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CA Final Revaluation Procedure – Complete details

CA Final Revaluation Procedure – Complete details

CA Final Revaluation Procedure : Not satisfied with your C.A. Exam results? Not a problem, the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India gives you an option for verification of CA Final Exams.You can get your answer sheets verified on application and after payment of a requisite amount.

CA Final Revaluation Procedure

CA Final Revaluation Procedure

CA Final Revaluation Procedure

Procedure for verification of CA Final Exams

CA Final Revaluation Procedure :ICAI has Announced CA Final may 2018 exam Result on 20th July 2018 at 1.30 pm.
CA Institute has made the facility for online submission of application for verification of answer books.ou have to apply for verification of marks of CA Final May 2018 examination between 21st July 2018 (10:00 a.m.) to 19th August 2018.
There is no set format of application for verification prescribed by ICAI. However a hand written application must be written in candidates own handwriting and must be addressed to The Additional Secretary(Exams), ICAI Bhawan, The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, Indraprastha Marg, New Delhi-110002. It must be noted that typewritten applications are not entertained.
CA Final Revaluation Procedure  : Your application should cover following points:-
1. Roll number
2.Student’s Registration number
3.Examinations appeared 
4. Papers to be verified; and
5. Address for communication

CA Final Revaluation Procedure

CA Final revaluation application format
Regulatory provisions regarding verification of marks
 Procedure for verification of marks
The fees for verification of marks

CA Final revaluation application format

CA Final Revaluation Procedure : It should be kept in mind that mobile number, landline number, email id etc. must not be included. The application should be written in the language in which exam was given.
The next question that instantly comes up is about how much cost one has to bear to get the answer sheets verified?
CA Final Revaluation Procedure :ICAI charges a nominal amount of INR 100 per paper to be verified. The amount needs to be paid via a demand draft in favor of ” The Secretary, The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.” Payable at New Delhi.

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CA Final certified copies :

1. What is meant by verification of marks?
The process of verification of marks covers the following:
• Whether the answer book(s) compilation is complete
• Whether any question or part thereof has remained unvalued
• Whether there is any totaling error in any question or total marks on the cover page
• Whether there is any discrepancy between the marks for each question and or/part thereof and marks for each question indicated on the cover page of the answer book
• Whether the handwriting of the candidate in all the answer books is the same.
However, revaluation of the answer book is not permitted under the Chartered Accountants Regulations, 1988.

2. What are the regulatory provisions regarding verification of marks?

CA Final Revaluation Procedure : The regulatory provisions regarding verification of answer books are contained in Regulation 39(4) of the Chartered Accountants Regulations 1988, which are hosted on the Institute’s website

Further, you may also refer to the announcement in this regard in the Students/Examination/FAQ section of the Institute’s website or the Guidance Notes supplied along with the examination application forms.

3. What is the procedure for verification of marks?

CA Final Revaluation Procedure : A candidate can apply for verification, either physically in his own handwriting, or on-line from within a month from the date of declaration of results, giving specific details of the following along with the requisite fees:
• Student Name
• Student Registration No
• Exam-Intermediate (IPC)/Final/CPT
• Month and year of the exam
• Roll No
• Paper(s)/subjects to be verified
• Address for communication
If the candidate makes a physical application, it must be in the handwriting of the candidate. If the candidate had opted for Hindi medium in the examination, his/her application should be in Hindi.
Typewritten applications will not be entertained.
There is no standard format as such for such application. However, the application should be duly signed by the candidate.

4. Where should the physical application be sent:

CA Final Revaluation Procedure : The physical application for verification along with the fees should be sent so as to reach us within a period of one month from the date of the declaration of results, at the following address, by Speed Post or Registered Post:
The Deputy Secretary (Exams)
The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India
ICAI Bhawan
Indraprastha Marg
New Delhi 110 002
Do not send your application by courier/ordinary post. Please superscribe the envelope with the name of the exam, i.e Final or Intermediate (IPC) as the case may be.

