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CA Intermediate | CA IPCC Important Topics -May 2018 Exam

CA Intermediate | CA IPCC Important Topics – May 2018 Exam

CA Intermediate | CA IPCC Important Topics for may 2018 Exam is available in CAKART website. Here we are providing CA Intermediate | CA IPCC Important Topics for both Group 1 and Group 2 subjects. You cant leave following topics we advise you to do practice manual for all the subjects.

CA IPCC Important Topics

CA IPCC Important Topics

CA Intermediate | CA IPCC Important topics

CA Intermediate | CA IPCC Important Topics  – Accounts

AS– 1,6,9,10 & 13, Internal Reconstruction, Investment, Account Current, Incomplete Records, Insurance Claim, Partnership, Cash Flow.

CA Intermediate | CA IPCC Important Topics  –  Law

Company Law – Prospectus, Power of SEBI ( Sec.24), Abridged Prospectus, Shelf and Red herring Prospectus, Consequences of misstatement in Prospects ( Sec.34 & 35 ), Restriction on use of application money ( Sec.40), Prohibition for buy-back ( Sec.70), Registration of Charge & punishment on non-compliance, Calling of EGM ( Sec.100), Statement of annexed to notice ( Sec.102), Quorum, Proxies and Resolution.

Contract Act – Bailment , Pledge & Contract of Indemnity.

Bonus – Applicability of Act on various classes, Computation of Salary, First & third schedule.

Communication – Communication Process, Advantages of formal comm., barriers to comm., Active listening, Critical thinking, Group conflicts, Negotiation process and techniques, Notice of AGM or Statutory Meeting, Power of attorney, Affidavit and Indemnity bond.

Ethics – Social Sins by Gandhi, Ethics & Morals, Benefits of Business ethics, Stakeholders, CSR & its need, Benefits of CSR, Fairness & Honesty, Examples of ethical issues, Managing ethics at workplace, Green accounting System, Reason to adopt ethical practices in marketing, Parameter under competition law, Window dressing, Reason for unethical behaviour.

CA Intermediate | CA IPCC Important Topics – Cost & FM 

Cost – Material, Labour ( Halsey & rowan ), Standard ( Material & Labour variances), Marginal Costing, Operating Costing, Process costing and Integrated accounts.

FM – Time Value, Leverages, Capital Budgeting (NPV), Fund Flow, Ratio, WACC, Factoring, Management of Receivables, EBIT-EPS Analysis, Capital Structure.

CA Intermediate | CA IPCC Important Topics – Taxation

Excise – Definition of Goods and two fundamental aspects, Manufacture Sec. 2(f), Retail Sales Price Sec. 4A, Valuation by Transaction Value ( remember inclusive and exclusive list), SSI Exemption ( Notification No. 8/2003 dated 01/03/2003 ), Payment of Excise and interest on delay and return of excise duty.

Custom – Exemption from Custom duty, Section 23(1), Valuation ( Remember steps properly ), Anti dumping duty.

CENVAT – Capital Goods 2(a), Input 2(k), Rule 3(4), Rule 4, Refund of CENAT, Rule 9.

Service Tax – POT ( Rule 3 & 8), Valuation of Service, Mega exemption notification, Abatement, Registration, Invoice, Reverse charge, Payment of service tax, Due date of return and interest on delay.

VAT – Practical question mixed with provision of CST, Methods of vat and past examination question.

Income Tax – Salary, Capital Gain, Residential Status, TDS, Deduction from Total Income ( specially new section 80CCG ), Due date of return, Assessment of Individual, Set- off and carry forward.

CA Intermediate | CA IPCC IMPORTANT TOPICS – Group 2 

CA Intermediate | CA IPCC IMPORTANT TOPICS – Advance Accounts

AS– 5,11,16,20 & 26, Amalgamation and conversion of partnership firm, ESOP, Buy Back ( Theory most probably), Underwriting, Debenture redemption reserve, Internal Reconstruction, Insurance ( Theory or P& L Account), Banking ( P&L Account or Provision ), Electricity ( Depreciation ),Foreign Branch and Liquidation.

CA Intermediate | CA IPCC IMPORTANT TOPICS – Audit

SA – 200,230,240,315,520,540,570 & 710.
AS – 1,2,4,6 & 10.
Special Audit – NGO, Cinema Hall, Educational Institution, Hotel & benefits of audit of partnership firm.
Vouching / Verification- Stock with third party, Motor Car, Travelling Expenses, Scrap Sale, WIP, Hire purchase, Rental Receipt.

General Topics – Allotment of Shares ( As per co. act 2013 ), Section 180 & 182 of Co. Act 2013, Buy back provisions as per Sec.70 of Co. Act 2013, Audit Evidence, Audit Documentation, Audit Trail, Joint Auditors, Limitations of Audit, Error of commission, Audit programmer, Accounting assumptions.


Ch 1 – Need of BPM, Challenges in implementation of BPM, Success factors of BPR & ER Diagram.

Ch 2 – BPM ( Phases and its benefit ) , Steps in BPA, DBMS ( Advantages and disadvantages ), Tablet, i-pad, i-pod, wifi, UMPC.

Ch 3 – Advantage of computer network, Components of Telecommunication Network, LAN, VPN, Star & ring topologies ( Advantages and disadvantages ), Synchronous v/s. asynchronous, Transmission modes, Circuit switching, Factors responsible for vulnerabilities, Encryption, Firewall. Business use of Internet and risk in e-commerce.

Ch 4 – TPS, OAS, MIS, DSS & its component, Components of SCM, Core banking system & its element & Approaches to access control.

CH 5 – BPA & its objective, Control objectives, Process control, Grid computing, Cloud computing & its advantages.

Note : There is no as such important for SM , so kindly ignore previous attempt question/ topic and read remaining part.

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