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CA Final Topper Interview/rankers interview for nov 2017 exam

CA Final Topper Interview: ICAI Declared CA Final Result May 2017 on July 18th, 2017. The CA Final Result 2017 and CPT result 2017 announced on July 18 at 11.20 AM. Here you May check CA Final Toppers ListCA Final marksheetCA Final Merit List May 2017. Check CA Final Toppers Mark sheet May 2017, CA Final Toppers List May 2017, Toppers of CA Final May 2017, CA Final Merit List May 2017, CA Final Pass Percentage May 2017.

CA Final Topper Interview For may session 2017 Exam

CA Final Toppers Interview

CA Final Toppers Interview

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 CA Final topper interview : Below articles provides complete details of ca final registration exam date, admit card, syllabus details for November 2017 and May 2018 examCA Final Registration

CA Final syllabus

CA final admit card

CA Final exam date

CA Final Result

CA Final Pass Percentage

Now back to the CA Final topper interview.

CA Final toppers strategy : CA Final Topper Interview For may session 2017 Exam :

Particulars CA Final Rank 1 CA Final Rank 2 CA Final Rank 3
Name Raj Paresh Seth Agathiswaran S Krishna Pawan Gupta
Roll No. 214824 223088 188858
Marks 630/800 602/800 601/800
Percentage 78.75% 75.25% 75.13%
City Dombivalli Vellore Mumbai

Scroll Down and check CA Final AIR 1  Raj Paresh Sheth interview

The main difference in toppers

CA Final Topper Interview: Rank 3 has also been grabbed by a male candidate, Krishna Pawan Gupta. The Mumbai boy is just 0.12% behind the second topper, as his percent in the examination is 75.13%. The marks secured by the candidate is 601.

CA Final Topper Interview:CA Final topper study plan, topper history and his inspiration

CA Final Topper Interview: Being Born in the Indian family he was always inspired by his father, his motivation and the soul reason for being the topper in CA Final is his Father.

Something that was motivating him since his child hood was his father work and his father being a CA. He seen his father working as a CA and he was always inspired be the fact CA- Chartered Accountancy is considered one of the toughest course to clear in India. With passing percentage less than 5%, there are presently around 2.5 lakh members for a country of 1 Billion.  He want to be the part of that percentage of people where success cant be just a number it will be more than that. And be the part of CA group in India. His interest can be seen from his past as he topped in CA IPCC 2014 and now completely he topped in CA Final 2017 and he now can live his dream. Being a CA by his own. That’s why it said that ” DO HANDWORK TILL YOUR INSPIRATION DON’T BECOME YOUR RIVAL”,.

CA Final Topper Interview: Agathiswaran S. the 2rd rank holder who hails from Vellore is the son of a CA and his father has been a source of inspiration for him to reach this threshold. Because of his father he was very interested to become CA. His dream came true after he topped in CA Exam.

CA Final Topper Interview:CA Final rank tips-CA Final AIR 1  Raj Paresh Sheth interview

CA Final Topper Interview: Dombivali’s Raj Sheth, 22, topped the exam nationally with an aggregate score of 78.75% (630 out of 800 marks) and Krishna Gupta, 22, ranked third.

“I’m very happy to clear the exam in the first attempt. I have started working with a firm for my articleship and plan to study further before looking for a job,” said Sheth, who graduated in BCom from R A Podar College in 2016 with 87%. His father retired from a diamond industry job some years ago and his two older sisters are in the service industry.

Meet Raj Paresh Sheth All India Rank 1 CA Final May 2017 who hails from Dombivali, Maharashtra.  Let us find out what his strategy for the exam was, what suggestions he has for other students and aspirants & how he has achieved this success:

First of all many congratulations to you 

Thank you so much.

Can you describe your feelings at this moment?

It’s an awesome feeling. I am elated and am currently on cloud nine. When President Sir called me at 11.15 in the morning, I started crying out of happiness. It was an awesome feeling and I m feeling just great.

And what was the reaction of your parents?

When I shared this news with my mother, she also started crying out her emotions of joy and proudness. There were tears in their eyes as it was a dream comes true for me. There were mixed emotions – they were crying but at the same time, they were also very happy.

Were you or your parents expecting a rank?

Ya, I was expecting a rank but not AIR1. As I secured AIR 10 in IPCC, my coaching teachers then told me that I would definitely secure AIR 1 in CA Final. From that moment, I had started taking my studies seriously. I had started studying regularly right from the beginning. I was not expecting an AIR 1 but yes, I was sure that I would be securing a rank in CA Finals. The efforts that I had put in were very high and this is how I succeeded in securing AIR1.

When you got to know that you are AIR1, what was your first reaction?

There were tears of joy in my eyes when I got to know about my result.

Whom would you like to give credit for this success any special person you would like to thank?

CA Final Topper Interview: Firstly, it would be my parents and my two sisters. They had always supported me; may be financially, emotionally or mentally. Secondly, my coaching classes. I had been associated with my coaching classes since my 11th standard. The coaching teachers taught me in a very good way which had helped me to crack CA Final. Thirdly, I would like to thank my Articleship firm because they were supporting me, listening to me firmly and always gave me the liberty to attend my classes, whenever I have to and they never forbade me in any way. So, these are the things which I can credit to my success.

How important is preparing your own notes? Did you prepare any notes while studying and what would be your message to those students who just kept on reading and didn’t prepare any notes?

CA Final Topper Interview: Note preparation is very important not for revision but for that one and a half day that you get prior to exam because if you have the notes / flowcharts with you, you can remember the data.

