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CA Final Pass Percentage November 2018

CA Final Pass Percentage

CA Final Pass Percentage

CA Final Pass Percentage Nov 2018 exam

CA Final Pass Percentage -The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) conducts CA Final exams twice in a year in the months of May and November.

ICAI has declared to announce CA Final result of November 2018 exam on Wednesday, the 23rd Jan 2019 at 6:00 P.M.

Scroll down to check CA final result Nov ay 2018 pass percentage information.

We also have the information on

CA final topper marksheet and CA final topper interviews check here.

candidates who are not satisfied with their marks can go for CA final revaluation and CA final disclosure of answer sheets.

CA Final Pass Percentage  – November 2018 exam

CA Final Pass Percentage New Course Nov 2018 Exam
Candidates Applied ForCandidates AppearedCandidates PassedPass Percentage
Group I Only618188414.3%
Group II Only330789427.3%
Both Groups
Passed Group I407554213.3%
Passed Group II2937.19%
Passed Both Groups67016.44%
CA Final Pass Percentage Old Course Nov 2018 Exam
Candidates Applied ForCandidates AppearedCandidates PassedPass Percentage
Group I Only33633993430.44%
Group II Only35655834823.41%
Both Groups
Passed Group I22514542824.11%
Passed Group II6552.91%
Passed Both Groups338315.03%

CA Final Pass Percentage May 2018

CA Final Pass percentage (New Syllabus) May 2018

CA Final (New Course) Result 2018 Pass Percentage is Group I: 11.36%, Group II: 7.95%, Both Groups: 9.83%.

CA Final Pass percentage

Total 139 candidates qualified as CA in May 2018 Exams in New Course

CA Final Pass percentage (Old Syllabus) May 2018

CA Final May Result 2018 pass percentage is Group I: 16.01%, Group II: 13.59%, Both groups: 9.09%.

CA FInal Pass Percentage

Total 9104 candidates qualified as CA in May 2018 Exams in Old Course

CA Final Pass Percentage Nov 2017

CA final Group 1 pass percentage is more compared to CA final group 2 because of the easy papers in the exam.

Unfortunately, it looks like that CA final group 2 papers were difficult and as a result CA final Pass percentage for Group 2 is less.

To know more details on CA Final Result By nameCA Final Pass list May 2018 – read here

Students those who are preparing for CA final Nov 2018 exam must know about CA Final Passing Criteria .

Further there was delay in the result and there was this insider information we were given that it was due to the fact that the result pass percentage was very low.

In a video below, prof Ved from CAKART covers expected CA Final result pass percentage. Don’t miss that.

Also, scroll down to check CA Final pass percentage frequently asked questions(FAQ’s)

Download CA final Result Nov 2017 Analysis by clicking on the image below

CA final Result

CA final Result

CA final Pass percentage May 2018 Exam

CA Final Pass Percentage may 2018 result will be updated after ICAI result announcement.

CA final Pass percentage Nov 2017 Exam

The pass percentage of ca final Nov 2017 are as the following.

Result date18 January 2018
 Particulars No. of candidates appearedPassed Candidates Pass %
Ca final group 1 39328625915.91%
CA Final group 2 397536006 15.11%
 Passed one of the groups / Both groups 300546841 22.76%

A total of 9479 candidates qualified as Chartered Accountants post the announcement of the Nov 2017 Results.

Watch the CA final Nov 2017 pass percentage analysis by Prof Ved below. Please feel free to share your views using the comments section below.

Watch this video from Prof Ved on expected pass percentage of final Nov 2017. Do you agree? Use the comments section below to give your views.

Hope you liked the video.
Lets look at the previous few attempts in details now. All juicy news along with them.

CA Final Pass Percentage – may 2017 Details

CA Final Result Percentage: CA Final May 2017 exam result was declared on 18th July 2017.

 Particulars No. of candidates appearedPassed Candidates Pass Percentage
Ca final group 1 41373 5717 13.82%
CA Final group 2  38478 6234 16.2%
Passed one of the groups of both group  34503 792822.98%

A total of 10,276 candidates qualified as Chartered Accountants post the announcement of the May 2017 Results.

Topers & Rankholders of CA Final May 2017

ParticularsCA Final Rank 1CA Final Rank 2CA Final Rank 3
NameRaj Paresh SethAgathiswaran SKrishna Pawan Gupta
Roll No.214824223088188858

 CA Final Pass Percentage – Nov 2016 Exam

ICAI has released the official figures of Pass Percentage of CA Final Nov 2016 and the same is shared below for your ready reference

ParticularsNo. of CandidatesPassed CandidatesPass Percentage
Group I3720026557.14%
Group II36896454512.32%
Both Groups Passed one of the Groups/ Both Groups36768425611.57%

Consequent to the declaration of such results, 7192 candidates qualified as Chartered Accountants.

