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CBSE class 11 commerce Accountancy Preparation tips

CBSE class 11 commerce Accountancy Preparation tips

CBSE class 11 commerce Accountancy Preparation tips:- we will provide complete details of CBSE class 11 commerce Accountancy Preparation tips in this article.

CBSE class 11 commerce Accountancy Preparation tips


CBSE class 11 commerce Accountancy Preparation tips


  • Study as per the syllabus prescribed by the CBSE from NCERT Books.
  • Remember that CBSE board exams are entirely based on the prescribed syllabus.
  • Extra Practice can be done from various reference books available in the market.
  • Some renowned reference books for class 12th Accountancy are are D.K.Goel, T.S.Grewal, P.C.Tulsian and V. Wason.


  • Definitions are to be understood properly along with the meaning.
  • You need to understand the logic and reasoning behind the concept.
  • To get full marks you need to memorize the definitions after understanding them so that you can write them in the exam properly.


  • Students should focus on the Features, advantages and disadvantages of various topics as these questions are asked frequently in the exams.
  • Students should practice by writing them and not by understanding and memorizing only.


  • There are lot formulas which are applied in accountancy.
  • Students should NOT mug up those formulas and should understand how that formula is derived and what purpose it is made for.
  • Unless you have full understanding of the basis of the formulas you will not be able to solve questions properly.
  • Once you understand the formulas prepare a chapter wise formula sheet and revise them regularly.


  • While practicing, utmost care should be taken while making calculation and mistakes should be avoided.
  • This practice will help you in the exam and will save you from loss of marks due to tiny mistakes.


  • Neat and clean working notes are also required as they become basis for the amounts calculated and to be put in Journals as well in accounts.
  • Working notes also carry marks in the exams.


  • Students should pay utmost attention while making formats for journals, Ledgers and Balance sheets.
  • They should draw proper formats and also focus on writing narrations.
  • Lot of students complain after the exam that the exam was lengthy but most of the times they take too much time in making formats because they seldom practice drawing proper formats while they practice.
  • Thus doing this will help students to finish their paper on time.


While making ledger accounts always post all the entries in there respective accounts simultaneously rather than preparing the accounts individually.

If you follow this then there is no chance of missing any item in any account.


  • Make your own notes chapter wise.
  • Mark those concepts with RED colour which you find difficult to understand.
  • While solving questions you may get stuck at some typical point. Always note those typical points for later revision. It will help you later on in the exam.


  • Proper Revision is the key for success in any exam.
  • Bring together all your notes, practice registers and formula sheets prepared by you which you made throughout the year.
  • Make revision plan. Allocate the time available between all the chapters and start solving those questions which you found difficult to solve while practicing.
  • Also revise those concepts which you found hard to understand and marked earlier.


  • Start solving past years’ examination papers keeping the time in mind.
  • Set your clock and check time taken while solving these papers so that you get exam type practice at home. This will help you managing your time during the examination.
  • This will help you finish your exam in the allotted time and paper will not look lengthy.
  • Make sure you make proper formats, working notes, Narrations and correct calculations.
  • You will gain a lot of confidence with this as you will be able to practice according to the pattern of questions, typology and methodology of how examiners set the question papers and what type of questions you will face.


  • Sample papers are of great help to judge your practice.
  • There are lot of sample papers available in the market from different publishers.

To pass the Accountancy Class 11 exam with flying colors, listed below are 15 quick tips:

1. Read the question properly, at least twice, before answering.

2. Underline the important points of the question which will be useful in solving the question.

3. Try to solve financial statement analysis at the end of the all questions, because it contains a lot of calculation.

4. In case of questions related to shares, if applied shares are given of share holder, then after finding allotted shares, the candidates can simply cut down the applied shares from the question paper, so that they can consider only allotted shares while solving the questions.

5. While preparing cash book in shares, try to pass all the entries of bank in rough so that there is no confusion.

6. While preparing the profit and loss appropriation account, the profit should always be before any appropriation. Also, the candidates should be aware about the balances of capital of partners; it should complete the entire 12 months, otherwise month consideration will be there for any appropriation

7. If candidates are not able to reach the answer of a question, they should move on to other questions and return to the former later.

8. In case of redemption of debentures, the candidates should always try to find out which method of redemption is given in the question.

9. Always keep some time for revision while adjusting time.

10. Do not leave out any question.

11. Answer those questions first which you know very well.

12. Attempt ‘HOTS’ questions at the end. Read summaries given at the end of each chapter to get a comprehensive idea about the given chapter.

13. HOTS can be given from summaries also.

14. Refer to the latest CBSE sample question papers, along with previous year board question papers.

15. Refer to ‘TOPPERS’ answer sheets available on the CBSE website.

CBSE class 11 commerce Accountancy Preparation tips

CBSE Class 11 Commerce Accountancy Suggested Study Plan : CBSE Class 11 Commerce Accountancy Suggested Study Plan  For 2017 Exams. Check complete details for CBSE Class 11 Commerce Business Studies Suggested Study Plan For 2017 Exams.  CCBSE Class 11 Commerce Accountancy Suggested Study Plan Suggested Study Plan for Exam is Very Hard Exam in Word and For Passing CBSE Class 11  Exam it is Require a proper study Plan.  In This Article we Provide Study Plan for Accountancy  and  you can also Find List of Important Chapters in this article. Now you can scroll Down Below and see all details for CBSE Class 11 Commerce Accountancy Suggested Study Plan Helps for 2017 Exams here.

