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CA Exam Is About Patience As ICAI Intentionally Restricts Pass Percentage

CA Exam Is About Patience As ICAI Intentionally Restricts Pass Percentage

Every year approx 90% of examinees can’t make it. Some give up, some fight like avengers. For the last 5 to 6 attempts, ICAI somehow manages to only give 15% to 30% result in CPT. Today we found an article about ” CA Pass Percentage ” in DNA India paper by ” Chintan Patel ” a CA final, student. Read below !!


CA Exam Is About Patience As ICAI Intentionally Restricts Pass Percentage

‘Attempts’… ‘Aggregate Locha’… ‘40 nai hua yaar’…..all this are some of the common refrains, which one gets to hear from chartered accountant students, on the day of the result. Every year more than 90% of exam takers can’t make it. Some of them give up, some fight like avengers and even the score quite literally so with the Institute of Charter Accountant of India, (ICAI) by clearing the exam. It is a story of a profession, which can be re-framed as Failure Generating Machine. It doesn’t matter if you are a HSC ranker, university topper or the omniscient scholar. Here everyone gets his or her first ‘Kick’ in life, popularly known as ‘attempt’. Generally chartered accountancy – regarded as an apotheosis among various degrees awarded in the field of commerce.

After spending three or four crucial years of academic life, some realise rather late in the day that ‘CA’ is not their cup of tea. Most of them decide to end their journey on this path. Only few staunch students keep on fighting. A few real intransigent ones reap success when they clear examinations and finally get the coveted five-digit membership number from ICAI. Every year the ICAI tries to maintain a balanced number of chartered accountants in the country. It can be easily inferred from past few years’ result data. Let’s analyse step by step. With introduction of CPT, batch of November 2006 yielded 66.42% result while the same was 10.30% in February 2010. For the last five to six attempts, the institute somehow manages to give 15% to 30% result in CPT.

Most students bear it and face the exam. Out of this hardly 10% meet success. What about the rest? Nix….Just that vicious cycle of attempts. If we consider past result of intermediate level, the data is really astonishing. In June 2009 PE-2 attempt give just 0.25% result. (Can you imagine out of 400 candidate just one clears intermediate exam.) But on good days ICAI result reach 25% also. So the ICAI plays the game between range of 0.25% to 25% at its discretion. The heinous acts of ICAI really begin here. After giving more than 15% result in consistent 6 attempts, result stumbled down to 3% in November 2013 attempt.

Since then, the range fluctuates between 3% and 8%. Conclusion to be derived from the data is simple, ‘If you want to become CA, than have patience because ICAI can show any trend at any time.’ The cry – ‘try and try never surrender there is May after November’ – goes well for CA students.

CA Exam Is About Patience As ICAI Intentionally Restricts Pass Percentage

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  1. Vamsi Krishna says:

    A Good Shot on ICAI Brother, if the result in CPT itself if reduced ICAI will be doing a very good favor for many who pull back themselves for not getting in, more over even if one gets qualified in his or her IPCC or FINAL getting a placement today for an articleship or Job is very tough.

    Hope atleast the new syllabus of ICAI change our fate.

  2. Mayank aggarwal says:

    This being the pathetic article from a ca student. My fufaji was the chairman of faridabad Nirc and he told me that there is no slashing done by the icai…at first i didn’t believe him but afterwards i actually realised that he was right…cause if icai do the slashing then it would have done it in 2011-2012 when passing % was 25% …so please dont write such articles to defame the icai…
    Just work hard and leave rest on God.

  3. md ibrahim says:

    icai walo tumhari aisi ki taisi

  4. smit says:

    @Mayank aggarwal. I have personally seen iCal slashing marks. My friend had got full 8 marks in a costing paper sum. He had the same answer which was in the suggested answer sheet. But his marks were cut and he was jus given 1 mark. I had seen the photocopy which iCal provide.

  5. Pravinkumar.A says:

    For those who think that ICAI is intentionally restricting, please go through the results of IC(W)AI, ICSI, IAI, ISI (even IIM/IIT entrance exams) wherein the results are worse than ICAI. Even if it does, one should understand that he is not upto the level expected by the Institution.


  6. Sameer says:

    md ibrahim mind your language

  7. getting a qualified charterend accountant is tough job because when you work in a mnc company job requires patience, abilitiy to think others and playing with numbers, so don’t blame the institute blame ourselves.

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