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CA Final Strategic Financial Management Syllabus (SFM)


Strategic Financial Management Syllabus

Strategic Financial Management SyllabusStrategic Financial Management( SFM) deals the study of finance with the long term view taking in to consideration the goal of the enterprise. Which is Financial management is highly referred to as “Strategic Financial Management” . Also get the detail information regarding the CA final amendments and all other downloads. Strategic Financial Management Syllabus is of 100 marks paper.


Syllabus (SFM) (One paper – Three hours – 100 marks)

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Strategic Financial Management Syllabus

CA Final – Strategic Financial Management Syllabus Contents
Financial Policy and also Corporate Strategy
Project Planning and also Capital Budgeting
Leasing decision including cross border leasing
Dividend Decisions

(a) Indian Capital Market including role of various primary and secondary market institutions

(b) Capital Market Instruments

Security Analysis
Portfolio Theory and Asset Pricing
 Financial Services in India

(a) Mutual Funds: Regulatory framework, formulation, monitoring and evaluation of various schemes of Mutual funds, Money market mutual funds.

(b)Exchange Traded Funds.

Money Market operations

(a) Foreign Direct Investment, Foreign Institutional Investment.

(b) International Financial Management

Foreign Exchange Exposure and Risk Management

Objective :To apply financial management theories and then techniques for strategic decision making.

CA Final – Strategic Financial Management Syllabus (SFM) Contents:

The Strategic Financial Management Syllabus

  • Financial Policy and Corporate Strategy
    • Strategic decision making framework
    • Interface of Financial Policy and strategic management
    • Balancing financial goals vis-à-vis sustainable growth.
  •  Project Planning and Capital Budgeting
    •  Feasibility study
    • Cash flow Projections
    • Capital Budgeting Decisions
    • Preparation of Project Report
    • Social cost benefit analysis.
  •  Leasing decision including cross border leasing
  •  Dividend Decisions
  •  Indian Capital Market
    • Capital Market Instruments
    • Commodity derivatives
    • OTC derivatives
  • Security Analysis
    • Fundamental analysis
    • Bond valuation, Price Yield relationship, Bond Price forecasting
    • Technical Analysis
  •  Portfolio Theory and Asset Pricing
    • Even Efficient Market Theory
    • Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM)
    • Arbitrage Pricing Theory (APT)
    • Sharpe Index Model
    • Portfolio Management
    • Equity Style Management
    • Principles and Management of Hedge Funds
    • International Portfolio Management.
  •  Financial Services in India
    • Investment Banking
    • Retail Banking
    • Online Share Trading
    • Depository Service.
  •  Mutual Funds:
    • Regulatory framework, formulation, monitoring and evaluation of various schemes of Mutual funds, Money market mutual funds.
    • Exchange Traded Funds.
  •  Money Market operations
  • The Foreign Direct Investment
    • Foreign Institutional Investment.
    • International Financial Management
  •  Foreign Exchange Exposure and Risk Management
    • Exchange rate determination, Exchange rate forecasting
    • Foreign currency market
    • Foreign exchange derivatives
    • Management of transaction, translation and economic exposures
    • Hedging currency risk.
  • Mergers, Acquisitions and Restructuring
    •  Meaning of mergers and acquisition, categories, purposes
    • Process of mergers and acquisition
    • Legal and regulatory requirements
    • Merger and Acquisition agreement
    • Reverse merger
    • Potential adverse competitive effects of mergers
    • Corporate Takeovers
    • Going Private and Other Control Transactions
    • Corporate Restructuring

Strategic Financial Management[100 marks]

Level of Knowledge :

(a)To gain ability to analyze financial statements including consolidated financial statements of group companies and financial reports of various types of entities,
(b)Also to gain ability to apply valuation principles,
(c)To familiarise with recent developments in the area of financial reporting,
(d)To gain ability to solve financial reporting and valuation cases.

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CA Final Paper 2 : Objectives:


1.Accounting Standards, Accounting Standards Interpretations and also Guidance Notes on various accounting aspects issued by the ICAI and their applications too.
2.Overview of International Accounting Standards (IAS)/International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), Interpretations by International Financial Reporting Interpretation Committee (IFRIC), Significant difference vis-a-vis Indian Accounting Standards.
Understanding of US GAAP,
Applications of IFRS and also US GAAP.
3.Corporate Financial Reporting – Issues and also problems with special reference to published financial statements.
4.Then Accounting for Corporate Restructuring (including inter-company holdings).
5.Consolidated Financial Statements of Group Companies Concept of a Group, purposes of consolidated financial statements minority interest, Goodwill, Consolidation procedures – Minority interests, Goodwill, Treatment of pre- acquisition and also post-acquisition profit.
Then Consolidation with two or more subsidiaries, and also consolidation with foreign subsidiaries.
For instance Consolidated profit and then  loss account, balance sheet and also cash flow statement.
Also Treatment of investment in associates in consolidated financial statements.
Treatment of investments in joint ventures in consolidated financial statements.
6.Accounting and Reporting of Financial Instruments
Meaning, recognition, derecognition and offset, compound financial instruments
Measurement of financial instruments
Hedge accounting
7.Share based payments
Meaning, Equity settled transactions, Transaction with employees and also non- employees
Determination of fair value of equity instruments
For instance Vesting conditions
Modification, cancellation and also settlement
8.Financial Reporting by Mutual funds, Non-banking finance companies, Merchant bankers, Stock and also commodity market intermediaries.

(a)Concept of Valuation
(b)Valuation of Tangible Fixed Assets
(c)Valuation of Intangibles including Brand Valuation and also Valuation of Goodwill
(d)The Valuation of Liabilities
(e)Valuation of Shares
(f)Valuation of Business
10.For instance Developments in Financial Reporting

(a)Value Added Statement
(b)Economic Value Added, Market Value Added, Shareholders’ Value Added
(c)Human Resource Reporting
(d)Inflation Accounting

Strategic Financial Management Syllabus

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