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CA Intermediate | CA IPCC IT Important Questions By Arpita Tulsyan

CA Intermediate | CA IPCC IT Important Questions By Arpita Tulsyan

CA Intermediate | CA IPCC IT Important Questions –  Here we are providing CA Intermediate | CA IPCC IT important questions and topics for Nov 2017 Exam. This Important questions and topics of IT are compiled by CA Arpita Tulsyan.

CA Intermediate | CA IPCC IT Important Questions By Arpita Tulsyan

CA Intermediate | CA IPCC IT Important Questions By Arpita Tulsyan

CA Intermediate | CA IPCC IT Important Questions By Arpita Tulsyan

TIPS To Prepare ITSM Paper
Short Note

Important Questions

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TIPS To Prepare ITSM Paper:

ITSM is the last paper of IPCC second group. Please find below some general points which the help of which you can make your ITSM preparation a success. Well this is my personal belief.

1. First of all understand that ITSM is not a very tuff subject and with proper guidance and planning it can be handled easily. I know ITSM is not in the list of your favourite subject and it is not possible to make it your favourite subject in a day. Here I must say once you start working over this subject, this would become your favourite subject and you’ll be able to score great marks in ITSM. You know everything is possible in life. I will try my best to share some relevant ITSM tips.

2. ICAI Study Material is must:  As a general understanding ICAI study material is a must for ITSM preparation. Many successful students have shared their opinion that ICAI study material is best for exam preparation and for fetching good marks. Chapter in the study of ITSM has been organized to provide a logical sequence to facilitate easy understanding. It is a fact that language of the material is a bit technical and so is the subject. But regular study you’ll be able to understand the language of Study material.

3. Reference Book for ITSM: It is important to use right reference book for ITSM or any other subject from start in order to get good result. As per my simple opinion for ITSM you are advised to use the book of Dinesh Madan or Paduka. These 2 are the most preferred book for ITSM exam preparation. The book of Dinesh Madan provides an examination oriented material with Review Questions to analyze the understanding of the topics. It is also available in Hindi.

Revision Strategy: A good Revision strategy is also important in a subject like ITSM. In case of poor revision, it would be difficult for you to recall ITSM concepts and formulas in exam hall. If you fail to revise, your ITSM paper would be a complete disaster. So beware about the same.  Hence after completing all the chapters revise all of them one by one in the same order in which you have made first reading.

ITSM Important Questions For Nov 17


    1. Define the following briefly: ( 1 marks )
    • XBRL
    • OLAP
    • Virtual Memory
    • Firewall
    • Multiplexer
    • SSH Protocol
    • SFTP
    • Network virtualization
    • Expert System
    • Electronic purses
    • Instruction Set Architecture
    • Bluetooth
    • Micro Architecture
    • Gateway
    • Repeater
    • NIC (Network Interface Card)
    • Protocol
    • SSL Protocol
    • HTTPS
    • Android
    • TQM
    • Six Sigma
    • SaaS model
    • Groupware
    • VPN
    • Bandwidth
    • Radio waves
    • OAS (Office Automation System)

. Differentiate between the following: (2 marks)

  • Client –Server Network and Peer-to- Peer Network
  • Ring Network and Star Network
  • Asynchronous and Synchronous Data Transmission
  • Data Flow Diagrams and Flowchart
  • Manual Information Processing Cycle and Computerized Information Processing Cycle
  • Tacit Knowledge and Explicit Knowledge
  • Hardware Encryption and Software Encryption
  • Complex Instruction Set Computer (CISC) and Reduced Instruction Set Computer (RISC)
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Guided Media and Unguided Media.

.    Write short note on the following: ( 2 marks )

  • BPM Life cycle
  • TCP/IP
  • Mesh Topology
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Mobile Commerce
  • Grid Computing
  • Cloud computing architecture
  • Value Chain Automation
  • Intranet
  • BPR
  • ACID test
  • AIS
  • BPA
  • BPMS
  • CBS (CORE Banking System)

Question :- ( 3 or 4 marks )

    • Discuss the different cycles of an Account Business Process Management.
    • Define Controls and discuss their objectives and importance in Business Process Automation.
    • Explain different types of relationships in Entity-Relationship Model with suitable examples.
    • Discuss some success factors of BPR.
    • What do you understand by Internetwork Processors? Discuss some of them, in brief.
    • What do you understand by the term “Information System”? Discuss its components.
    • Discuss Business Intelligence and its tools.
    • Discuss the steps involved in implementing Business Process Automation.
    • Discuss Information System Life Cycle in detail.
    • What do you understand by the term Database Management System? Discuss its advantages and Disadvantages.
    • What is Transmission Media? Discuss its various types.
    • Define Threat. What are various threats to a computer network’s security?
    • Define Cloud Computing. What are the different types of clouds in a Cloud Computing Environment.
    • Discuss Service models of Cloud Computing.
    • What are the three critical pillars of Business process Automation (BPA)? (HINT:- Integration, Orchestration, Automation)
    • What is a Database Model? Discuss its various types.
    • What is Mobile Computing? What are the three major concerns related to mobile computing?
    • What is an Operating System ? Discuss various activities it performs.
    • Explain the OSI Model of communication in details.
    • Discuss Encryption Model in computer network.
    • Discuss FCAPS MODEL OF network management.
    • How can client computers be classified? ( HINT:- Fat, Thin, Hybrid client)
    • Discuss the common Switching Techniques used in computer networking.
    • Discuss strategic capabilities of Internet along with their business applications.
    • Define E-commerce. Discuss its benefits and risks involved.
    • What are the major control objectives in BPA ?
    • Discuss the steps involve in BPA.
    • Discuss Application controls and Boundary control in detail.
    • Briefly explain Grid computing. What are possible reasons of using grid computing.
    • Discuss some of the applications that help enterprise to achieve BPA.
    • List out different types of delivery channels through which information is delivered to the user.
    • What are the major reasons for failure of BPMS ?

Download CA Intermediate | CA IPCC IT Important Questions By Arpita Tulsyan

CA Intermediate | CA IPCC IT Important Questions 

CA Intermediate | CA IPCC ITSM Important questions for may 2017 exam

CA Intermediate | CA IPCC IT Important Questions By Arpita Tulsyan

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