  • Steps in Planning Process
  • Different Types of Plan


  • Concept, Importance and Process of Organising
  • Organisational Structure and Types of Organisation Structure
  • Formal and Informal Organisation
  • Delegation and Decentralisation


  • Meaning, Definition, Importance and Process of Staffing
  • Staffing as a Part of Human Resource Management
  • Recruitment and Its Sources
  • Selection and Process of Selection
  • Training, Development and Methods of Training

CBSE Class 12 Commerce Business Studies Important topics for theory


  • Concept, Characteristics, Importance and Elements of Directing
  • Meaning and Importance of Supervision
  • Motivation, Maslow’s Need Hierarchy Theory of Motivational and Financial and Non-financial Incentives
  • Concept, Importance and Style of Leadership
  • Meaning, Importance and Types of Communication Barriers and Measures to Overcome Them


  • Meaning, Importance and Limitations of Controlling
  • Relationship between Planning and Controlling
  • Steps in the Process of Controlling

CBSE Class 12 Commerce Business Studies Important topics for theory


9.Financial Management

  • Meaning, Role and Objectives of Financial Management
  • Meaning, Importance and Objectives of Financial Planning
  • Financial Decisions, Capital Structure
  • Fixed Capital and Working Capital

10.Financial Markets

  • Meaning, Functions and Classification of Financial Market
  • Stock Exchange, Functions and Trading Procedure on a Stock Exchange
  • SEBI: Reasons for Setting up, Objectives and Functions


  • Marketing and Marketing Management
  • Marketing and Selling
  • Marketing Mix, Product Mix and Price Mix
  • Place/Physical Distribution Concept Channels of Distribution
  • Major Tools of Promotion i.e Advertising, Personal Selling and Sales Promotion

12.Consumer Protection

  • Concepts, Importance of Consumer Protection and Framework for Consumer Protection in India
  • Consumer Rights and Responsibilities as per CPA, 1986
  • Ways and Means of Consumer Protection, Redressal Agencies under Consumer Protection Act, 1986
  • Role of Consumer Organisations and NGOs

CBSE Class 12 Commerce Business Studies Important topics for theory

Study tips for preparing exam:

Those who have not secured desired marks need not worry as it does not help even the slightest.Studies are basically the most boring thing that anyone of us has ever done in our entire life. But then having said that there is just no way that we can stay away from that. Studies are what makes us the person that we are and to be honest education is one of the most important things that we have in our entire life. This would help us to not only get a good job or a reputed future but would also educate us to become good citizens of the nation at large and this is just the reason why education is just the most important thing that you can think of. Education simply helps you know a lot about life and helps you to lead your life in the best possible way.

Allocate Appropriate Time-: Before you begin, allocate time for every question. Few of the questions will need more time than others. Allot the time accordingly i.e. always allot your time to each question based on the marks fixed to it. For instance, if one question is of 15 mark and another question is of 20 mark, then you should definitely dedicate more time to the latter question.

Balancing Your Writing-s: Illustrating too much for questions that do not need lengthy answers results in an apparent scarcity of time for other remaining questions. Similarly, if you write too little for questions that requires elongated answers, you will end up missing main points or details of an idea. Invariably, the result will be loss of marks. But at the same time, if you balance it out well you’ll apparently get higher marks in exam.

CBSE Class 12 Commerce Business Studies Financial Management

CBSE Class 12 Commerce Business Studies NCERT books-But it is seen that with every passing day, studies is becoming that part of the life of a person which is way too disturbing to anyone at large and to stop this from happening and to make people fall back in love with studies, all that we would need to have is to just change the system in which we presently are and bring more visual effects in the life of the people, which would simply make the life of the people even more beautiful and would give people a reason to fall in love with studies, which would make them love what they do. This is one of the initiatives that the world is taking and we hope to have a better study environment across the nations in years to come.

CBSE Class 12 Commerce Business Studies Financial Management


No more tedious travelling 
The student no longer needs to spend his time and energy in travelling long distances. He can now devote more time to studies.

Convenience of your home 
The student is most comfortable at his home; he is therefore in the right frame of mind for learning, which also means he will understand better.

Best faculty for every subject 
Finding good teachers for every subject is a problem today. CAKART.IN is renowned for its expert professors, who are an authority on the subjects they teach. Students can now get to learn from the best faculty right at  home.

Parents can keep a watch 
CAKART.IN gives the unique advantage for parents to watch over their children while they are learning. Parents can also interact directly with teachers from time to time.

Save cost 
CAKART.IN comes at much lower price than a home tuition plus you also save on travelling expenses in case of coaching classes.

Lectures missed can be viewed again 
No other medium gives you the advantage of viewing your lecture again. CAKART.IN gives you the option with its repeat telecast of lectures.

Regular one-to-one interaction with faculty 
Regular discussions are held with faculty every fortnight, either at the centre or online.

The student can ask questions and clear his doubts with the professor, during the lecture, or even afterwards through sms or email.

Advanced online learning technology 
CAKART has tied-up with the best to bring the students an advanced online education experience. Digital visual and sound quality and interactive features provide a life-like lecture experience.

Evolved Learning for better performance 
CAKART’s unique Evolved Learning methodology makes studies easier and more interesting through the use of animation and interactive games. Online revision and tests further prepare the student for the exams. A student thus learns better and performs beyond his expectations with Evolved Learning.

CBSE Class 12 Commerce Business Studies Financial Management

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  •  A Complete video lecture on Class 12 Commerce Accountancy By Santosh Gupta – cbse class videos
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