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CA Intermediate | CA IPCC IT and SM Important Questions – May 2016

CA Intermediate | CA IPCC IT and SM Important Questions – May 2016

CA Intermediate | CA IPCC IT and SM Important Questions – Here we are providing CA Intermediate | CA IPCC IT and SM important questions and topics for May 2016 Exam. This Important questions and topics of ITSM ( Information technology and Strategic management) are compiled by miss Bhavna gargg ( ICAI Faculty ).

CA Intermediate | CA IPCC IT and SM Important Questions

CA Intermediate | CA IPCC IT and SM Important Questions

SECTION – A: Information Technology Important questions

Define the following briefly: ( 1 marks )

  • XBRL
  • OLAP
  • Virtual Memory
  • Firewall
  • Multiplexer
  • SSH Protocol
  • SFTP
  • Network virtualization
  • Expert System
  • Electronic purses
  • Instruction Set Architecture
  • Bluetooth
  • Micro Architecture
  • Gateway
  • Repeater
  • NIC (Network Interface Card)
  • Protocol
  • SSL Protocol
  • Android
  • TQM
  • Six Sigma
  • SaaS model
  • Groupware
  • VPN
  • Bandwidth
  • Radio waves
  • OAS (Office Automation System)

Differentiate between the following: (2 marks)

  • Client –Server Network and Peer-to- Peer Network
  • Ring Network and Star Network
  • Asynchronous and Synchronous Data Transmission
  • Data Flow Diagrams and Flowchart
  • Manual Information Processing Cycle and Computerized Information Processing Cycle
  • Tacit Knowledge and Explicit Knowledge
  • Hardware Encryption and Software Encryption
  • Complex Instruction Set Computer (CISC) and Reduced Instruction Set Computer (RISC)
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Guided Media and Unguided Media.

Write short note on the following: ( 2 marks )

  • BPM Life cycle
  • TCP/IP
  • Mesh Topology
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Mobile Commerce
  • Grid Computing
  • Cloud computing architecture
  • Value Chain Automation
  • Intranet
  • BPR
  • ACID test
  • AIS
  • BPA
  • BPMS
  • CBS (CORE Banking System)

Question :- ( 3 or 4 marks )

  • Discuss the different cycles of an Account Business Process Management.
  • Define Controls and discuss their objectives and importance in Business Process Automation.
  • Explain different types of relationships in Entity-Relationship Model with suitable examples.
  • Discuss some success factors of BPR.
  • What do you understand by Internetwork Processors? Discuss some of them, in brief.
  • What do you understand by the term “Information System”? Discuss its components.
  • Discuss Business Intelligence and its tools.
  • Discuss the steps involved in implementing Business Process Automation.
  • Discuss Information System Life Cycle in detail.
  • What do you understand by the term Database Management System? Discuss its advantages and Disadvantages.
  • What is Transmission Media? Discuss its various types.
  • Define Threat. What are various threats to a computer network’s security?
  • Define Cloud Computing. What are the different types of clouds in a Cloud Computing Environment.
  • Discuss Service models of Cloud Computing.
  • What are the three critical pillars of Business process Automation (BPA)?
  • What is a Database Model? Discuss its various types.
  • What is Mobile Computing? What are the three major concerns related to mobile computing?
  • What is an Operating System ? Discuss various activities it performs.
  • Explain the OSI Model of communication in details.
  • Discuss Encryption Model in computer network.
  • Discuss FCAPS MODEL OF network management.
  • How can client computers be classified?
  • Discuss the common Switching Techniques used in computer networking.
  • Discuss strategic capabilities of Internet along with their business applications.
  • Define E-commerce. Discuss its benefits and risks involved.
  • What are the major control objectives in BPA ?
  • Discuss the steps involve in BPA.
  • Discuss Application controls and Boundary control in detail.
  • Briefly explain Grid computing. What are possible reasons of using grid computing.
  • Discuss some of the applications that help enterprise to achieve BPA.
  • List out different types of delivery channels through which information is delivered to the user.
  • What are the major reasons for failure of BPMS ?