For e.g. in Law, there are different types of punishments and different types of numbers to remember. So, note preparation is very important not for revision, but for preparation during those one and a half days. So, I would suggest to those students who keep on reading and not prepare notes – to start preparing the notes that would be beneficial for them during those one and a half days.

Raj it is a big achievement at your part i.e securing AIR 1 in CA Finals but many students are there who could not achieve this despite the hard work. So, what would be your message to those who could not clear the exam?

CA Final Topper Interview: Firstly, don’t get disheartened. It’s just that you are putting your full effort but there’s somewhere something which is evading you from focus. If not now, then the next attempt would be yours.

Secondly, change your attitude towards studies. Most of the students study in the last 3 or 4 months before the exams. But CA is a course where one has to start studying right from Day 1. I used to study 2 hours at the beginning and then gradually increased it to 13 to 14 hours in the last 3 to 4 months. So, have the regular studies going on and refrain from social media. I m not saying that you should completely refrain from social media like Facebook, Whatsapp etc. but you should try to balance it with the studies and use it minimally. Thirdly, many people avoid study materials provided by the Institute. They find it to be complicated but it’s not like that. I have studied completely from the study materials and practice manuals. And I have referred to very few reference books. So, don’t ignore study materials provided by the Institute.

Can you give details on your study planning and your strategy to mitigate the challenges to gather focus?

CA Final Topper Interview: In the first two years, I used to study regularly for two hours atleast. Then, during the third year, I have started planning for managing the entire syllabus in those one and half days, keeping in mind my exams because I knew I could easily study Law / Audit in 4 days. So, what would I do if I get one and a half days during the exam days? It was like – how should I strategize my studies so that I can completely cover the entire syllabus in one and a half day. I used to revise fora couple of days and then I started rehearsing. For e.g., I am taking Law in Wednesday morning, so I made a strategy that I should complete it by Thursday afternoon. So, this is how I rehearsed where I could utilize that one and a half days which I got during the exams. So, completing your studies during these one and half days is very important.

4 months before the exam I fixed my schedule from January. I made a schedule for 4 months – from January to April. There were my classes on Mid-March. So, for me, it was like; I should complete the syllabus atleast once before Mid-March. So, in those 3 months, I used to study 14 to 15 hours everyday. I won’t say that I used to study for 14 to 15 hours at a stretch. After 3 hours of study, I used to take a break for half an hour for my recreational activities like listening to songs or watching TV etc. And, then I used to jump to studies but in those 3 months, you should be very cool and calm and you should have a proper meal because your energy gets used up in those 3 months. Have proper food and be cool and calm and yes, I believe that while studying 14 to 15 hours during those 3 months it is very important to keep a proper eating plan. It should be like – Heavy breakfast, heavy lunch and very light dinner. So, I used to avoid oil and cheese during my dinner as I had to study during the night  and so that I don’t get dozed off and able to study till 3 or 4.

So, what did you do to keep yourself calm and remove the stress?

CA Final Topper Interview: I just remembered MS Dhoni. The way he kept calm even during the tensed moments and this is how it worked for me. I just thought 15 minutes before the exams that I am on a pitch, I like cricket so much so I am giving you the same example, that I am the opener and the bowler would bowl me a googly or a bouncer or a yorker or something but I just need to defend and need not be afraid. So, I just need to defend and go on with the flow and once if I am on the pitch (say) for one hour then I can go on with the flow of writing the answers with good presentation.

How important is this achievement for you?

CA Final Topper Interview: It’s very important because I see that CA is not the end – it’s the beginning of a very good career. It’s like a passport where you can go out of India. As I have secured a rank with good marks and grade, this will help maintain my speed and pace accordingly and will help me to go ahead in my life.

So, did you face any hurdles in this journey – something which you can share with us?

It was a roller coaster ride for me. I remember after giving my IPCC exams, I was a bit confused and wasn’t sure if I could pursue further.

Then my sister gave me the support and said that CA is one of the greatest course that one would aspire for and you have worked very hard for IPCC exam. Let the result of IPCC come, then we would sit together and decide and I said ok and then I secured AIR 10 in IPCC. She then just said that you can delete that “0” and get rank 1. So, just go ahead.

Frankly, I liked Accounts and Taxation as well and then my Articleship firm was very good. It was amazing. There w full liberty and no interference from their end. There were situations, where I had to leave my office at 6:30 to attend my classes by 7:30. So, to travel in one hour in that crowded Mumbai train proved to be painful physically if not mentally. I am also suffering from some arthritis so physically, it was difficult for me but I kept going but I took medicine or some massage from my sister or mother sometimes.

How is your health now?

It’s fine now. After my exams, I had taken care of my health and its fine now.

Was there any time where you felt very low and needed motivation?

Yes, there was a time when I was very low last year in December. I was not sure if I would be able to crack it or would be able to get a good job. But, then my sister was the one who boosted confidence that CA is one of the dreams which can be easily cracked by me and said to just go on with the flow.

How important Articleshipis in a CA student’s life?

CA Final Topper Interview: Articleship is an important phase of CA career because even if you pass the degree, you have to pass it for an interview and that is where the knowledge of the Articleship comes into account. It’s not like Big4 Articleships are good because I personally feel that Big 4s are just institutes of some outsource companies for three years but if you join an excise firm (like I have also joined an excise firm for the same reason), I have got to do practice, I have got to do taxes – direct tax as well as indirect tax. I have got to do the audit as well. I have got to incorporate a company as well. It was like an overall exposure which I got in my Articleship firm. Now, I am in full-time GST consultant in my firm and I have already given lectures in GST. Compared to it, if I would have joined a Big 4, I would have stuck to just one field and that is not what Articleship is for. So, joining the excise firm, I got to have an overall exposure in different fields.

