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CA Rank Holder Interview – CA Rank 31 and CS Rank 3

CA Rank Holder Interview – CA Rank 31 and CS Rank 3

CA Rank Holder Interview –  Umang :  Congratulations for securing IPCC Rank 31 in May 2016 Exams and CS Executive Rank 3 in June 2016 Exams. It would be great if you could share some tips and give guidance to students preparing for CA and CS Exams.

We would like to keep this interview very brief and to the point and request you to kindly share your viewpoints on the following:-

Q. Are there any advantages of appearing for exams of both CA & CS together?

A. Yes, subjects like cost accounting, taxation, accounting, auditing and company law are common in both CA IPCC and CS Executive. So it becomes quite easy if you are preparing for both together.

Moreover, CS Executive has 3 MCQ papers which makes it really student friendly. And when you are in the study mode, when you are in the flow it becomes quite easy to give the exams together…



Q. Did you take any coaching’s? If yes, which all coaching’s of which all subjects?

A. I took coaching from a private coaching centre for all subjects which helped me in staying regular in studies. But more than anything it is self-study that really matters. The Institute’s mock tests also help a lot. My parents being CA guided me in taxation and accounting and my cousin sister Anusha who is also CPT and IPCC ranker helped me in planning my studies and solved all my queries.

Q. Face to face classes or Satellite Classes/ Recorded Classes in Pen Drive – Which one do you think is better?

A. I feel face to face classes are more effective as you can interact with the teachers and solve your queries on the spot which is really important…But if you are out for 2 months on audit during article ship the recorded classes will be really helpful to help you stay in touch with studies…So right combination of the two is really important

Q. It would be great if you could brief us about your study plan?

A. Small things like writing answers in paragraphs and highlighting key words make a huge difference in exams. Law answers can be divided in three paragraphs— Legal Provisions, Facts of the case and Conclusion which really helps in scoring great marks.

It’s not the number of hours you study that matters, what matters is the quality of your study time. Studying Institute’s Study Material and Practice Manual are enough to score brilliantly in these exams.

Q. Both these exams require a lot of effort and many a times, students get stressed. How did you manage that you don’t get mentally stressed?

A. I believe some level of stress is necessary otherwise you might just become casual and take things lightly which might just prove futile. I feel that competing with yourself instead of competing with others is essential to succeed in any field.

I used to go for long walks and used to meditate. Spending some time on social networking sites also relieves a lot of stress. Listening to light music also helped me to relieve stress.

Q. Any other tips or guidance which you would like to share?

A. Hope for the best and be prepared for the worst, That’s what the professional exams are about. The portion is really vast and the question papers are unexpected. That’s where a systematic and planned approach will help you.

The positive mind-set is really important and one should not get dejected at initial failures. There will be many ups and downs.. You need to bravely face them and move forward…

Q. What are your future plans now? From where would you ideally like to your Article ship – from some small/ medium or big firm?

A. Big firm, small firms all have their pros and cons. Big 4 gives you the right exposure to the corporate world and helps you to specialise in the field of your interest. At the same time at small firm you learn everything from the grass root level, even that’s very important.

I am very fortunate to have got articleship in KPMG, one of the best firms in the world. I would like to do an MBA from one of the IIMs or IAS , I am confused between the two. But most importantly I would like to serve my country in the best possible way.

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