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The Best Study Materials Of CBSE Class 11 Commerce English Nouns

The Best Study Materials Of CBSE Class 11 Commerce English Nouns

CBSE Class 11 Commerce English Nouns : Here we provide you Best Study Materials Of CBSE Class 11 Commerce English Nouns related books and video classes and free materials. Here cakart team members gave direct link for easy to download Best Study Materials Of CBSE Class 11 Commerce English Nouns here. Download under given documents and read well.

CBSE has become the first education board in the country today to partner with the Ministry of External Affairs in a landmark e-initiative which will facilitate online attestation of academic documents of Indian students aspiring to go aboard for higher education or employment.

The Hon’ble Minister of External Affairs Smt. Sushma Swaraj in the gracious presence of the Hon’ble Minister of Electronics and Information Technology, Law and Justice, Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad and Hon’ble Minister of HRD Shri Prakash Javadekar launched the e-sanad software.
Shri R.K. Chaturvedi, IAS, Chairman CBSE, presented CBSE Parinam Manjusha – the Digital repository of academic records of CBSE affiliated students which has been integrated with e-sanad software of MEA to provide hassle free access of attested certificates and marksheets of students of CBSE affiliated schools to universities and prospective employers. The academic records can be stored, accessed and updated anytime anywhere

The Best Study Materials Of CBSE Class 11 Commerce English Nouns

CBSE Class 11 Commerce English Nouns : The CBSE board has etched an indelible position owning to its well-revised educational programs. It aims to give valuable learning to students so that they can attain zenith of success in their academic career. After class 10 exams, students get options to select an ideal stream out of three different streams including science, arts and commerce. Apart from science and arts stream, many students opt for commerce as a suitable career option. Commerce is a popular subject among students especially for those, who wants to pursue career in banking, trade and business domains. The CBSE commerce subjects class 11 are English, Maths, Business Studies, Accounts, Economics, Multimedia, Psychology, Painting, Physical Education, etc. Students can easily collect well-evaluated syllabus and sample papers of the CBSE subjects for Class 11 commerce online.

The Best Study Materials Of CBSE Class 11 Commerce English Nouns

CBSE Class 11 Commerce English Nouns : Of all the parts of speech, nouns are perhaps the most important. A noun is a word that identifies a person, animal, place, thing, or idea. Here, we’ll take a closer look at what makes a noun a noun, and we’ll provide some noun examples, along with some advice for using nouns in your sentences.

Identifying a Noun

A noun is a part of speech that denotes a person, animal, place, thing, or idea. The English word noun has its roots in the Latin word nomen, which means “name.” Every language has words that are nouns. As you read the following explanations, think about some words that might fit into each category.

  • Person – A term for a person, whether proper name, gender, title, or class, is a noun.
  • Animal – A term for an animal, whether proper name, species, gender, or class is a noun.
  • Place – A term for a place, whether proper name, physical location, or general locale is a noun.
  • Thing – A term for a thing, whether it exists now, will exist, or existed in the past is a noun.
  • Idea – A term for an idea, be it a real, workable idea or a fantasy that might never come to fruition is a noun.

Noun Examples

When we first start to learn the parts of speech, trying to identify different words can seem like a challenge. This process gets easier with practice. Here are some noun examples to help you get started. The nouns in each sentence have been italicized.

  • Person – He is the person to see.
  • Person – John started to run.
  • Person – Plato was an influential Greek philosopher.
  • Person – Sharon admires her grandfather.
  • Person – My mother looks a lot like my grandmother, and I look very much like them.
  • Animal – The dog barked at the cat.
  • Animal – Elephants never forget.
  • Animal – Sophie is my favorite horse.
  • Place – The restaurant is open.
  • Place – Let’s go to the beach.
  • Place – Look over there.
  • Place – Come here.
  • Place – Harvard and Yale are two famous universities.
  • Place – Look! There’s the Eiffel Tower.
  • Thing – Throw the ball.
  • Thing – Please close the door and lock it.
  • Thing – Use words properly to be understood.
  • Thing – The lamp sits on a table next to the sofa.
  • Thing – Money doesn’t grow on trees.
  • Idea – Follow the rules.
  • Idea – The theory of relativity is an important concept.
  • Idea – Love is a wonderful emotion.