 CA Final Topper Interview:
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CA Final Topper Merit list

CA Final Topper Merit list

CA Final Topper Interview:CA final merit list May 2017

CA Final Topper Merit list

CA Final Topper Merit list

CA Final Topper Interview:Highest marks in ca final history-CA Final May 2017 Topper – 2 Mark Sheet

CA Final Topper Merit list

CA Final Topper Merit list

CA Final Topper Interview:CA Final toppers strategy,CA Final May 2017 Topper – 3 Mark Sheet

 CA Final Topper Merit list

CA Final Topper Merit list

CA Final Topper Interview: 

CA Final Topper Interview: ICAI will Announce CA Final Nov 2016 Result.Once ICAI has announced ca final result we will update toppers interview and other details in CAKART website. Check Your CA Final Result

CA Final Topper Interview: Keep checking CAKART for any exam,result related updates.

CA Final Topper Interview: CA Final First Topper Eti Agarwal Interview 2016

CA Final Topper Interview: Lucknow girl Eti Agarwal has emerged as the topper of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI), which declared the results of CA final examination held in November 2016 on Tuesday.

CA Final Topper Interview: The daughter of a chartered accountant, Eti’s aim in life is simple: Bag a challenging position at an organisation that will properly utilise her professional skills, enhance her knowledge enough to adapt to the organisational culture, and become an effective individual in every sphere of life.

“Ever since the results were announced, my cell phone has been buzzing with calls from friends and relatives. It is so heartening to score the number one position in the exam,” said Eti.

A Bharatnatyam dancer, Eti had secured the All India Rank 1 at the IPCE in November 2013. Prior to that, she had topped the ISC examination 2011 from Lucknow’s prestigious La Martiniere Girls College (LMGC). She enjoys creative activities such as painting.

LMGC vice-principal Aashrita Dass said: “We knew that whatever she touches in life will turn gold. She is our darling ex-pupil, and I’m very happy for her. By topping in an unconventional examination like ICAI, she has proven that girls can do wonders in all spheres of life.”

In 2011, Eti bagged All India Rank 1 in the ISC (class 12) examinations by scoring 98.75% with 100% each in mathematics and commerce. Post her school, Eti, an alumni of La Martiniere Girls’ College pursued BCom (Hons) from Shri Ram College of Commerce, Delhi University. She qualified Common Proficiency Test (CPT), entrance test for CA with distinction in June 2011, and emerged as All India topper in IPCC, second level of CA, in November 2013.

Her achievements doesn’t stop here. In June 2015, she took the executive level of Company Secretary (CS) examination and emerged as All India topper. Eti was exempted from appearing the CS foundation exam since she was already a graduate.

CA Final Topper Interview: After appearing for CA finals in November 2016, she also took CS finals in December 2016. Eti is now eagerly awaiting the results of the Company Secretary Professional 2016 examination, expected to be announced in February. While her elder sister is an engineer with an online shopping portal, her younger brother is a class 11 student at the La Martiniere College, Lucknow.

On her success, Eti who spoke to TOI from New Delhi where she is undergoing her training said, “Plan your work and work your plan. This is exactly what I have believed in since school days which has earned me success.”

However, Eti now aspires for civil services. “After qualifying CA, I now realise that I want to serve the nation. While working as CA or CS, I will be working for someone, but by cracking civil exams, I will working for the country,” Eti said.

Eti’s father Bipin Agarwal is a CA while her mother Manju Agarwal is a home-maker.

CA Final Topper Interview: Ahmedabad girl ranks Third in India

CA Final Toppers Interview: A BCom student from HL College of Commerce, Jyoti Maheshwari, ranked third all-India in the Chartered Accountancy final exams. The results were announced on Tuesday. The Ahmedabad centre had a 13.42% passing percentage in the CA final exams, against the all-India average of 11.57%. Jyoti, who scored 93% in both class X and XII, scored 566 out of 800 in the examination.

Jyoti, the daughter of businessman Mukesh Maheshwari, had wanted to take the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) exams. “However, my father counselled me, after which I was convinced about pursuing Chartered Accountancy. I was very disinterested but was determined to score well, despite my distractions and it into my passion,” said Jyoti, who ranked sixth all-India in the Common Proficiency Test(CPT) exams and eighth in the IPCC exams. She will be the first CA in her family.

CA Final Toppers Interview: “Now that I have fulfilled my father’s wish and become a CA, I will begin my preparations for UPSC exams. I want to become an IAS officer,” she added.

The passing percentage at the Ahmedabad centre have fallen from May 2016, when it was 15.75%. Then, the all-India average was 11.36%. The results for CPT were also announced on Tuesday. The Ahmedabad centre reported a passing percentage of 61.83%, against the national average of 46.44%. Ahmedabad had a 50.82% result in June 2016.

It is after a long time that a student from Ahmedabad has ranked among the top three students in the country. Three other students — Anuja Mistry, Jinit Dhariya and Anamika Jain — also brought glory to the city by featuring in the all-India top 50.

Anuja, who is from a middle-class family, ranked seven in the CA final exams. She scored 83% and 80% in her class X and XII boards respectively. “Some of the papers left me very confused. I was not even sure whether I would pass in these subjects, including the finance exams. I never expected a rank and rather prayed that I would pass,” said Anuja, who ranked 33rd in India in the final exams for the Integrated Professional Competence Course (IPCC).

