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Details About CBSE Class 11 Commerce Business Studies Part C Project Work


Details About CBSE Class 11 Commerce Business Studies Part C Project Work

CBSE Class 11 Commerce Business Studies Part C Project Work : CBSE is a renowned educational Board, which comes under the Union Government of India. This eminent board was formed in 1952 and associated with the Board of High School and Intermediate Education. Here we provides CBSE Class 11 Commerce Business Studies Part C Project Work detials in this article.

To impart quality education to its learners, CBSE took the required steps and also provides a healthy and holistic school education, which gives students adequate space to develop physically and mentally. CBSE Syllabus is well-structured as several proficient subject experts are associated with this board. The syllabi of CBSE Maths, CBSE Science along with other syllabi are amended from time to time to make students up-to-date with current information so that they can meet all educational demands confidently.

. CBSE provides balanced academic structure and equal educational pattern to all its affiliated schools. The schemes of studies, academic guidelines and text materials are supervised by this unit in accordance with the acts and policies approved by the Government of India.

Details About CBSE Class 11 Commerce Business Studies Part C Project Work

CBSE Class 11 Commerce Business Studies Part C Project Work : Kindly refer to the Business Studies syllabus for Classes XI and XII pertaining to the Board Examination year 2013 which provides for Project Work of 10 marks in both the classes at senior school level. The Board has brought out Guidelines for Project Work for perusal of the Business Studies teachers. Kindly bring these to the notice of concerned teachers and students. The teachers are requested to ensure that the project work assigned to the students whether individually or in group are discussed at different stages right from assignment to drafts review and finalization. Students should be facilitated in terms of providing relevant materials or suggesting websites, or obtaining required permissions from business houses, malls etc for their project. The 16 periods assigned to the Project Work should be suitably spaced throughout the academic session. The teachers MUST ensure that the students actually go through the rigors and enjoy the process of doing the project rather than depending on any ready made material available outside. The revised Sample Question Papers (Theory) in Business Studies for Class XII will soon be uploaded on the CBSE website.

Details About CBSE Class 11 Commerce Business Studies Part C Project Work

CBSE Class 11 Commerce Business Studies Part C Project Work : Project Work helps people who have an intellectual disability or require extra support to improve their work skills so they can find and keep entry-level jobs.

What is Project?

Duke School Project Definition

Projects are in-depth investigations that challenge students to apply skills, knowledge, and strategies from different content areas as they do authentic research, analyze data, think deeply about problems and draw conclusions. As projects evolve, students build on their unique interests and talents and become experts in a particular area of the project topic. Through project work students not only learn new concepts and content, they develop the competencies essential for future learning: the ability to formulate essential questions, conduct research both independently and collaboratively, evaluate and synthesize results, present those results to others, and reflect on the strengths of their work and the ways they can improve.

Concept includes meaning and features

 Project Approach Model
Duke School bases its project work on the Project Approach model developed by Lilian Katz and Sylvia Chard. Katz and Chard define a project as an in-depth investigation of a real-world topic worthy of the children’s attention and effort (Chard, 1998). The Project Approach projects follow four distinct stages:

Project Approach Phases

List of 4 items.


Download here CBSE Class 11 Commerce Business Studies Part C Project Work and read well 

Details About CBSE Class 11 Commerce Business Studies Part C Project Work

CBSE Class 11 Commerce Business Studies Part C Project Work : The course in Business Studies is introduced at Senior School level to provide students with a sound understanding of the principles and practices bearing in business (trade and industry) as well as their relationship with the society. Business is a dynamic process that brings together technology, natural resources and human initiative in a constantly changing global environment. With the purpose to help them understand the framework within which a business operates, and its interaction with the social, economic, technological and legal environment, the CBSE has introduced Project Work in the Business Studies Syllabus for Classes XI and XII. The projects have been designed to allow students to appreciate that business is an integral component of society and help them develop an understanding of the social and ethical issues concerning them.

The project work also aims to empower the teacher to relate all the concepts with what is happening around the world and the student’s surroundings, making them appear more clear and contextual. This will enable the student to enjoy studies and use his free time effectively in observing what’s happening around. By means of Project Work the students are exposed to life beyond textbooks giving them opportunities to refer materials, gather information, analyse it further to obtain relevant information and decide what matter to keep. OBJECTIVES After doing the Project Work in Business Studies, the students will be able to do the following:  develop a practical approach by using modern technologies in the field of business and management;  get an opportunity for exposure to the operational environment in the field of business management and related services;  inculcate important skills of team work, problem solving, time management, information collection, processing, analysing and synthesizing relevant information to derive meaningful conclusions;  get involved in the process of research work;  demonstrate his or her capabilities while working independently and  make studies an enjoyable experience to cherish.

Details About CBSE Class 11 Commerce Business Studies Part C Project Work

CBSE Class 11 Commerce Business Studies Part C Project Work : In Business Studies, it is for the first time that the Project Work is introduced at XI class for 10 marks. At this level, the accountancy teachers require to help the students in the project in the following ways

1. To provide knowledge to the students about Accounting Process.
2. Give the imaginary transactions data.
3. Show the original source document (Which is easily available).
4. To train the students for preparing vouchers.
5. Tell the students how to record transaction from vouchers.
6. To motivate students to collect various source documents.
7. To encourage students to prepare books of accounts with the help of vouchers.


1. Project ONE: FIELD VISIT.

The objective of introducing this project among the students is to give a first hand experience to them regarding the different types of business units operating in their surroundings, to observe their features and activities and relate them to the theoretical knowledge given in their text books.


Take a product having seasonal growth and regular demand with which students can relate.


Taking any one AIDS TO TRADE, for example Insurance and gathering information on following aspects: 1. History of Insurance Lloyd’s contribution. 2. Development of regulatory Mechanism. 3. Insurance Companies in India 4. Principles of Insurance. 5. Types of Insurance. Importance of insurance to the businessmen. 6. Benefits of crop, orchards, animal and poultry insurance to the farmers. 7. Terminologies used (premium, face value, market value, maturity value, surrender value) and their meanings 8. Anecdotes and interesting cases of insurance. Reference of films depicting people committing fraudulent acts with insurance companies. 9. Careers in Insurance. Teachers to develop such aspects for other aids to trade.


The students are already exposed to the Stock Exchange under Globalization in the Economics Unit of Social Science Syllabus of class X. The Project Work will enable them to understand the topics ‘Sources of Business Finance,’ Unit 7 of Class XI and ‘Capital Market,’ Unit 10 of Class XII.


Any one from the following I. IMPORT /EXPORT PROCEDURE. The students should identify a product of their city/country which needs to be imported /exported. They are required to find the details of the actual import/export procedure. They may take help from the Chambers of Commerce, Banker, existing Importers/Exporters, etc. They should find details of the procedure and link it with their Text knowledge. The specimens of documents collected should be pasted in the Project file with brief description of each. They may also visit railway godowns/dockyards/ transport agencies and may collect pictures of the same.

To know more about class 11 Commerce project, you can go through the following link. bookkeeping and accountancy 11th projects

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