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CA Intermediate | CA IPCC Auditing Important Questions Topics for Nov 2015

CA Intermediate | CA IPCC Auditing Important Questions  Topics for Nov 2015 :

Here are CA Intermediate | CA IPCC Auditing Important Questions  Topics for Nov 2015 Exam

1. Qualifications and Disqualifications of an auditor.

2. Appointment of auditors (all cases)

3. Casual vacancy of an auditor to be filled up

4. Removal of auditors

5. Remuneration of auditors

6. Duties of the auditor

7. Discuss about cost Audit.

8. Provisions relating to Branch Audit.

9. Vouching and verification 8m (refer class notes)

10. Inherent limitations of audit

11. CAR0, 2003 4m (refer to summary)

12. Qualities of an auditor

13. Types of Reserves AND Objects of creating each.

14. Appointment of auditor of Government Company.

15. SA 580

16. SA 530

17. SA 560

18. SA 700, 705, 706

19. Types of Audit Report/ Audit Opinion

20. Concept of Materiality & SA 320

21. Audit of hire purchase transactions.

22. Aspects to be covered in an audit

23. Write about local bodies.

24. Audit of Hotels.

25. Design and Special Characteristics of EDP Systems.

26. CAAT requirement in EDP audit.

27. Audit of Charitable institutions.

28. Audit of Incomplete records.

29. Audit of Cinema Theater.

30. Letter of weakness. 1

31. Audit Trail or Examination In Depth

32. Write about analytical review test.

33. Methods to obtain Audit Evidence.

34. Capital Expenditures and its types.

35. Audit procedures to obtain Audit Evidence

36. Basic elements of Auditor’s report.

37. Audit of commercial accounts.

38. Controls in an EDP environment.

39. Matters to be verified in the audit of dividend.

40. Prior period items, Extra-ordinary items.

41. SA 200, 210, 220, 240.

42. Audit evidence and what is the need of it.

43. Revenue expenditure.

44. Approaches to auditing in a computerized environment.

45. Audit of a Hospital.

46. Audit of Stores and stocks.

47. Audit of issue of share capital.

48. Powers and duties of C&AG.

49. AS 1

50. AS 6

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