“It was my father’s dream that I pursue chartered accountancy and this achievement is a matter of pride. I hope it helps me get a good job in the corporate world,” added Anuja, who is the daughter of a flooring contractor.

CA Final Toppers Interview: Anamika Jain, who ranked 50th in India in the CA final exams didn’t even expect to pass. “I have never been a ranker in college or school and found the exam a little tough. I was praying all the time to just get through and never expected an all-India rank. I hope I get a well-paying job in a company,” said Anamika.

CA Final Topper Interview: CA Final Toppers Interview-Girl from Bengaluru secures 10th rank in Chartered Accountants exam

CA Final Topper Interview: CA Final Toppers Interview-Mahithi Bharathesh

CA Final Topper Interview: Starting her day at 6.15 in the morning and juggling between work and classes wasn’t easy. But it is this dedication and rigour that helped Mahithi Bharathesh, 23, notch the 10th all-India rank in the recent Chartered Accountants examination. Scoring 536 out of 800 (67%), Mahithi, an alumna of Christ University, was one among the few who manage to crack the exam every year. The highest percentage scored this time was 74.88%.

“Passing this exam in itself is a big deal. When I learnt about my percentage, I could barely believe my ears. Less than 11% of students make it through the exam. My years of hard work has finally paid off,” said Mahithi. The result for the exams conducted by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) was announced on January 17. Over 1 lakh candidates took the test, of which 11.57% passed.

Mahithi who studied B.Com at Christ University, was particularly interested in the Company Secretary (CS) course. During the course, she realized she loved accounting. In fact, Mahithi wrote the Common Proficiency Test (CPT) as part of her CA exam 2 years ago, and scored 148 out of 200.

“Before joining the university , I was interested in CS because it went into the details of a company’s legal aspects. I have also completed 2 levels of it. But after joining Christ, I real ized it was accounting that I found more interesting. Although I was already in the CS programme, I decided to pursue CA after graduating from college,” she added. Mahithi now plans to write the CS exam in June.

CA Final Toppers Interview: For the last 2 years, Mahithi’s days have been packed -Attending classes from 6am to 9am and then heading to her workplace to fulfil the requirement of the mandatory three-year ar ticleship at a private CA firm. There Mahithi would work till 6pm and get back to her coaching class, which would then continue till 9pm.

`Credit goes to my college’

The sprightly woman says she owes a lot of her success to her college which gave her many opportunities. “Christ is one of the few institutions which weaves in CA and CS courses into the curriculum itself. This allowed me to be a part of extra-curricular activities, industrial visits and enjoy normal college life.”

Professor Biju Toms, associate professor for professional studies, Christ University told : “At our university we have discipline-specific electives, apart from the regular choice-based credit courses. The former enables students to pursue courses like CA or CS, while also doing the regular BCom, BBA. They can also engage in extracurricular activities.”
“This way, students also get a better idea of the overall course, enabling better employability and opening up prospects for admissions to Ivy League institutions,” he added.
Mahithi, whose mother is a recruitment consultant, ` and father a sales l manager, aims to be a management consultant and adviser. “But most of all, I’d really want to get back to dancing, something that took a back seat during the years I was preparing for the CA exam,”  she said.

CA Final Topper Interview: Scroll Down and Check CA Final Result Related Updates for Nov 2016 exam

CA Final Topper Interview: Must Read : CA Final Topper,Marksheet,Photo- May 2017 Exam

According to an ICAI communication, of the 37,194 students who took the final Group-I exam, 5,382 passed (14.47 per cent).

Of the 36, 906 students who wrote the Group-II exam of the finals, 7,864 passed (21.30 per cent). Of the 40,180, who took both groups, 4,565 passed (11.36 per cent)

CA Final toppers-  Sri Ram has secured 613 marks out of 800 at 76.63% while Kantheti Naga Venkata Viswa Upendra from Vijayawada secured the all-India second rank with 76.25% and Yash Manojkumar Goyal from Jamnagar has secured third rank with 74.88%. Overall 11.36% of the students who appeared in both groups of the final exams have become chartered accountants.

CA Final Topper Interview: CA Final Toppers Interview-Sri Ram of salem was the All India First rank holder with 613 marks(76.63 per cent)

CA Final Topper Interview: Kantheti Naga of Vuyyuru in Vijayawada was the All India second rank holder with 610 marks (76.25 per cent).

CA Final Topper Interview: “Yash Manoj Goyal of Jamnagar, who bagged the third rank, scored a total of 599 marks (74.88 per cent).

CA Final Topper Interview: CA Final Topper Interview May 2016 Exam – All India Rank Holder – S Sri Ram

  1. S Sri Ram of Salem in Tamil Nadu has secured all-India first rank in CA final exam this year
  2. Sri Ram has secured 613 marks out of 800 at 76.63%
  3. He has cleared the exam in his very first attempt

CA Final Topper Interview:  S Sri Ram of Salem in Tamil Nadu has secured the all-India first rank in CA final examination held in June this year..

Opening a new chapter of success, CA Final Topper – (AIR 1)Sri Ram S of Krishna Nagar near Ammapet here emerged as the all India topper in the highly competitive final examination of the Chartered Accountancy (CA) course and the Common Proficiency Test, the results of which were announced on Monday.

A student of the Salem branch of the South India Regional Council of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI), Ram secured 613 marks (76.63 per cent) in the examinations held in May.

