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CA IPCC Exam Pattern – November 2018

CA IPCC Exam Pattern – November 2018

CA IPCC Exam Pattern : CA IPCC is the second level examination of the CA course, conducted by ICAI.

It can be attempted by any candidate who has passed the first level (CPT) exams and the 10+2 (intermediate) examination and has completed nine months of study or by a graduate who has scored minimum prescribed marks.

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CA IPCC Exam Pattern  – November 2018 exam

CA IPCC Exam Pattern : CA IPCC examination consists of 7 papers divided into two groups – Group I (four subjects) and Group II (three subjects). The details are as follows:

CA IPCC Exam Pattern

CA IPCC Exam Pattern

Pattern of CA IPCC exam Group 1

Paper 1: Accounting (100 marks)

CA IPCC Exam Pattern : It covers general knowledge of the framing of the accounting standards, national and international accounting authorities, adoption of international financial reporting standards, accounting standards – 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 9, 10, 13 and 14, company accounts, self-balancing ledgers, financial statements of not-for-profit-organisations, accounts from incomplete records, accounting for special transactions, issue in partnership accounts and accounting in computerised environment.

Paper II: Law, Ethics, and Communication (100 marks)

CA IPCC Exam Pattern : This paper has three parts:

1. Law (60 Marks): Covers the practical application of business law including Indian Contract act, Negotiable instrument act, Payment of bonus act etc and provisions of company law covering The Companies Act from section 1 to 197
2. Ethics (20 Marks): Provides understanding of ethical issues in business including environmental issues, ethics in workplace, Marketing & Consumer protection and Accounting & Finance.
3. Communication (20 Marks): Covers development of behavioral skills and communication relating to business covering elements like Communication, Communication in Business environment and basic understanding of legal deeds and documents.

Paper III: Cost Accounting and Financial Management (100 marks)

CA IPCC Exam Pattern : This paper has two parts:

1. Cost accounting (50 Marks): Covers the concepts and processes to determine the product cost like material, labors, overheads, process costing, contract costing etc and includes marginal costing and standard costing for decision making
2. Financial Management (50 Marks): Cover the topics relating to capital investment and financing decisions like capital budgeting, cost of capital, capital structure decisions and working capital management.

Paper IV: Taxation (100 marks)

CA IPCC Exam Pattern : This paper has two parts:

1. Income tax (75 Marks): Covers the income under five heads namely salaries, house property, capital gains, profit and gain from business and profession and other sources
2. Service Tax and VAT (25 Marks): Cover the provisions of service tax like payment of service tax and filing of returns and concepts of Value Added Tax.

Exam pattern for CA IPCC Group 2

Paper V: Advanced Accounting (100 marks) 

It covers conceptual framework for preparation & presentation of financial statements, application of accounting standards 4, 5, 11, 12,16,19, 20, 26 and 29, cases relating to company accounts, advanced issues in partnership accounts and accounting for special transactions.

Paper VI: Auditing and Assurance (100 Marks)

It covers Generally Accepted Auditing Procedures, techniques and skills like verification and vouching of assets & liabilities, company audit, auditing standards needed to understand the objective and concepts of auditing and to apply them in audit and attestation processes.

Paper VII: Information Technology and Strategic Management (100 Marks)

CA IPCC Exam Pattern : This paper has two parts:

1. Information technology (50 Marks): Covers an introduction to computers, Database management systems, computer networks and network security, internet & other technologies and decision tree flow charts
2. Strategic Management (50 Marks): Covers business environment and strategies of business like Strategic Analysis, Strategic Planning, Implementation & control etc.

  • Statutory audit
  • Internal audit
  • Compulsory tax audit
  • Certification and audit

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