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Details About CBSE Class 11 Commerce Business Studies Nature And Purpose of Business

Details About CBSE Class 11 Commerce Business Studies Nature And Purpose of Business

CBSE Class 11 Commerce Business Studies Nature And Purpose of Business :CBSE is a renowned educational Board, which comes under the Union Government of India. This eminent board was formed in 1952 and associated with the Board of High School and Intermediate Education, Rajputana. Ajmer, Gwalior, Merwara and Central India were included in the administrative territory of this board along with the other places including Bhopal, Ajmer and Vindhya Pradesh. From 1952 onwards, it has been providing a standard education and robust learning environment to all. The Central Board of Secondary Education or CBSE is a prestigious board of education and it provides affiliation to public and private schools. Apart from this, all Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas and kendriya vidyalayas are affiliated to this board.

To impart quality education to its learners, CBSE took the required steps and also provides a healthy and holistic school education, which gives students adequate space to develop physically and mentally. The board conducts research and based on that, it evaluates its syllabus and educational pattern. CBSE provides standard education to all and also promotes a state-of-the art environment that makes students vivacious and competent in all aspects. CBSE Syllabus is well-structured as several proficient subject experts are associated with this board. The syllabi of CBSE Maths, CBSE Science along with other syllabi are amended from time to time to make students up-to-date with current information so that they can meet all educational demands confidently.

The academics unit is formed with training, academic, Innovation and research unit of CBSE and it looks after some important fields to maintain its standard of education. This unit incorporates different policies and also monitors their operational activities to achieve academic excellence in all aspects. CBSE provides balanced academic structure and equal educational pattern to all its affiliated schools. The schemes of studies, academic guidelines and text materials are supervised by this unit in accordance with the acts and policies approved by the Government of India.

Details About CBSE Class 11 Commerce Business Studies Nature And Purpose of Business

CBSE Class 11 Commerce Business Studies Nature And Purpose of Business : The board conducts several examinations including AISSCE for class 10 and 12. AIEEE (All India Engineering Entrance Examination) and AIPMT (All India Pre medical Test) are also conducted by this board. Through AIEEE, students take admission in engineering and architecture in different colleges whereas AIPMT enables students to take admission in medical colleges in India. For the better understanding of students, this board makes CBSE Question Papers and CBSE Sample Papers available online so that students can take these as per their requirement.

Some Prime objectives of CBSE board:

  • Conducts examinations for different classes including class 10 and 12.
  • Declaration of results based on students’ overall performance.
  • Conducts engineering and medical entrance exams.
  • Distribution of certificates to students.
  • Prepare comprehensive and well-evaluated syllabi for all classes.
  • Provide affiliation and monitors the academic structure of all its affiliated schools

Details About CBSE Class 11 Commerce Business Studies Nature And Purpose of Business

CBSE Class 11 Commerce Business Studies Nature And Purpose of Business : CBSE is an eminent educational board and since its inception, it provides quality education to all students across India. It is a self-financing body and maintains its praise worthy educational standards without taking any grant-in-aid from Government. Several public and private schools are affiliated to this board and its well-structured syllabi and examination pattern are equally implemented in these schools. Keeping in mind the students’ basic requirements in terms of knowledge and mental development, the syllabus of each class is structured in a comprehensive manner. All essential topics are incorporated in the syllabus to make students up-to-date in all respects. Several subject experts are associated with this board and they are involved in preparing syllabus from class I to 12. Hence, students get clear ideas on different topics and it inspires them to a great extent. Two important exams including AISSCE for class 10 and 12 are conducted by this board.

Details About CBSE Class 11 Commerce Business Studies Nature And Purpose of Business

CBSE Class 11 Commerce Business Studies Nature And Purpose of Business : CBSE is a reputed educational board of India and it provides updated syllabus for different classes. Several proficient subject experts are associated with this board and based on current research; they evaluate the syllabus of each subject from time to time. Thus, they make students up-to-date with current information and also maintain its standard in all respects. All essential subjects including Math, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, History, Geography, English and other language subjects are included in the syllabus designed for different classes. CBSE syllabus is known for its standard educational pattern and comprehensive marking scheme. The most important thing is that each subject gets equal focus in the entire syllabus so that students can get adequate information on different subjects.