5. What is the fees for verification of marks?

CA Final Revaluation Procedure: 

• For Final, Intermediate (IPC)/ATE/Units-Rs 100/- per paper subject to a maximum of Rs 400/- for all the papers of a group/both groups/Unit.
• For CPT: Rs 200/-.
• For Post qualification courses ISA, DIRM, ITL & WTO, MAC/TMC/CMC: Rs 500/-

6. What is the mode of payment of the verification fees?
CA Final Revaluation Procedure : In case you are submitting a hand written application form for verification, it has to be accompanied by a demand towards the verification fees. The demand draft should be drawn in favour of “The Secretary, The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India” payable at New Delhi and sent along with the application for verification.In case you are submitting an online application for verification, you can pay the verification fee online by using either debit/credit card, through the payment gateway.

7. Can I submit my application for verification of answer books, on-line?
CA Final Revaluation Procedure Details : Yes. The facility for submission of verification applications on-line, is available for candidates of CA Final and Intermediate (IPC) examinations. You can submit your applications from and also pay the verification fee on-line. Detailed steps in this regard are given in the above mentioned website.

CA Final Revaluation Procedure: 
You will have to upload the scanned copy of your handwritten request.
However, there is no need to send the print-out of the on-line verification application by post.
Both options, i.e., manual as well as on-line, are open to you. You can choose to send your application manually along with the Demand Draft for the applicable fees, by registered post or speed post or submit your application on-line.

8. Is there any difference in the verification fees between on-line submission and physical submission of verification application?
No. The verification fees, whichever mode you use, is the same.

9. I have already applied for inspection/certified copies of my evaluated answer books. Can the same application be treated as an application for verification also? Can I apply for verification after I inspect/get copies of my evaluated answer books? Can I apply for, both, verification as well as inspection/copies of my evaluated answer books?
CA Final Revaluation Procedure Details : Before providing certified copies/inspection of evaluated answer books to the examinees, verification of answer books, within the scope of Regulation 39(4), is also carried out, by the office, suo motu, in respect of all applications for inspection and/or certified copy of evaluated answer book(s).

CA Final Revaluation Procedure: 
In case you notice discrepancy, within the scope of verification as envisaged in Regulation 39(4), upon receipt of certified copies/inspection of evaluated answer books, you can bring it to the notice of the office, within one month from the date of dispatch of certified copies/inspection of evaluated answer books. Hence, you need not make a separate application for verification of answer books, if you have applied/intending to apply for inspection/certified copies of answer books.

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10. How long does it take to get verification result?
CA Final Revaluation Procedure : The verification process is meticulously drawn up exercise and it therefore takes time which may run to about 6-8 weeks. Though it will be our endeavour to inform the outcome of verification in respect of an exam at the earliest, yet the same cannot be assured, due to time consuming processes involved. However, all such candidates who do not receive the response latest upto 15 days before commencement of the next exam, may send an email to the exam dept. at the contact details as given below.

11. What are the possible outcomes, that may arise out of verification of marks:
The verification exercise may result in
• No change of marks
• Increase of marks, impacting result or exemption in one or more paper(s)
• Increase of marks, which does not have an impact on result or exemption in one or more paper(s)
• Decrease of marks
Candidates can check the outcome of their application for verification ( whether submitted physically or on-line) from A written communication is also sent to the candidate concerned, at the address mentioned by him/her in his/her application. In case of revision of marks, a revised mark statement/result ( as the case may be) is also sent to the candidate.

12. Can a candidate get a refund of verification fees in case of change in marks pursuant to the verification?

Yes. In case of change in marks, the verification fee is refunded to the candidate automatically. There is no need to make a separate claim for refund. In case, he/she had also applied for the next exam, pending the outcome of the verification and the outcome of verification, results in his passing the earlier exam, the examination fees paid by him/her for the next exam is also refunded.

13. I applied for certified copies of my answer books and got them. However, pursuant to suo motu verification carried out by the office, upon my application for certified copies, marks awarded to me got revised. Will I get refund of the fee paid by me for getting certified copies?

