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CA Final Exam Pass Percentage

CA Final Exam Pass Percentage decrements by 2.5 %

CA Final Exam Pass Percentage

CA Final Exam Pass Percentage

Scroll Down And Read the Reasons Why The CA Final Exam Pass Percentage Was Low This time

After a steady rise in the success rate of students in the final chartered accountancy (CA) exam in the last three chances, the performance of students dropped in the November 2015 exam.

The success rate of candidates dropped by  2.45% – from 8.25% in May 2015 to 5.75% now According to CA Final Exam Pass percentage. The Institute of Chartered Accountancy of India (ICAI) announced the final CA exam results on Sunday.Out Of the 42,469 students who appeared in both the groups together in November 2015, 2,440 have cleared it According to CA Final Exam Pass percentage.

 The final CA exam is held twice in a year. The last time a poor success rate was recorded was in November 2013, when only 3.1% candidates passed the exam.
CA Final Exam Pass Percentage 
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The number of candidates taking the exam has grown by over 50% in the the last six exams. In May 2013, only 27, 556 candidates appeared for the exam, the numbers have now grown to 42,500.James Britto from Chennai bagged the first rank in the country with 74.38% in the November exam, followed by N Mohan Kumar (71.5%) from Tirupati and Avinash Sancheti (70.75%) from Kolkata at the second and third positions respectively.Britto cleared the exam in the first attempt. Sancheti, 22, who also cleared the exam in his first attempt plans to get into the teaching profession along with his consultancy work.

CA Final Exam Pass Percentage- Reasons Why The CA Final Exam Pass Percentage Was Low This Time

A non-sense rumour spread by people who fail & don’t accept their failure!
It’s a request, Please do not bring disrepute to the Profession, just because of your ignorance or unawareness about the real facts! What evidence do you have of such non-factual talks?

On various occasions, I’ve had privileges to meet President & Vice President of ICAI (I have met the past 3 presidents/vice-presidents during their tenure, during different ICAI events) & also Board of Studies Presidents & Vice Presidents and I have also discussed this matter with various Paper Checkers! So this answer is based on true facts and reality!

Students fail because of their own fault!
Paper-checkers are humans just like you, so simply think if you were paper-checker would you give  “Zero marks for a deserving Answer?” No? Then how can you blame the paper-checkers – they too are human, and have no reason to intentionally fail students. They just follow guidelines!

Misconception about “Suggested” Answers – They are not actual answers!
Well Suggested Answers, if you know English means “probabled” answers and not actual answers. Suggested answers are issued by Board of Studies. On the other hand actual answers & paper-checking is controlled by Examination department. Paper-checkers do not evaluate papers on the basis of Suggested Answers, the suggested answers is “As if Board of Studies had given exams, what would have been answers”. The Examination department is an independent department like the Courts in our country, even the President & Vice-President of ICAI do not have control over it!

Council Regulations – Right to Revise Marks Clause!
If you are not aware, many times it has been notice that marks allotted on actual Paper and marks in Results there are variations i.e. either few marks above or few marks below! This has come to notice of many students after asking Copies of Answer-sheets! And these students have simply spread rumours that ICAI has controlled his results! But nobody has tried to trace the truth.

Do you know the real truth?
The variation in marks is done by Moderators & Chief Moderators, who do not mark the changes inside answer sheet but only on front-sheet. This is done to ensure, how Examiner checked paper & how moderator moderated should be clearly visible – A high transparency maintenance process – which is highly commendable! The moderators rectify the mistakes of Examiners, that’s why marks may be actual marks may be more or less than the marks visible in answer-sheet!

CA Final Exam Pass Percentage

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CA Final Exam Pass Percentage

CA Final Exam Pass Percentage

CA Final Exam Pass Percentage

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  1. Y Sai Charan says:

    If suggested answers are not the actual answers then, why do we want them. This means the students doesn’t know the exact answer what they have to present in the exam. Does it not sounds bad for you, sir.. Any way I agree with the misconception that the students developed but there is no way to protest by the students, if they really have the evidence to prove that correction is done wrong for them.

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