Toppers & Rankholders of ca final nov 2016

ParticularsCA Final Rank 1CA Final Rank 2CA Final Rank 3
NameEti AggarwalPiyush Ramesh LohiaJyoti Maheshwari
Roll No.877769816386804061

 Why is the CA Final pass percentage of Nov 2016 Law Compared To May 2016?

Following are the Reasons Ca final Nov 2016 Pass percentage is low compared to May 2016

  • The main reason for student failing theory subjects is they are fully dependent on the study materials and teachers. ICAI gives suggested answers for paper checking on the basis of their study material.
  • If you know your course well enough and have answered your questions well, there is no such fixed percentage stopping you from becoming a CA.
  • Proper planning and dedication is required in Exam to make it easy.
  • And even there is no fixed pattern of exams, it can be very easy, sometimes very difficult.
  • Students must give exam without guidance and proper planning,
  • Because of lack of awareness about the best faculties.

CA Final Pass Percentage – May 2016 Exam

ICAI has released the official figures of Pass Percentage of CA Final May 2016 and the consolidated figures are shared below for your Ready Reference

Candidates applied forCandidates AppearedCandidates PassedPass Percentage of CA Final
Both Group 40,1804,56511.36%
Group 1 77,37414,09218.21%
Group 2 77,08614,47418.78%

ICAI has also released a detailed group wise breakup of the above mentioned facts and they are being shared below for your ready reference:-

S. No.Candidates applied forCandidates appearedCandidates passedPass Percentage of CA Final
IGroup I only37,1945,38214.47%
IIGroup II only36.9067,86421.30%
IIIBoth Groups
a)Passed Group I only40,1804,14510.32%
b)Passed Group II only40,1802,0455.09%
c)Passed Both Groups40,1804,56511.36%

Rank holder/ toppers of ca final may 2016

ParticularsCA Final Rank 1CA Final Rank 2CA Final Rank 3
NameSri Ram SKantheti NagaYash Manoj Kumar Goyal
Roll No.507614522591402033
Phone No.908780550581870228299033355949

CA final pass percentage – Previous Years

Below we are providing CA final pass percentage of all previous years. Have a look.

CA Final Pass Percentage – Nov 2015 Exam

GroupCandidates AppearedCandidates PassedPass Percentage of CA Final
Both Group 4246924405.75%
Group 1 77442976412.61%
Group 2 75774908411.99%

CA Final Pass Percentage May 2015 Exam

ICAI has released the official figures of Pass Percentage of CA Final May 2015 and it is being shared below for your Ready Reference

GroupCandidates AppearedCandidates PassedPass Percentage of CA Final
Both Group 4284735388.26%
Group 1 72874831711.41%
Group 2 779411289416.54%

CA Final Pass Percentage Nov 2014

GroupsNo. of Candidates appearedNo. of Candidates PassedPass Percentage
Both Groups 36254 29838.23%
Group I 64972 1520823.41%
Group II 66552 683010.26%

CA Final Pass Percentage May 2014

GroupsNo. of Candidates appearedNo. of Candidates PassedPass Percentage
Both Groups42533310010.66%
Group I6579288847.29%
Group II65706700413.50%

CA Final Pass Percentage Nov 2013

GroupCandidates appearedCandidates PassedPass Percentage
Both Groups3253610133.11%
Group I5172829325.67%
Group II5478640267.35%

CA Final Pass Percentage May 2013

GroupCandidates appearedCandidates PassedPass Percentage
Both Groups 27556276410.03%
Group I45822631913.79%
Group II50354938918.65%

CA Final Pass Percentage Nov 2012

GroupCandidates appearedCandidates PassedPass Percentage
Both Groups29339380421.85%
Group I483201319312.97%
Group II519061134127.30%

CA Final Pass Percentage May 2012

GroupCandidates appearedCandidates PassedPass Percentage
Both Groups30976507516.38%
Group I510021291225.32%
Group II551081632529.62%

CA Final Pass Percentage Nov 2011

GroupCandidates appearedCandidates PassedPass Percentage
Both Groups31705500315.78%
Group I492991259025.54%
Group II571861590527.81%

CA Final Pass Percentage May 2011

GroupCandidates appearedCandidates PassedPass Percentage
Both Groups32419664920.51%
Group I485481764136.34%
Group II537661433826.67%

CA Final Percentage Nov 2010

GroupCandidates appearedCandidates PassedPass Percentage
Both Groups10203110110.79%
Group I16162479129.64%
Group II22942443119.31%

CA Final Pass Percentage May 2010

GroupCandidates appearedCandidates PassedPass Percentage
Both Groups206669453.46%
Group I28889406314.06%
Group II3518732359.19%

CA Final Pass Percentage:

CA Exam result: Three Pune boys among top 30

Six city understudies have qualified the Chartered Accountancy Examination (CA) this year, results of which were declared on Tuesday. Pune-based Nikhil Shimpi (sixteenth rank), Abhiram Bhalerao (27th rank) and Gururaj Lunkad (30th rank) have figured out how to secure great positions in their lady attemts.