No. Fees paid for obtaining certified copies is not refundable, under any circumstances.

14. I have not received any communication from the Institute regarding my application for verification of marks of the previous exam, so far. However, the last date for submission of application form for the next exam, is fast approaching. Should I apply for the next exam or not?

CA Final Revaluation Procedure Details : You may submit your examination form for the forthcoming examination, pending receipt of the outcome of verification of answer books of the earlier exam. However, no extension of time for submitting of examination application form will be allowed under any circumstances.

15. How do I come to know the outcome of my verification application?

The outcome of the verification of all those who had applied (whether through on-line mode or physical mode) will be hosted on the website and a written communication will also sent to the concerned candidates individually.
You can check the said website from time to time regarding the outcome.

You can also send an email at the following email IDs, as per the exam:

Help Desk Telephone numbers: 0120 3054 835, 851, 852, 853

Application format for rechecking of paper

Section BFAQs on submission of on-line applications for verification of answer books

16. Can I make multiple applications for verification of my marks, online?

No. Only one verification application per roll number is accepted online. Hence, please make up your mind on the papers you would like apply for, before applying online.

17. Why should I use the portal?

Submission of verification application and making payment of verification fees on-line is more convenient. You also save on the time and money spent on purchasing a draft.

18. What are the steps involved in making an on-line application?

• Log on to
• Click on the menu “Apply online for verification, Inspection and/Or Certified copies ” .
• Select the examination, papers of which you want to verify
• Enter your roll number and PIN ( Personal Identification Number ) for the relevant exam. ( as contained in the exam form you had submitted)

• A data entry screen will appear. Fields relating to your name, registration number and medium of the examination would be populated from the data base. You will have to enter the following data in the respective fields:
Email address
Address for communication
Land line number
Select the papers you want to be verified.

• Please note that you can only select the papers in which you had appeared. In case of any wrong selection, the system will give an error message “Invalid selection”.
• Upload scanned copy of your handwritten application ( duly signed) containing all the relevant details. If you had opted for Hindi medium in the examination, then the application must be in Hindi and if you appeared in the Exam in English then the application must be in English.
• In case of any discrepancy between the papers to be verified as mentioned in the scanned image and those ticked in the portal, the latter shall prevail.
• Once you select “SUBMIT” on the said screen, a confirmation page with the details, name, registration number, roll no., address, mobile no. landline number, email address and papers to be verified etc will appear. Please check all the details entered by you including the scanned image uploaded. You have to confirm the data you have filled in, by clicking on the “CONFIRM” button. In case any of the details you have filled in is incorrect, you can go back and make the necessary corrections wherever required, come back and confirm.
• Once you confirm the data, you will be directed to the payment page where you can make the payment either through your credit/debit card, master/visa/maestro. Payment by net banking is not permitted.
• Once payment is successful, a payment confirmation page will appear on the screen giving details of Roll No., Paper/s applied for verification, Amount Paid, Transaction response, control no etc with a remark “TRANSACTION SUCCESSFUL”, against the transaction response.
• Take a print out of the payment confirmation page, which serves the purpose of acknowledgement from the Institute and keep it safely for your reference. That will be the acknowledgement. Remember to quote the transaction number appearing on the payment confirmation page in all future correspondence on the subject with the Institute.
• If the transaction is not successful, you can retry.

19. The amount of verification fees got deducted from my account but I do not get a “Successful” transaction screen. What do I do now?

If the screen shows the status of your transaction as “Not successful”, then that means your verification request is not received by us, even though the fee might have been deducted from your bank account. In such cases, office will not be able to process your application, since the application is not there with the office. The fee relating to the failed transaction will be credited back to your account as per the procedure, prescribed in answer to question number 11.

20. Is it necessary that I should upload scanned copy of my handwritten verification application on the portal? What happens if I do not upload the same?