CBSE class 11 commerce Accountancy Preparation tips

  1. A student is required to prepare thoroughly for examinations well in advance and to devote at least two hours daily for studies while undergoing Articled Training.
  2. During leave period at least 14 to 16 hours’ hard work is required.
  3. Avoid mobiles, internet and television as far as possible.
  4. Students must study from study material and do practice from practice manual. Wherever a particular topic or point is not clear, a student may refer to a standard text/reference book.
  5. Students should refer suggested answers of questions set in last five/six examinations and Revision Test Papers. It is strongly recommended to solve the questions first without referring to solutions and then comparing the answers with the solutions given. Such an approach would help in knowing point of mistake and presentation pattern of an answer.
  6. In law papers, Section and its provision is to be given correctly. If a student is not sure about the Section number then he should not quote the same.

How to Pass BSE Class 11 Commerce Accountancy Exams for 2017

Get up early in the morning at 4 AM. Be ready by 5 AM. This period (4.00 AM to 6.00 AM) is called ‘Brahma Murat’ and studies done during this period cannot be forgotten i.e. they remain in memory for long.

5 AM. To 7.00 AMRead Theory
7 AM. to 7.30 AM.Breakfast Time
7.30 AM to 10.30 AMRead theory – mind is always fresh in the morning
10.30 AM to 11.00 AMRelaxation Time
11.00 AM to 1 PM.Do/solve Mosk paper.
1 PM to 2 PMLunch Time
2 PM to 3 PMMay take short sleep
3 PM to 5 PMDo/ Solve Practical Prroblem .
5 PM to 5.30 PMHave a break.
5.30 PM to 8 PMRead theory.
8 PM to 9 PMDinner Time
9 PM to 10 PMMay go for outing – watch T.V
10 PM to 12 PMDo/solve question paper
12 PM to 4 AMHave sleep
         Reading Time                    Eating Time                          Relaxation Time

CBSE class 11 commerce Accountancy Preparation tips

CBSE class 11 commerce Accountancy Preparation tips : Accounting is a very vast and deep subject. However, the basic foundations of accounting are simple and easy to learn.

Here are the various branches of accounting Branches / Types of Accounting – Accounting Verse with 3 main branches being – Financial Accounting, Management Accounting and Cost Accounting.

I second   answer on the basic knowledge that lay the right foundation for you to take large strides later which I repeat:

  • Accounting Equation
  • GAAP or IFRS principle
  • Double Entry (The 3 golden rules of debit and credit)
  • General Ledger
  • Financial Statements
  • Cash Flow
  • Ratio Analysis

So how do you get started?


  • Coursera: A good course on basics of financial accounting by University of Pennsylvania – Introduction to Financial Accounting – University of Pennsylvania | Coursera
  • Simple Studies: Another great website where you can learn accounting for free is Simple Studies, which focuses on all the aspects of bookkeeping. It offers tutorials and articles, as well as a dictionary for complex terms. Accounting tutorials, lectures, exam and test questions, articles, dictionary: Smart accounting course
  • Accounting Coach: Accounting Coach is the best website for both students and professionals, as it offers more than 1,000 lectures on the concepts of accounting.Don’t miss out on checking this one out at Learn Accounting Online and buy it. 
CBSE Class 11 Commerce Accountancy Best BooksCBSE Class 11 Commerce Accountancy Best Faculty

Accountancy Class-XI Paperback – 2017

D.K. Goel (Author), Rajesh Goel (Author), Shelly Goel

Problems & Solutions in Accountancy Class – XI Paperback – 2017

Rajesh Goel (Author), Shelly Goel (Author), D.K. Goel (Author)

Accountancy: For Class XI Paperback – 2010

Banerjee B.K (Author)

New I.S.C. Accountancy Class- XIPaperback – 2017

Rajesh Goel (Author), Shelly Goel (Author), D.K. Goel (Author)

Oswaal CBSE Chapterwise/Topicwise Question Bank for Class 11 Accountancy (March 2018 Exams)Paperback – 2017

Panel of Experts (Author)

Comprehensive Accountancy XI (Part A & B) Paperback – 2016

A. S. Siddiqui S. A. Siddiqui (Author)

Accountancy Financial Accounting Part – 2 for Class – 11 Paperback – 2015

NCERT (Author)

The Students Of CBSE Class 11 Commerce Accountancy Best Video Classes

CBSE Class 11 Commerce Accountancy Best Video Classes CBSE Class 11 Commerce Accountancy Best Faculty names 

ncert video lectures in hindi

Mansi Jain and M K jain

cbse video lectures

M K jain

CBSE class 11 commerce Accountancy Preparation tips

CBSE class 11 commerce Accountancy Preparation tips: Download CBSE Class 11 Commerce Accountancy Question Bank in pdf format here. CBSE Question Bank  for Accountancy  Class 11 is designed by CBSE Expert Teachers of Various schools follows NCERT / Central Board of Secondary Education syllabus, For Students of India & abroad these Question Bank are freely available in our website. Download your desired CBSE Commerce Accountancy Question Bank  for Class XI and give your feedback.

CBSE Class 11 Commerce Accountancy Question Bank 1

CBSE Class 11 Commerce Accountancy Question Bank 2

CBSE Class 11 Commerce Accountancy Question Bank 3

CBSE Class 11 Commerce Accountancy Question Bank 4

CBSE class 11 commerce Accountancy Preparation tips provides India’s top Class 11 Commerce  faculty video classes – online & in Pen Drive/ DVD – at very cost effective rates. Get Class 11 Commerce  Video classes from  to do a great preparation for primary Student.

Watch Class 11 Commerce  sample video lectures 
Watch Class 11 Commerce  sample lecture books  
Watch Class 11 Commerce   free downloads  

Study Material that you should use to prepare XI Commerce

To successfully prepare for XI Commerce you should use a combination of best faculty video lectures, best recommended scanners and books, and a lot of free notes, charts, pdf files available for free download from CAKART.

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