Details About CBSE Class 11 Commerce Business Studies Nature And Purpose of Business

CBSE Class 11 Commerce Business Studies Nature And Purpose of Business : The CBSE board has etched an indelible position owning to its well-revised educational programs. It aims to give valuable learning to students so that they can attain zenith of success in their academic career. After class 10 exams, students get options to select an ideal stream out of three different streams including science, arts and commerce. Apart from science and arts stream, many students opt for commerce as a suitable career option. Commerce is a popular subject among students especially for those, who wants to pursue career in banking, trade and business domains. The CBSE commerce subjects class 11 are English, Maths, Business Studies, Accounts, Economics, Multimedia, Psychology, Painting, Physical Education, etc. Students can easily collect well-evaluated syllabus and sample papers of the CBSE subjects for Class 11 commerce online.

Details About CBSE Class 11 Commerce Business Studies Nature And Purpose of Business

CBSE Class 11 Commerce Business Studies Nature And Purpose of Business : A business study is an academic area of concentration within the business major that is taught at an institution of higher learning. There are many different subject areas within the business sector. Thus, there are several types of business studies. Business studies help train and prepare undergraduates and graduates for careers in the business world. In addition, business studies are among the most popular studies among college students. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, most of the degrees awarded to college graduates are business degrees.

The Facts

Business is a very broad concept. There are several academic business disciplines. Therefore, the need for subsections or areas of concentration within it soon became realized. A business study is one particular subject area within the broader subject area of business. A business study focuses on one aspect of business. For example, the subject of accounting is a business study, and the subject of economics is a business study. In addition, there are even more concentration subsections offered within certain business studies. For instance, finance is a business study that is broken down into managerial finance, personal finance, and several others.


There are many business studies. The most common of these is accounting, advertising, economics, finance, management, and marketing. Accounting is often referred to as the language of business, for it is the art of communicating financial information. Advertising is the art of persuading potential customers to purchase a product. Economics focuses on the production, consumption, and distribution of goods and services. Finance focuses on the topics of time, money, and risk. Management deals with managing and controlling a business. Marketing focuses on promoting and selling within a market. There are countless other business studies as well.


Business studies serve several functions. First of all, they allow the broad study of business to be broken down into more comprehensive subject areas that are easier to absorb and study. This categorization of studies allows for specialization as well. Rather than requiring each student to be proficient in the general category of business, business studies allow students to concentrate on one area and specialize in it to achieve expertise. Business studies more efficiently prepare students for business careers than a broad study of business would.


Business studies offer several benefits, both to individuals and the business marketplace as a whole. These studies allow students to receive a higher quality of education in their chosen profession that will better prepare them for their careers. This, consequently, affects the business world positively. When these students obtain their degrees in their specialized areas of concentration, they will bring a higher quality of knowledge to the business world that will reflect in their contributions to their places of employment, thereby raising business standards.


Much potential is vested in business studies. Talented students who choose to concentrate in a business study can specialize in their chosen areas so efficiently that they become experts at their specific business discipline. By bringing that expertise to the business world, they are offering higher quality employment and the increased possibility of better business innovations that could lead to a higher standard of living for the whole economy. Business studies have the potential to impact and change an entire economy.

Details About CBSE Class 11 Commerce Business Studies Nature And Purpose of Business

CBSE Class 11 Commerce Business Studies Nature And Purpose of Business : Download CBSE class 11 Business Studies study material in PDF format. MyCBSEguide provides solved papers, board question papers, revision notes and NCERT solutions for CBSE class 11 Business Studies. The topics included are Nature and Purpose of Business, Forms of Business Organisations, Public, Private and Global Enterprises, Business Services, Emerging Modes of Business, Social Responsibility of Business and Business Ethics, Sources of Business Finance, Small Business, Internal Trade, International Business and Project Work.

Concept includes meaning and features
Unit 1: Nature and Purpose of Business

Business -Concept

Business, profession and employment-Concept

Objectives of Business

Classification of business activities – Industry and Commerce

Industry-types: primary, secondary, tertiary- Meaning and subgroups

Commerce-trade: (types-internal, external;
wholesale and retail) and auxiliaries to trade;
banking, insurance, transportation, warehousing,
communication, and advertising) – meaning

Business Risk-Concept

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