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CA Intermediate / CA IPCC revalidation fees for Nov 2017

CA IPCC revalidation fees

CA IPCC revalidation fees

CA IPCC revalidation fees for Nov 2017

This article covers all the details about CA IPCC revalidation fees for Nov 2017.

Many students don’t know about CA IPCC revalidation and CA IPCC revalidation fees which cause them pay more money than they actually need to. After the CA IPCC revalidation came into affect student have to pay less for CA IPCC revalidation exam.

Here we are going to take look at CA IPCC revalidation fees and scheme by ICAI.

The content which we are going to cover are as follow:

  • Details on CA IPCC / Intermediate revalidation fees  by ICAI
  • How much we need to pay for CA Intermediate / IPCC revalidation fees


In case you are registering for CA IPCC for the first time, then you have to register and not revalidate. Please visit the article – CA IPCC Registration for details on CA IPCC registration.

If you need help with the CA IPCC revalidation process, check this article CA IPCC Revalidation procedure This gives you all the details about the process, where to submit CA IPCC Revalidation form, dates and validity.


Details on CA IPCC / Intermediate revalidation fees by ICAI

For how many years CA IPCC registration valid? Many CA students don’t know about it and they think after some attempts, they should again register and pay again Rs 6000/- for CPT or Rs 12000/- for IPCC or Rs 10000 for CA Final. This is totally wrong.

You need don’t need to pay these Rs 6000/- or Rs 12000/- or Rs 10000/- again. You should pay revalidation fee only, which is very less in contrast to CA registration fees.


How much we need to pay for CA Intermediate / IPCC revalidation fees

With the implementation of Revised Scheme, which comes into effect from 1st July, 2017 there would be cases of students who are registered under the existing scheme in the respective levels and whose registration would be expiring after discontinuation of existing scheme i.e. after 1st July 2017 and such set of students might like to continue in the existing scheme so as to avail the available attempts in the respective level. Though the registration under the existing scheme would be closed on 30th June 2017, the students would be allowed to revalidate their registration to avail the available attempts by paying the following re-validation fees:-


Revalidation Fees after 1st July 2017CPT IPCCFinal
FeesRs 300/-Rs 400/-Rs 500/-



CA Intermediate / CA IPCC revalidation fees is very less as comapred to CA IPCC registration.

We had covered the following point in this article:

  1. CA IPCC / Intermediate revalidation fees by ICAI
  2. Total fees for IPCC revalidation

Hope you found the article useful. Please feel free to ask anything or give your comments using the comment box below.

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