How Nouns Function

Nouns have several important functions. While it’s impossible to list them all here, we’ll go over the most important jobs nouns are tasked with.

  • Nouns are subjects. Every sentence has a subject, which is a noun that tells us what that sentence is all about. John swung the baseball bat.
  • Nouns are direct objects. These nouns receive action from verbs. John swung the baseball bat.
  • Nouns are indirect objects. These nouns receive the direct object. Brad threw John the ball.
  • Nouns are objects of prepositions. These nouns follow the prepositions in prepositional phrases. John swung the baseball bat at Greg.
  • Nouns are predicate nominatives. These nouns follow linking verbs and rename the subject. John is a baseball player.
  • Nouns are object complements. These nouns complete the direct object. They named their dog Max.

This is just the beginning. Be sure to dig deeper and explore more for additional information about nouns and even more noun examples.

The Best Study Materials Of CBSE Class 11 Commerce English Nouns

CBSE Class 11 Commerce English Nouns :  A noun is a part of speech, and parts of speech simply refer to types of words. You may be familiar with a lot of basic parts of speech, like nouns, verbs, and adjectives. Nouns identify people, places, things, and ideas. Nouns can be categorized as either common or proper. Common nouns name general people, places, things, and ideas, while proper nouns name specific people, places, things, and ideas. For example, examples of nouns naming people would be:

Common NounProper Noun
presidentBarack Obama
teacherMrs. Sanders

In our first column, we have general, or common, nouns. In our second column, we have specific, or proper, nouns. Note that typically, the first letter in a common noun isn’t capitalized unless that common noun is the first word in a sentence. The first letter in a proper noun is typically capitalized.

Nouns also identify places. Common nouns naming places include ‘hometown,’ ‘country,’ and ‘airport.’ Corresponding specific, proper nouns would include ‘Cincinnati,’ ‘Argentina,’ and ‘Hartsfield International Airport.’

Nouns identifying things include ‘space shuttle,’ ‘movie,’ and ‘cartoon.’ Those are common nouns, and proper nouns that correspond with them to name particular things would include ‘Challenger,’ ‘The Godfather,‘ and ‘The Simpsons.‘ Nouns identifying ideas include ‘joy,’ ‘boredom,’ and ‘liberty.’ So, now that nouns may be a bit more familiar, you can no doubt guess that they are very, very common in sentences.

Definition of Noun

A noun is a part of speech that is used to name a person, place, thing, quality, or action. A noun can function as a subject, object, complement, appositive, or object of a preposition.

Plural vs singular

Nouns can be singular or plural. The plural form of a noun is usually formed by adding s at the end of the noun. But this is not always the case. There are exceptions to the rule. Some plurals are irregular:


Different types of nouns

There are different types of nouns:

1. An abstract noun names an idea, event, quality, or concept (freedom, love, courage…) Concrete nouns name something recognizable through the sense (table, dog, house…)

2. Animate nouns refer to a person, animal, or other creature (man, elephant, chicken…) An inanimate noun refers to a material object (stone, wood, table…)

3. A collective noun describes a group of things or people as a unit (family, flock, audience…)

4. Common noun is the name of a group of similar things (table, book, window…) Proper nouns, however, refer to the name of a single person, place or thing (John, Joseph, London…)

5. Compound nouns refer to two or more nouns combined to form a single noun (sister-in-law, schoolboy, fruit juice)

6. Countable (or count) nouns have a singular and a plural form. In plural, these nouns can be used with a number- they can be counted. (friends, chairs, houses, boys…) Uncountable (or non count) nouns, however, can only be used in singular. They can’t be counted. (money, bread, water, coffee…)

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