Expressing pride in Ram’s achievement, the Salem branch office disclosed that it was the second time in 66 years of the ICAI’s existence that a student from Salem had passed with such a high score.

CA Final Toppers Interview: In July 2014, Sri Ram came all India first in the intermediate level of the Company Secretaryship course of the Institute of Company Secretaries of India.

He had taken the Company Secretaryship course additionally, while doing articleship for CA course. Before that, in June 2012, he completed the foundation course by scoring 180 marks.

A former student of the Vidhya Mandir Higher Secondary School at Shivajinagar here, Ram joined the CA foundational level immediately after passing the higher secondary exams. He was ranked seventh in the all India CA intermediate level.

Disclosing his winning secret, Ram said between his intermediate and the finals was the three-year articleship period. He did his articleship under JV & Co, an auditing firm in Salem.

CA Final Topper Interview – All India Rank 1 Study Strategy and future plan :

During this period, he used to spend most of his time going through the vast portions of study. “Most of the students procrastinate and rush through the books in the last four or five months. But I resolved to study at least two hours every day in a consistent manner,” Ram said, adding that it was a method that his father taught him.

When asked about his future plans, Ram said he is yet to make up his mind on whether to take up a corporate job or go for professional practice.

Ram’s father K V Srinivasan is a retired Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation employee and his mother R Badma is the district library officer in Perambalur.

CA Final Topper Interview: Detailed Interview of CA Final Toppers Interview : All India Rank 1 – Sri Ram S

CA Final Toppers Interview: Hello Shri, first of all we would like to congratulate you on becoming the 1st rank holder in CA Final.
Thank you sir!
CA Final Toppers Interview: Shri, how are you feeling now?
I am very thankful to my parents and also very happy that at last I have achieved what I have aimed for. I expected a rank but never thought I would get rank 1. Actually I got 1st rank in June 2014 too in CS executive exam. This worked as a huge boost that I should continue the same spirit and can get a rank in CA finals also.
CA Final Toppers Interview: What was your first reaction as soon as you got to know that you have secured 1st rank ?
I was in my office when I received the call from ICAI institute two minutes before the result got declared and the president informed me that I have secured the 1st rank. It was a joyous moment for me and I was eager to meet my parents and give them the news of my success.
CA Final Toppers Interview: Did you inform your parents on phone?
As soon as I got to know about my result, I called up my parents and gave them the news of my achievement. They both cried out of joy.
CA Final Toppers Interview: In this whole journey, who inspired you and whom would you like to thank and make a special mention?
If I have to make a special mention it would be my cousin who is also my mentor. He is a Cost Management Accountant and he was the one who introduced me to CA when I was in the 10th standard. He told me that it is a challenging course and in future you can go for options like employment or you can go for practice. And the challenge made me to opt for this course. So, he was the first one who gave me the inspiration and told me to join this course called CA and that I should try for this. Without his inspiration, it would not have been possible. Other than this I cant make any special mention ads for each and every CA whom I have ever meet has inspired me in his own way, I have learnt something new from them and if I have to mention I would mention the whole CA fraternity.
CA Final Toppers Interview: And who helped you in your studies whom you look forward to.
Somebody whom I would like to mention is MP Vijaykumar because he had been a role model for many people and one year back before I knew him in person I was told that there is a legend called MP Vijaykumar who takes accounting classes and who is a great personality and later I also got a chance to personally meet him. And similarly many other achievers like Mr.Pattabi Ram, Prema Jaykumar from Bombay. Her story really inspired me and I thought if she can do it I can also achieve the same.
CA Final Toppers Interview: What was your study pattern / strategy that you followed for CA Final that you would like to share with your fellow members?
The strategy that I used is – ” I used to study for 2 hours a day for one and a half years. I started preparing for CA Finals 3 years before the exam. And, in the last 3 months, I used to study for 8 hours a day. But 2 hours a day for a period of one and a half year is a big deal and that helped me to finish up all the portions 2 / 3 months before the exam. Since I was able to complete the syllabus two months before the exams I did two more revisions. I was not only able to complete my revision twice but also practice some mock test papers. This helped me to prepare well for exams.
CA Final Toppers Interview: And what is the important thing that a student should keep in mind while attempting the exams?
While attempting the exam, they should not have any fear but while preparing for exams they should have the fear like – ” if I don’t prepare now before the exams then I would have to sit idle for the next 6 months. So, that fear should be with them.But, while writing the exams, they should have the confidence and attitude that no matters whatever question comes, I would be able to write it. You should challenge the institute that try to make me fail. That should be the attitude.
CA Final Toppers Interview: You might have seen stress among your peers and friends. So, what did you do to cope up with that stress?
I didn’t feel that stress because I had started preparing all early and I went for the exam with the confidence that no matter from where the question comes, I will be able to give the answers, let the institute ask any question I challenge the institute to fail me. Not for the sake of getting any rank but in order to cover up all the 100 mark questions that would come so that I would be able to score 60 marks from them. So, prior to this, I didn’t have any sort of stress.
CA Final Toppers Interview: What is the importance of CA articleship?
Articleship is an important thing because of the practical knowledge, application and everything. Being a student, you have to just read and study. But, being an article, you have to watch the practical applications for the whole day, the time that you spent and everything – ” it helps a lot for you at the time of preparation because the amount of hard work if you put in during the CA articleship and continue, then at the time of your study leave, it will help you a lot to study.
CA Final Toppers Interview: Apart from studies, what are your other hobbies and interest areas?
I like spending time with my friends and I play shuttlecock (badminton). Apart from this I was in the SICASA committee for 4 years and during that tenure I participated in many activities and organised events. I joined the committee when I was in CPT and was a regular member for 2 years and in 2014 and became the president of the committee and during that tenure Salem SICASA got the best branch award. We also organised first ever regional conference in Salem branch. So I got interest in all these events being in the committee.
CA Final Toppers Interview: What are your future plans now after the CA Final?
Right now, I am totally blank about what I am going to do because there are too many options for the subject. I can go for employment or join any good firm or I can even go for further studies. Now that I have secured a rank, I have been receiving calls from many firms and companies asking me to send them my CV. So, all these have surrounded me with thoughts of what to do and it’s very hard for me to think. So, right now, I am completely blank and I have to think properly of what I have to do. I need to do CISA and I had a plan to do MBA. Right now, I am not sure about it but definitely, I would go for CISA. Just go and have knowledge and later starting my own practice may be.
CA Final Toppers Interview: What would be your message for your juniors and other members?
I would like to state that – ” please don’t procrastinate the things. If you postpone the things at the initial stage, then later you would have to face the stress. Next you should have the fear that – ” what if I don’t do it and a dream of what if I do. Just think that if you spare these 5 minutes or 1 hour today, then what the outcome will be. Have that fear, have that planning and the rest will go good.