CA Final Revaluation Procedure Details : Yes. It is mandatory to upload scanned copy of your handwritten verification application (duly signed by you) on the portal. In case you are unable to do so or you are not able to log onto the portal, you can send your hand written verification application along with the Demand Draft for the applicable fees by speed post/registered post to the following address:
The Deputy Secretary (Exams)
The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India
Indraprastha Marg
New Delhi 110 002
Please note that if the uploaded scanned image is not your handwritten application, but of some other document, then also your application will not be processed by the office. Such an application, even if it is a “SUCCESSFUL TRANSACTION”, will not be treated as a valid application and will not be processed.

21. Can I start filling in the application for verification on-line and complete the same later?

Yes, you can do so, until you make successful payment, after which stage you cannot make changes.

22. While making an online verification application, the verification fees got deducted twice from my bank account. How do I get a refund of the excess amount paid by me? What is the procedure for claiming the excess fee payment arising on account of multiple payments/lost/failed transactions etc?

CA Final Revaluation Procedure : Multiple payments, if any, received by the Institute for a single student, will be identified by the system and are refunded for the credit of the respective accounts from where they originated, by the office, within 45 days of the last date for submission of application.
In case you do not get a refund within 45 days from the last date for submission of application, you can claim by writing to us within 60 days from the last date for submission of application, along with documentary evidence, such as bank/credit card statement, of having paid the verification fees more than once. ICAI will verify the same and refund the excess amount received, if any, paid by you.

23. I have filled the on-line verification application and paid the verification fees on line. Do I still have to take a print out and send it to ICAI and if yes, where should I send it?

No. Once you have received confirmation on the screen that your transaction is successful, you need not send anything further by post.

CA  re verification letter format :

Refund of fees

The candidate is eligible to get refund of application fees if a variation is found in his/her result. It is to be noted that there is no requirement to file a separate application for refund. In case an applicant is liable to refund, a demand draft will be sent to his or her address.
Can Online Application be made?
Yes, the application can be made online also at The ones opting for online application must scan their handwritten copies of revaluation application and upload the same on the website mentioned above. The fee shall be paid through a Debit/Credit card. In case the online application is opted for, there is no further requirement of submitting a hard copy thereof.
CA Final certified copies pdf
Time limit for making an application
The application along with the requisite fee should be submitted within 1 month of declaration of result.
What all will be verified?
1. Whether the answer sheet is complete.
2. Whether any question has remained unchecked.
3. Whether there is any variation between marks given in the answer sheet and those quoted on the cover page.
4. Whether there is any difference in the handwriting in the answer sheet.i,e, to check whether the B-sheets are not inter changed with any other candidate.

Outcome of verification of CA Final Exams 

There are four possible outcomes:
1. Increase in marks with change in result
2.Increase in marks with no change in result
3. Decrease in marks
4. No change at all

Result of verification of CA Final Exams

Result of revaluation is generally declared in 6-8 weeks. It is hosted on ICAI’s website and also communicated through a written letter.

Advice to Candidates

CA Final Revaluation Procedure : It is my personal advice to the candidates opting for revaluation that they fill in the exam form of the next attempt and not wait for revaluation results in case the revaluation results are declared after last date of submission of Exam Form.

Letter format of Verification procedure

1. Application should be in Students’ Hand Written. giving detail w.r.t. your Roll Number, address, Attempted Group, papers desired to be revalued and attach the required fees by way of postal order favour of Secretary, ICAI. Result will be out in approximately in 30 days. Chances are low but you can’t say.
2. This application is required to be submitted with in a month from the date of declaration of result.
3. The DD Should be drawn in Favor of ”The Secretary, The ICAI, payable at New Delhi”
4. The application for Verification of Answer Book along with the desired fee DD be sent to:

The Additional Secretary (Exam)
ICAI Bhawan
Post Box No. 7112
The Institute of Chartered
Accountants of India
Indraprastha Marg, New Delhi – 110002.

