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CA IPCC SUGGESTED STUDY PLAN: CA Intermediate | CA IPCC Suggested Study Plan:- CA Intermediate | CA IPCC May 2017 examination is approaching soon. So students who haven’t started study seriously yet will be in a big dilemma. They have no option other than to study IPCC in 3 months or even lesser time. Here,we provide CA Intermediate | CA IPCC  suggested study plan for the CA Intermediate | CA IPCC  May 2016 exam for both groups.

CA Intermediate | CA IPCC Suggested Study Plan

If you are reading this article very late, say 1 month ago, then follow the second round. You can finish IPCC in less time: 3 month/1 month/ 15 days. This CA Intermediate | CA IPCC suggested study plan is for 3 months. CA Intermediate | CA IPCC suggested study plan basically consisting of 3 vital rounds. Read our this tips, take a print out of this CA Intermediate | CA IPCC suggested study plan and follow it thoroughly and you will the easily succeed in the CA Intermediate | CA IPCC exam.

Preparing For Examinations:

1. A student is required to prepare thoroughly for examinations well in advance.

2. During leave period, at least 14 to 16 hours’ hard work is required.

3. Avoid mobiles, internet and television as far as possible.

4. Students must study from study material and do practice from practice manual. Wherever a particular topic or point is not clear, a student may refer to a standard text/reference book.

5. Students should refer suggested answers of questions set of last five/six examinations and Revision Test Papers. It is strongly recommended to solve the questions first without referring to solutions and then comparing the answers with the solutions given. Such an approach would help in knowing point of mistake and presentation pattern of an answer.


Find the study plans for CA Intermediate | CA IPCC exam here


This CA Intermediate | CA IPCC suggested study plan is provided for both groups. So, remove the thought of only one group, go for both groups. Remember. If you think you can, then you can.

CA Intermediate | CA IPCC Suggested Study Plan consists of 4 phases:-

  • 1st round : (Approx. 415 Hrs @ 7 Hrs/Day =60 days)
  • 2nd Round (till 15th October, 2016)
  • Golden Period for Revision
  • Most Golden Period Before the Real Attack on ICAI

1st round : (Approx. 415 Hrs @ 7 Hrs/Day =60 days)

ACCOUNTS (60 hrs  1st Round )  :

Broadly about 10 – 12 topics. Taking 10 illustrations per topic, it would be 120 illustrations. Average 30 minutes per illustrations = 60 hours (first round).

There are another good 6 days for A/C to do the left before exams.Its mentioned in the last part.

LAW  ( Total 60 Hrs) :

LAW should be done simultaneously with some practical subject of your interest.This helps you less bored of reading Law.( Don’t mug up, but in case law based question, try & understand the case and the question and twist in it properly and then read the answer. Case based question should be taken after theory & concepts ).First finish with Ethics, Communication followed by Business Laws and then Co. Law.

Considering the Fatigue factor, only 9 pg/hr covered 450 paegs = 50 Hrs + 10Hrs  Contingency = 60Hrs

Costing & FM (67 hours : 1st round) :

Costing & FM (Total 60 hrs 1st Round): Theory to be studied from past 10 Attempt Papers & Practice Manuals. Taking an average speed of 12 Pages/hour, covering 1 attempt paper ( Only Theory Part ) would not take more 1 hour.  So 10 Attempts  10 Hrs ( 1st Round Theory )

Costing : (Broadly 8 – 9 Topics) 

Take only 5 – 6 questions from topics like Material, Contract, Integrated, Reconciliation. Say 4 topics x 5 questions x Avg 20 mins = 400 mins + 20 mins contingency =  420 mins = 7 Hrs,

Other balance 5 big topics, take approximately 10 questions each: 5 Topics x 10 questions = 50 questions x 30 mins = 25 hours ( 1st round )

FM  ( Broadly 5 Topics ) : Cash Flow common in A/C & FM & Inventory Management common with Materials in Costing 10 Questions x 5 Topics = 50 x 30 mins = 1500 mins = 25 Hrs (1st round)

Taxation ( Total 85 Hrs 1st round) :

Finish with VAT / Service Tax Theory first, @ 12 pgs /Hr, : 100 pages of Service tax +  50 Pgs of VAT  = 150 pgs /12 = approx 12 hrs