CA Intermediate | CA IPCC IT & SM Important Questions For MAY 2016

CA Intermediate | CA IPCC Strategic Management Important Questions & Topics


  • PESTLE Analysis
  • Kieretsus
  • Strategic group mapping
  • Portfolio Analysis
  • Balance Score Card Approach
  • Best Cost Provider Strategy
  • Six Sigma
  • Benchmarking
  • TQM
  • Core Competencies
  • Network Structure
  • SCM
  • Marketing Mix
  • Ansoff’s Product Market Growth Matrix.
  • BCG Matrix

CA Intermediate | CA IPCC SM Important Question

  • How production strategy implements, supports and drives higher strategies?
  • Benchmarking process helps to achieve improvement in diverse range of management function. Discuss.
  • What do you understand by the term corporate strategy? Explain the concepts with its How would you argue that ‘corporate strategy ‘ensures the correct alignment of the  Firm with its environment’?
  • In your view ,  what is the role of corporate level managers in strategic management ?
  • What is TOWS Matrix? How is it improvement over the SWOT Analysis? Describe the construction of TOWS Matrix.
  • Explain GE model. How is it useful in making strategic choices?
  • Discuss how mergers and acquisitions are used for business growth. What are the various type of mergers?
  • What is diversification? Distinguish between vertically integrated diversification and horizontally integrated diversification.
  • What are functional strategies? How important are they for the business?
  • Explain the requirements for the successful implementation of supply chain management System?
  • What is strategic change? How do you initiate strategic change in an organization? Explain the change process proposed by Kurt Lewin.
  • What are the leadership roles played by a strategic leader? Distinguish between a transformational leader and a traditional leader.
  • How internet is affecting the business? Explain the strategy-shaping characteristics of the E – commerce environment.
  • How six sigma can be implemented for existing and new products?
  • Define Hourglass Structure ? how this structure benefits an organization ?
  • “Strategy is party proactive and party reactive”. Discuss.
  • Describe the major dimensions of strategic decisions.
  • What is a Financial Strategy ? State some important decisions & areas of focus involved in Financial Strategy formulation?
  • Write short note on Human Resource Strategy Formulation.
  • What is Strategy Implementation? How is it different from strategy formulation?
  • Draw and briefly explain Strategy Formulation and Implementation Matrix.
  • Briefly explain the different types of Organizational Structure.
  • Draw and explain Porter’s Value Chain Analysis Model.
  • Briefly explain the role of Information Technology in BPR.
  • What is globalization? Why do companies go global? Briefly discuss the ways in which globalization is manifested.
  • Discuss the Porter’s five forces model of competitive analysis.
  • Write short note on PESTLE analysis.
  • Explain Michael Porter’s Generic Strategy.
  • Explain the stages to implement turnaround strategy.
  • Skimming means pricing very low. Comment.
  • Is Culture an obstacle or ally in strategy execution.
  • What are the methodologies for implementing Six-Sigma ?
  • Strategic management cannot be used in Non-Commercial Organization. Comment.
  • Unfreezing the situation and Refreezing – the two stages of Kurt lewin change process.
  • Write short note on Expansion through acquisition and mergers.
  • Define ‘Strategic Group Map’. What steps would you take to construct a ‘Strategic Group Mapping’ for an industry ?
  • Write short note on PLC (Product Life Cycle) and its significance in portfolio diagnosis.
  • Discuss the impact of IT on education industry in india.
  • Under what conditions would you recommend the use of turnaround strategy in an organization ? what could be a suitable work plan for this ?
  • Explain how the process of benchmarking can be used by a cloth manufacturer

CA Intermediate | CA IPCC IT and SM Important Questions – May 2016

CA Intermediate | CA IPCC IT and SM Important Questions

CA Intermediate | CA IPCC IT and SM Important Questions

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