While ranks were “never so important” for Abhiram Bhalerao, ranking 27th in the country has come as a pleasant surprise. “As this was my first attempt, my aim was to perform well without thinking about the rank. It feels great to see that my hard work of one-and-a-half-year has paid off,” said Bhalerao, who now hopes to take up financial advisory or consultancy.

Gururaj Lunkad, who secured 30th rank, said, “It was difficult to manage articleship and studies. But, in the last four months prior to the exam, I studied hard and gave equal importance to all subjects. I prepared all the concepts thoroughly.”

This year, a total of 88,916 students had appeared for the exam. While 40.52 per cent candidates cleared the exam, girls outnumbered the boys, at 41.23 per cent. As many as 10,276 candidates have been certified as Chartered Accountants this year.

Here are the few CA Final Topper Marks Sheet and CA  Final Topper Merit List.

Frequently asked questions for CA Final pass percentage

Q 1. Give the history of pass percentage for the CA Final may 2017?

CA final pass percentage : To know about the pass percentage of CA Final may for every region or state, go through the following link to download pdf CA Final pass percentage may 2017

Q 2.  Give a statistics of CA Final result for the last few attempts?

CA Final Pass Percentage trend of Past 15 years is updated below for your ready reference

YearGroup IGroup IIBoth Group
AppearedPassedPass %AppearedPassedPass %AppearedPassedPass %
May 201741373571713.8238478623416.234503792822.98
Nov 20163720026557.1436896454512.3236768425611.57
May 2016773741409218.21770861447418.7840180456511.36
Nov 201577442976412.6175774908411.994246924405.75
May 2015 72874831716.54 779411289411.414284735388.26
Nov 2014 649721520823.41 66552683010.263625429838.23
May 20146579288847.2965706700413.5042533310010.66
Nov 20135172829325.675478640267.353253610133.11
May 201345822631913.7950354938918.6527556276410.03
Nov 2012483201319312.97519061134127.8129339380415.78
May 2012510021291225.32551081632529.6230976507516.38
Nov 2011492991259025.54571861590527.8131705500315.78
May 2011485481764136.34537661433826.6732419664920.51
Nov 201041,302991129.6445955703419.3128430280210.79
May 201020,0492,89714.4526,5172,5529.6213,2424583.46
Nov 200925,2245,01119.8730,6413,09910.1118,5021,4547.86
May 200925,8488,37932.4227,8404,18515.0318625257913.85
Nov 200821,1765,89227.8223,8565,76224.1514614292620.27
May 200817,5526,44436.7118,6855,29028.3110580264525
Nov 200716,1376,35339.3716,4935,00530.358654244628.26
May 200715,0832,28915.1815,8742,77717.497467102313.7
Nov 200614,5875,50537.7416,9476,55538.686830183026.79
May 200615,3555,83237.9817,9525,71831.857053160822.8
Nov 200515,9025,03931.6820,0855,77228.747620134817.69
May 200518,2115,74831.5620,5133,52017.168650124314.37
Nov 200416,6454,08924.5720,4484,48421.93766693912.25
May 200420,7247,01133.8321,3643,35415.79770149015.25
Nov 200319,5014,45022.8220,3774,38121.58597107612.52
May 200320,2904,46922.0318,6922,20311.79794380210.1

Q 3. What are the highest marks of CA Final toppers for may 2017?

CA Final pass percentage :CA Final Toppers May 2017

ParticularsRank – 1Rank – 2Rank – 3
NameRaj Paresh ShethAgathiswaran SKrishna Pawan Gupta
Roll No.214824223088188858
Percentage %78.75%75.25%75.13%

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Please feel free to use the comments section below to ask any question that you may have.

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    What was the highest CA Final pass percentage in last 5 years?

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      Aarti as per the analysis,in last 5 years the highest pass percentage for CA Final exam was in May 2017 with 22.98%

  2. Kiran says:

    Thank you! Found detailed information about previous year CA Final pass percentages.

    1. cakart says:

      Thank you, Kiran.

      Kindly visit this page often for CA Final pass percentage November 2017 updates.

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