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The Best Study Materials Of CBSE Class 11 Commerce English Nouns Adjectives

The Best Study Materials Of CBSE Class 11 Commerce English Nouns Adjectives

CBSE Class 11 Commerce English Nouns Adjectives : Best Study Materials Of CBSE Class 11 Commerce English Nouns Adjectives complete details and other information is their in this article. Here we gave direct links for download these files. CBSE Content for class XI English has been developed taking into account all the factors which promote the development of your child’s cognitive abilities and help in the nurture of reading, writing, speaking, listening and comprehension skills.

The Best Study Materials Of CBSE Class 11 Commerce English Nouns Adjectives

CBSE Class 11 Commerce English Nouns Adjectives : CBSE in order to execute its  functions effectively, Regional Offices have been set up by the Board in different parts of the country to be more responsive to the affiliated schools. The Board has regional offices in Allahabad, Ajmer, Bhubaneshwar, Chennai, Dehradun, Delhi, Guwahati, Panchkula, Patna and Trivanthapurm. Schools located outside India are looked after by regional office Delhi. The headquarter constantly monitors the activities of the Regional Offices. Although, sufficient powers have been vested with the Regional Offices, issues involving policy matters are, however, referred to the head office. Matters pertaining to day-to-day administration, liaison with schools, pre and post examination arrangements are all dealt with by the respective regional offices.

The Best Study Materials Of CBSE Class 11 Commerce English Nouns Adjectives

CBSE Class 11 Commerce English Nouns Adjectives : The CBSE board has etched an indelible position owning to its well-revised educational programs. It aims to give valuable learning to students so that they can attain zenith of success in their academic career. After class 10 exams, students get options to select an ideal stream out of three different streams including science, arts and commerce. Apart from science and arts stream, many students opt for commerce as a suitable career option. Commerce is a popular subject among students especially for those, who wants to pursue career in banking, trade and business domains. The CBSE commerce subjects class 11 are English, Maths, Business Studies, Accounts, Economics, Multimedia, Psychology, Painting, Physical Education, etc. Students can easily collect well-evaluated syllabus and sample papers of the CBSE subjects for Class 11 commerce online.

Some Prime objectives of CBSE board:

  • Conducts examinations for different classes including class 10 and 12.
  • Declaration of results based on students’ overall performance.
  • Conducts engineering and medical entrance exams.
  • Distribution of certificates to students.
  • Prepare comprehensive and well-evaluated syllabi for all classes.
  • Provide affiliation and monitors the academic structure of all its affiliated schools

Some highlights of the new circular:

1.The whole CBSE syllabus of class 11 has been upgraded as per NCERT pattern.

2 Whether you are a student of Math, Science, Commerce or Arts, find all the solution under one roof.

3.Subjects including Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Accounting, Economics, English, Hindi, Sanskrit and others are refreshed as per new CBSE guidelines.

4. In case of any update or notice, you can look at news and update module of my CBSE

The Best Study Materials Of CBSE Class 11 Commerce English Nouns Adjectives

CBSE Class 11 Commerce English Nouns Adjectives : Adjectives modify, or describe, nouns. The words tall, beautiful, irresponsible, & boring are adjectives. During this lesson learn what adjectives are and how to use them in sentences. The last part shows a list of adjectives they can be used for.

What are adjectives?

An adjective can add information about a noun by standing immediately before it:

              A big dog was guarding the house.     (Big = adjective dog – noun)

              The new baby was very cute.      (new = adjective baby – noun)

              startling discoveries.      (startling = adjective discoveries – noun)

Examples of how to use adjectives

When I arrived at my friends new house, they had a big dog, which was called Samson and it was barking loudly because it was lonely.

The words that are used in the example above big and lonely are adjectives.

The adjectives that are used in the example modify the nouns. They make the meaning more specific.

Adjectives can add information to a noun

An adjective can add information about a noun by being linked to it by a verb:

              The dog is big, but is is very friendly (big is the adjective)

              The road seemed long (long is the adjective)

              It became obvious

The adjectives above also add information about the nouns. by using them this way, the adjective is the verb’s complement while the noun is the subject .

