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CA Intermediate Study Plan for November 2018

CA Intermediate Study Plan

CA Intermediate Study Plan for November 2018

CA Inter Study Plan : A study plan is an effective way to navigate through your exam preparation in an organised way. Every student will develop a different study plan. There is no correct study plan for everyone. You will have to identify your learning goals for each study session in order to maximize these scheduled study times.

Here in this article you will find the appropriate CA Intermediate study plan to follow in very easy way.

General tips to be followed for CA Intermediate November 2018

Here, we have five simple yet effective tips that will help you achieve your goals.

1. Plan your plans to study –  Most students prepare only for the imminent exams, but you should go about planning your study schedule with just as much effort. Sit with yourself for some quality time. Depending on your preference, save your theory lessons for a time when your mind is the least pre-occupied.

Switch off your cellphone and keep other distracting gadgets at bay during your study hours. While pouring out dedication by the truckload, do not forget to plan your breaks. Disengage for 15–20 minutes every two hours and allow your brain the cooling time it needs before you get back to your books again.

2. SWOT out your revision time – Imagine your brain functioning like a pressure cooker during your preparatory days. With all the steam boiling up inside, it is going to let out some of it at some point in time to make room for some more. Only in the case of your brain, don’t let it slip out some really hard-learned lessons from your CA Intermediate syllabus. Hence, it’s important to go back a few steps and revise. Do a SWOT analysis to identify your Achilles’ heel and work on making it your strength.

3. Practise your way to perfection – While theory is the foundation, concepts resemble the building you build on it. Practise and practise till all concepts come alive in the eye of your mind. Befriend your practice manual, and make sample papers and mock test papers the bible to swear by; also pore over previous year questions papers with complete dedication.

Learning concepts is one thing and presenting them on paper is another. Presentation is one of the most important factors that will either make or mar your CA Intermediate examinations. It is important to be able to arrange your answers in layers.

4. Do not give up on yourself – Every time you doubt yourself, you take one step away from success. If that continues to be the case, all the preparation in the world will not be able to get you back on track. With exceeding expectations from self and the environment, it is easy to succumb but do not let the stress overwhelm you. After all, the CA Intermediate, just like life, is nothing but a journey of faith.

5. Do not waste time with tuitions – Time to a CA Intermediate student must be a lot more important than all the treasures of the world put together. Time is neither too scarce nor is it too abundant. You have about just enough time to put all your efforts together, and you can’t afford to lose any of it. Not even to and from or during your tuition classes.

Schedule for CA Intermediate Study Plan

You should follow the below schedule to success in CA Intermediate exam:-

4am to 5amFresh
5am to 7amRead Theory
7am to 7:30amBreakfast
7:30am to 10:30Read Theory
10:30 am to 11amBreak Time
11am to 1pmSolve Practical Problems
1pm to 2 pmLunch
2pm to 3 pmTake a short sleep
3pm to 5 pmSolve practical problem
5pm to 5:30pmTake a break
5:30pm to 8 pmRead theory
8pm to 9pmDinner
9pm to10pmSolve Practical Problem
10pm to 4amSleep

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Conclusion on CA Intermediate Study Plan for November 2018

Here in this article we have discussed he following points.

  • CA Intermediate Study Plan for Nov 2018
  • General tips to be followed for CA Intermediate Nov 2018
  • Schedule for CA Intermediate Study Plan

Hope the article was useful. For any further doubts feel free to ask from the following comment box.

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