C/o …………. Firm
The Additional Secretary (Exam),
ICAI Bhawan
Post Box No. 7112
The Institute of Chartered
Accountants of India
Indraprastha Marg, New Delhi – 110002.
Sub: Re-verification of answer books for Nov 2011 Final Examination
Roll No.: *****

Dear Sir,Madam,
In reference to the above captioned subject it is humbly submitted that as per the results announced on 18th January, 2011, I obtained ** marks in  “Financial Reporting”, ** marks in “Strategic Financial Management” which were lesser than I was expecting in this examination. Therefore I am unsure so as to why such unfavorable result emanated in this examination. It is my humble request to this dignified office to kindly consider a re–verification of my answer books for the aforementioned 4 subjects so that an inadvertent error, if any, gets duly rectified. I am enclosing herewith a Demand Draft no. _______dated _______drawn on ______bank amounting to Rs. _________ towards the re – verification fees as per the as per the rules of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.
I hope my request shall meet with an approval from your end at the earliest convenient opportunity.
Thanking you in anticipation,
Yours sincerely

Students of CA Final seeking Inspection/ Certified Copies of Answer Sheets shall make an application within 30 days of the declaration ofCA Final Result along with the fees of Rs. 500. There is no provision of late fees and applications would not be accepted after 30 days of declaration of result.

On disclosure of answer sheets, if any discrepancy is noticed by the candidate, the candidate shall bring this discrepancy to the notice of ICAI within 1 month from the date of dispatch of answer sheets. The format of the letter to be written to ICAI in case any discrepancy is noticed in the answer sheets has been uploaded by ICAI on this link –

The students can download the application form for disclosure of answer sheets from the following link:-

CA Final Revaluation Procedure : The details required in the application form are required to be furnished in English if the medium of Examination was English and in Hindi if the medium of examination was hindi.

Only 1 Application per Roll No. is accepted, therefore students are requested to carefully submit the request for disclosure of papers as more than 1 application cannot be made. The application can either be made online or sent to ICAI.

In case the application is being made online, a signed and scanned copy of the application form would be required to be uploaded on this link. The payment in case of online submission can be made either through Master/Visa/Maestro Debit/Credit Card. Payment cannot be made through Net Banking.

CA Final Revaluation Procedure : In case the application form is not being uploaded online and is being sent physically to ICAI, the envelope containing the application shall be superscribed – “Application seeking inspection/certified copies of evaluated Answer Books”. The Application shall be sent by a registered post or speed post and not by a private courier to – “The Deputy Secretary (Examination), AB Cell, Examination Department, The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, ICAI Bhawan, Indraprastha Marg, New Delhi 110002″

In such cases, the Fees shall be payable by a Demand Draft be made in favor of – “The Secretary, Institute of Chartered Accountants of India” payable at New Delhi.

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ICAI has given 2 options Disclosure of Answer Sheets of CA Final, IPCC & CPT

  1. Inspection of Answer Sheet: Student will have to go to the Board of Studies Office in Noida and the Answer Sheet would be shown to him. The option of Inspection of Answer Sheets would be provided within a period of 30 days from the date of receipt of Application
  2. Certified Copies of Answer Sheet: ICAI will scan the answer sheet and the scanned copy of the answer book would be uploaded online. An email would be sent to the applicant stating the link on which the certified copy has been uploaded along with username and password.

Please Note:

  1. ICAI reserves the right to decline the request for Disclosure of Answer Sheet by a CA Final Student if it believes that the application has been made with a malicious intention to discredit the examination system of ICAI.
  2. The Certified Copies so obtained by the Applicant are only for the purpose of Academic Guidance of the Candidate and it shall not be used to dispute or challenge the Quality of Assessment of the Answer Sheets. The Candidate shall not use these copies for any other purpose and shall not even show the same to the Media or to any other Expert/Teacher.
  3. In case a candidate has applied for both revaluation as well as disclosure of answer sheet, first the revaluation would be done and the answer sheets would be disclosed only on completion of revaluation. Therefore, in such cases – the disclosure of answer sheets may get delayed as it is dependent on completion of the revaluation process.

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