CA Final Topper Interview: Detailed CA Final Toppers Interview : All India Rank 2 – Kantheti Naga

Kantheti Naga – From Vijayawada – Second Rank – CA Final May 2016

Interview of Kantheti Naga CA Final Topper May 2016

CA Final Toppers Interview: Hello Mr. Naga, we would like to congratulate you on securing the 2nd rank in CA Final exams.
Thank you sir!
CA Final Toppers Interview: Can you describe your feeling at this point of time?
I am very much happy at this moment. Right now, I am at the top of the world as I secured 2nd rank with good marks.

CA Final Toppers Interview: Did you share this information with your parents?
My father expired a month back. I shared this news with my mother who was extremely happy. Just after the declaration of my result, I called up my mother. She was expecting that I would be securing a rank in CA Final but didn’t expect me to get a 2nd rank, so she was very much happy with my success. As at this moment I am not with her so visit her at dinner in Vuyyuru, just near Vijayawada.

CA Final Toppers Interview: We are very sorry for your loss. But, nevertheless, you have made your father proud and he must be extremely happy!
Yes Sir. Unfortunately, he is not here with us but I know he must be very happy for my achievement.

CA Final Toppers Interview: I believe that we had an interaction earlier as well. You scored rank in IPC as well, right?
Actually, I lost rank in CPT by 3 marks. That led me to think of securing rank in CA IPCC and eventually I did secure 2nd rank.

CA Final Toppers Interview: Ya, I do remember a lot of students got inspired from the hardwork which you have done and the tips which you have shared with your fellow members. So, now that you have cracked CA Final which is one of the toughest exams in the world, can you share your whole journey from CPT to IPCC and then getting a rank in CA Finals?
It was a good journey. There were hurdles in between but somehow I was able to overcome those with good result. I started my CA CPT in March 2012. I had done my intermediate in March 2012, after completion of intermediate; I opted for CA CPT. I had registered for CPT at that time. I went for coaching and I scored 184 in my attempt. Generally, a person with 184 marks gets a rank but unfortunately, I lost by 3 marks. That day, I was little sad with my result. My mother asked me if I secured a rank and I said that -“Mom, I didn’t secure a rank.” That moment made me think of obtaining rank in IPCC. From that day onwards, I started doing hardwork as I aimed at securing a rank in IPCC and started following study material, practice manual, other references etc. I had made up an intention that I had to study in such a way that I could obtain good marks in CA IPCC. CA CPT is not equal to CA IPCC. Getting a rank in CA CPT is much easier than getting a rank in CA IPCC. I didn’t belong from CA background, none of my relatives or near ones is a CA. But still, it was due to my firm determination and hard work which led me to get a rank in CA IPCC. I thought that I would get 1st rank in CA IPCC but unfortunately lost it again by 3 marks at that time also. In one of  my interview, I told you that, I would clear CA Final with 1st rank. But unfortunately, I had again lost it by 3 marks. So, why these 3 marks are running after me, I don’t know (smiles). 3 is running around me but for what reason I have no Idea. It had made me run around from CPT, then IPCC and in CA Final. I lost it again by 3 marks.

CA Final Toppers Interview: Ya, it sounds very interesting that in all the 3 attempts, you had lost it just for 3 marks.
Ya, someone in IPCC level, had even said that you might miss it out in CA Final again for 3 marks. But, I was sure that I won’t miss it this time, but again I missed it for 3 marks. It would have been obvious if there was a difference of around 20 to 30 marks between 1st rank holder and 2nd rank holder, but missing it again for 3 marks – I just don’t know what to say.

CA Final Toppers Interview: True! (Smiles) So, in this whole journey, who inspired you?
My parents inspired me in this whole journey. They didn’t have sufficient money to make me a CA. Even, when I entered CA, some of my relatives and colleagues told my parents that they won’t be able to make their son a CA. At that time, my father came to me and said that there are other courses but if you pursue CA, you would be recognized in society as well as respected equally among others in the family as well as others among social circle. He also said that though I may not have enough money to make you a Chartered Accountant, but still I would make it reliable to you by borrowing it from others so I should go and join this course. That gave me the strength and motivation to pursue this course for the sake of my parents, so whenever I faced any hurdles or difficulties in this journey, I just used to think that how much struggle my parents are facing for my sake and that feeling gave me the motivation to pursue this course with firm determination and hard work. That was the first thought that came to my mind while I was preparing for my studies and this helped me to achieve the success.