List of adjectives

The following list of adjectives can be used for the following:-

appearance – condition, feeling good / bad – shape – size – sound – time – taste – touch quantity

A list of adjectives


In order to avoid confusion, try to place adjectives as close as possible to the nouns or pronouns they modify. Most one-word adjectives come right before the nouns they modify. In the examples below, the adjectives are double-underlined and the nouns they modify are in italics.

  1. He made a delicious dinner.
  2. The hungry girls devoured it quickly.
  3. Their full stomachs pushed against their jeans.
  4.  But they couldn’t resist the incredible dessert.

One major exception to this rule is when an adjective follows a linking verb (i.e. is/are, was/were, feel, smell, taste, look, believe). For example:

  • Dinner was delicious.
  • The girls were hungry.
  • Their stomachs felt full.
  •  Dessert looked incredible.

Be careful. Sometimes writers will use adverbs with a linking verb when what they really want is an adjective, or vice-versa. Choosing the adjective versus the adverb form of the same word has big implications for the meaning of a sentence.

Punctuating Adjectives and Adverbs


To help you decide whether or not you should use a comma when separating two or more adjectives, ask yourself the following two questions:

  • Can the order of the two adjectives be reversed?
  • Can the word “and” be put between the adjectives?

If either answer is yes, then the adjectives are coordinate, and you should use a comma. For example:

  • Jessica is an ambitious, intelligent woman.
  • Jessica is an intelligent, ambitious woman. [order reversed]
  • Jessica is an intelligent and ambitious woman. [added “and”]

If you cannot reverse the order of the adjectives or add “and” to the adjectives, then they are cumulative, and do not require a comma. For example:

  •  Roger has fourteen silver horns.
  • Roger has silver fourteen horns. [The reversed order does not work.]
  • Roger has fourteen and silver horns. [The added “and” does not work.]


Place a comma at the end of an adverb phrase when it comes at the beginning of the sentence. For example

  • After some thought, she decided to buy her cousin’s used car.

For more detailed information on when to use commas with adjectives and adverbs, please see the “Commas.”

A) Identify the adjectives and adverbs in the following sentences by underlining the adjectives twice and the adverbs once. .

For example: The one-eyed green aliens stepped cautiously out of their spaceship.

1. Their timid leader tentatively put one fat, calloused foot on the grass.

2. She then gingerly placed the other foot down.

3. She paused, thoughtfully scratched her forehead, and then started to waddle quite gracelessly toward a dim light.

4. Soon the braver aliens followed her but the more cowardly aliens hung back inside the door of the silver spaceship.

5. Suddenly, they heard a short, high-pitched yelp.

6. The youngest alien had stepped accidentally on the tail of a small furry creature, and both of them cried out instinctively.

7. The little alien regained his composure right away and, curious about the strange creature, he carefully reached down to pick up the frightened mouse.

8. The mouse, still terrified, dashed away.

9. It ran over the sensitive toes of several aliens who squealed loudly

10.The resulting commotion distracted the group, and they didn’t notice the two young children slowly riding up on their creaky three-speed bicycles.

B) Create more detailed sentences by adding your own adjectives and adverbs to modify the words in italics. For example:

The star punched the photographer. The reclusive movie star violently punched the pushy photographer.

1. The island was populated by birds that soared over the trees.

2. It was also populated by tourists who stayed at the resort and sat by the pool.

3. The man in a suit was reading a magazine on his morning commute to work.

4. The woman next to him sighed as the train stopped in a tunnel.

5. The neighbors gossiped about the people who lived in the house on the corner.

6. UPS delivered packages to the back door and strangers in cars visited.

7. The students in the computer lab talked to each other and worked on their essays.

8. The tutor helped the boy with his homework. 9. The children ate the ice cream.

10. A bully grabbed one of the cones and stuffed it in his mouth.

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