5 Heads of Income  (Practical Sums @ avg 20 mins sum except Business & Profession  30 mins/sum):

Salary 10 Hrs + HP 5 Hrs + CG 5 Hrs + BP 20 Hrs + IOS 5 Hrs + C/f & S/off  2 Hrs +TDS/Adv Tax & Misc Topics 10 Hrs / Contigency 3 hrs = 60 Hrs ( You would have done with approximately 100 sums in all )

Finish with Theory of Basic Concepts & other topics @ 12 pages/Hr approx 150 pages = 12 hrs 

AUDIT : (Total 50 Hrs) :     

 First finish with special Audits (How to read Special Audit, easy way, then proceed to Co. Audit 1 &2, Vouching & Verification, Short notes, then further proceed to other topics.

Say there are about 450 Pages & here you can read 12 Pages /Hr + 10 Hrs Contingency  = 50 Hrs

IT SM (Total 100 Hrs ):

In IT SM, students who are weak in this subject should give at least 100 Hrs.Thus Students who are techno savvy & interested can finish this in lesser time.

Information Technology : Read, Read & Read. Read Practice Manuals & past 5 years ( 10 attempts papers) papers at least 3 Times ( Don’t Try the ICAI Module now as it is very voluminous to complete. Possibly don’t even try any private classes material,else its your choice. Only PM & Past Papers Minimum 10 – 12 attempts will save you )

S M  : Read Study Material of ICAI  ( its approximately 150 pages to read) Then same as IT, Past 10 – 12 attempt papers and Practice Manual at least 3 times.

Adding all the above Total Hours consumed for 1st Round is

Given Study Time: 90 Days x 7 Hrs upto 31st October 2016 = 630 Hrs

Utilised as per above schedule : Approximately 415 Hrs @ 7 Hrs /Day  = 60 days

Still Left with @ 7 Hrs (+3 hrs), total: 7hr /(10hrs ) per day x 30 days, = 210 hrs / (300 hrs)

I increased daily 3 hours because here you can easily increase daily reading hours as you are on this fast track schedule from past 2 months. If you can do that it will add to 3 x 30 days of April = 90 Hrs ( Additional ) 210 Hrs.

2nd Round (till 15th October, 2015)

During these days, do the same process as above, provided give more emphasis on things which you felt tough during 1st round.

then, You can finish all the important & tough topics in the next 15 days (till 15th October 2016)

With all the above, you are done with 2 rounds of CA Intermediate | CA IPCC Suggested Study Plan by 15th October 2016.

Now available is 16 days x 10 Hrs =

Golden Period for Revision

160 Hrs.

3 Days ( 28th October – 1st of November 2015) Revision of Accounts Only

13 Days x 10 Hrs = 130 Hrs Left

With your revision now, start writing Mock Papers  13 Days 1 Paper/day = 13 Papers

Taking 7 Subjects x 2 Papers/Sub = 14 days ( You can adjust one Paper on some day taking 2 Papers on that day)

Manage hours in last 13 days this way

Paper Per Day with an estimation of 2 Hrs 45 Mins to complete in Exam Conditions and 15 Mins to check your answers given in Book  i.e : 3 hrs utilised.

Left 7 Hrs/day

4 Hrs revise two topics per practical subject P/day = 13 Days = 26 Topics ( You don’t have broadly more than 26 topics in all the practical subjects & do this from ICAI Practice Manuals and RTPs Only )

3 Hrs ( Taking an average reading speed of 3-4 mins per side of page, you can read approximately 20 pages per hour.

i.e 3 Hrs x 20 pages x 13 days = Approximately 800 Pages ( This can take care of your all Theory Subject Practice Manuals)

Most Golden Period Before the Real Attack on ICAI

So, do write test papers in these days for each subjects for at least two times and you will be unstoppable afterwards. You will be feeling great when you will be again revising, 2nd time, for such a lengthy IPCC syllabus.

If you feel something is to be done, you can also finish it.

Now during exam days, 4 hours do with your weak areas you feel for the next paper,and next day, set a  12 hours target to finish the Practice Manual.

Friends, now you will be ready to appear for the CA Intermediate | CA IPCC Nov 2016 exams also with full confidence and can easily crack it.



Wishing you all the very best for all endeavours.

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