CA Final Toppers Interview: Wonderful, and apart from your parents, anyone whom you would like to thank?
I would like to thank my faculties whose constant support and motivation that yes I can do; helped me to achieve success. They are the ones who belonged from the CA background. Apart from them, I didn’t know any person who has done CA and that much close to me. So, after my parents, I would like to thank my faculties who had guided me in this entire journey.
CA Final Toppers Interview: Would you like to mention any special moment with your father during this journey?
The special moment was when the president of ICAI called me up to inform that I have secured a second rank in CA IPCC. At that moment, my father was beside me and he was very much happy with my result. That was the most special moment with my father. If he had been alive now, I know that he would have been much happier than me on my achievement for CA Final results.
CA Final Toppers Interview: We can imagine that (Smiles)
How you use to cope up with the stress and fatigue that you faced in this whole journey?
I used to read for 12 to 13 hours a day. I used to read in a combination of 2 to 3 subjects – like one practical, one theory, one RTP. I used to read 2 to 3 subjects at a time in a day. Whenever, I faced any hurdle in theory subject, I used to go for practical subject. Like that, I used to cope up with the stress.
CA Final Toppers Interview: Ok, so can you share your whole study pattern which you followed for CA Final exams and what are the things that one should keep in mind while preparing as well as attempting during the exams?
I prepared for 4 months starting from January. I had made a schedule for preparation of all the subjects in the first 3 months and then in the month of April, I started my revision part. I increased my study-time from 5 to 15 hours a day during my preparation period of the first 3 months and then in the month of April, I used to devote half an hour or one hour for the revision part as I had already covered up the topics before. This is how I managed to do the complete revision in that one month also; post that I gave one mock exam too, which boosted confidence in me and that was like a revision for me as well. This is how I was able to complete 3 revisions. So, one should have the confidence as well as practice so that one can attempt the exam with full confidence. A person can prepare for any number of times but if they don’t revise, then he /she may have to face problem while writing exams. One should prepare in such a way that they completely cover up the portions from all the subjects so that they can appear for their exams with confidence. In this regard, I would like to mention one thing – “Knowing all the rules of cricket, doesn’t make a person Sachin Tendulkar.”For being like “Sachin Tendulkar”, we need to practice very much as well as revise so that one can score well in exams.

CA Final Toppers Interview: How important is CA articleship?
CA Articleship plays an important role. During my articleship period, what I have seen and learnt is that – whatever you learn whether in the form of theory or practical is what you are going to face in CA Final. So, one need to do CA Articleship seriously so as to score well in one’s exam. In the morning, when I went for CA Articleship, I used to see the subjects like DT, IDT etc. from practical approach and then in the evening, when I used to attend my coaching classes, I used to learn the same thing theoretically from exam point of view. So, for me, articleship was a practical approach while I considered coaching from examination point of view. This is how I had balanced both in a proper manner

CA Final Toppers Interview: So, now that you have secured a rank in CA Final, so what are your future plans and goals?
I would like to join online CISA so as to have a good expertise with the outside world so that I can pursue practice in future. After the demise of my father and due to the present situation, I am thinking of going for a job and not go for practice at this point of time.

CA Final Toppers Interview: Do you have any sibling also?
Yes, I have a younger brother who had completed his CA IPCC and is now presently doing articleship.

CA Final Toppers Interview: So, probably he is following your footpath. we wish him all the best for his CA Final exams too!
Thank you Sir.

CA Final Toppers Interview: What are your other hobbies apart from studies?
Apart from studies, I like watching comedy movies which proves as a stress buster for me. I am not that into Hollywood or Bollywood, I watch mostly Telugu movies.

CA Final Toppers Interview:  Oh that’s nice! So, who is your favourite Telugu actor?
Brahmanandam as a comedy actor and Chiranjeevi as an all time actor.

CA Final Toppers Interview: And who is your favourite Bollywood actor?
Salman Khan.

CA Final Toppers Interview: Great! So, any message you would like to give to your juniors and our members?
Generally, people take failure to their heart and feel depress whereas, they take success as their pride. I consider this as a wrong approach; rather they should take success to their heart which will give immense pleasure and take failure to their brain so that they can learn what were the failure points which they can rectify and succeed in their next point.

CA Final Topper Interview-This 21 year old is the CA Final lady topper- first attempt -hats off!

CA Final Toppers Interview: CA Final Lady  Topper : Learning maths was her passion and that is what helped Chennai girl, Shilpa K. CA Final Toppers Interview: Murthy emerge as the best lady candidate in the Chartered Accountancy Final Examination that was held in May 2016. “Numbers and maths excite me,” said the 21-year-old girl, who also secured All India fourth rank in the same exam.

“My parents are Chartered Accountants and I grew a fascination to the subject. My mother was my greatest inspiration,” she said. Shilpa was a school topper both in her Class X and Class XII examinations, securing All India Rank 10 in her Chartered Accountancy Entrance (CPT) examination and All India Rank 3 in her Company Secretary Executive (Inter) examination. She simultaneously finished her bachelors in commerce through correspondence.

Shilpa now wants to specialise and focus on taxation.

CA Final Topper Interview: CA Final Toppers Interview-Jaipur CA topper is son of a gas-burner shop owner

CA Final Topper Interview: Out of the 9,717 students who appeared for the CA final exam from the ICAI Jaipur branch held in May, 1,960 have emerged successful. Six students from the branch have secured a place in the merit list of top 50 students.

Vinod Tilwani (Rank-22), Vidhi Garg (Rank-32), Shubham Agarwal (Rank-38), Shipra Kabra (Rank-47), Rahul Poddar (Rank-47) and Piyush Bansal (Rank-50) found a place in the merit list.

Vinod Tilwani’s father, Mahesh Tilwani, is a fourth-grade employee with the Rajasthan Public Health Department. He also owns a small shop in Malviya Nagar where he sells and repairs gas burners.

Overjoyed with his child’s success, Mahesh told HT, “He used to go out with friends, help me at the shop, attend coaching classes, but never failed to devote 4-5 hours to self-study every day. In the last few months before the exams, he used to study over 16 hours a day.”

Mahesh also topped his batch of Bcom (Hons) from University Maharaja College.

Vidhi Garg, the second topper from Jaipur, said, “It’s an incredible moment for us. I’ll start working and will also prepare for Indian Revenue Services.” She also said that she studied 8-9 hours every day and her mother was her constant source of support and motivation.

In the CPT exam, 1963 students appeared from the Jaipur branch out of which 952 passed the exam.

Dinesh Kumar Jain, Chairman of the branch, said,” The performance of the students have been brilliant in both the exams. Entrepreneurship is in the blood of students of Rajasthan. The CAs of Jaipur are in demand not only in India but also outside India.”

He also said that Jaipur branch was the largest among the 7 branches of Central India Regional Council of ICAI.

CA Final Topper Interview-Kota girl overcomes challenge of ‘Writer’s cramp’ disease to clear CA Exam

CA Final Topper Interview: Physical Challenges did not stopped her from becoming a CA.Here is the best inspiration for all CA students…

Charu Maheshwari of Kota overcame a rare disease called ‘Writer’s Cramp’ to crack the Chartered Accountant (CA) final examination with the help of writers who wrote the answers for her.

The 24-year-old is not disabled but suffers from a rare disease due to which she faces problems in writing. However, except writing, Maheshwari leads a perfectly normal life and performs all everyday tasks. She scored 427 out of maximum of 800 marks to crack CA Final Examination 2016 whose results were recently declared. Maheshwari explained that she cracked the 3-year-long Integrated Professional Competence Course (IPCC) Course and article-ship under her Chartered Accountancy Examination in the year 2013 after which she suddenly started facing problems and pain while writing.

“The doctors told me that I was suffering from a rare disease called ‘Writer’s cramp’ which occurs to one in a million people,” she said. After initially going through despair and heartbreak due to the disease, Maheshwari consulted many doctors and finally was told to write with her left hand. “However, I developed the same condition in my left hand as well in 2014,” said Maheshwari who is the daughter of Kishan Mohan Bordia, a well-known moulded plastic product manufacturer of Kota.

Speaking about Maheshwari’s disease, Dr. Vijay Sardana, a Kota-based neurologist and Medical Superintendent of the Maharao Bhim Singh Hospital, Kota, said that Writer’s cramp is a task-based disease in which the patient is not able to perform a particular task but can perform all other tasks perfectly.

Writer’s Cramp is usually lifelong once detected and Botulinum Toxin injections are a limited remedy which provides relief for 3 months after which the injection needs to be repeated. This treatment also has side effects.

Maheshwari added that she sought a medical certificate of suffering from Writer’s cramp from a government medical board of the neurologists which recommended that she seek a writer’s assistance for writing examinations. “I then sought special permission from the organizing body of the CA Examinations, the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) for using a writer’s assistance for taking the CA Final Examination,” she said.

With the help of two First year undergraduate students of Commerce from Janaki Devi Bajaj Government College, I appeared thrice for CA Final Examinations between May 2015 and May 2016. “In each of my attempts, an undergraduate commerce student wrote the examination for me while I dictated,” Maheshwari disclosed. She took the examination in a separate room at the examination centre. She was also given an additional hour to complete the 3-hour-long CA Final Examination.

CA Final Topper Interview-CA Final  Topper Stories Nov 2015  :   A 23-year-old BCom graduate from Chennai, James John Britto, has emerged the national topper in his maiden attempt in the final Chartered Accountant exam, the results of which were announced on Sunday. Trailing him was Mohan Kumar Nagolu from Thottamledu, a non-descript hamlet under Chodavaram village panchayat near Srikalahasti in Chittoor district in Andhra, who emerged second.

CA Final Topper Interview For may session 2017 Exam

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Frequently asked questions for CA Final topper interview

Q 1. Who is the top ranker of CA Final Nov 2014 exam and May 2015 exam?

CA Final topper interview : Vijender Aggarwal from Delhi is all India 1st Rank holder of CA final november 2014 Exams and Shailee Chaudhary was the topper of May 2015 exam.

Q 2. What is the success story tell(speak) in topper interview for CA Final May 2017 and Nov 2016 exam?

CA Final topper interview : There are many success stories of different candidates. The mantra behind their success is hard work and dedication.

Q 3. What is the topper advice for CA Final Student?

CA Final topper interview : Topper Study tips(Strategy) for CA Final Student is as follows:

  1. Understanding the Topics & Concepts
  2. Understanding the Pattern of exam papers
  3. Preparing for Exams i.e. First Revision
  4. Self Check Revision i.e. Second Revision
  5. Exam Before Exam i.e. Paper-solving
  6. One Day Match i.e. Third Revision

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