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CA CPT Pass Percentage of December 2018 exam

CA CPT pass percentage

CA CPT pass percentage

CA CPT Pass Percentage of December 2018

CA CPT Pass percentage: The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) conducts CA CPT exams twice in a year in the months of June and December.

ICAI has declared CA CPT result of December 2018 exam on Wednesday, the 23rd Jan 2019 at 4:50 P.M.

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CA CPT Pass Percentage for December 2018 exam

ICAI has released the CA CPT Pass percentage for December 2018 exam.

Candidates Appeared144631057425037
Candidates Passed506439749038
Pass Percentage35.01%37.58%36.10%

From the analysis of the result of CA CPT December 2018, you may notice that girls are performing better than boys.

CA CPT Pass Percentage for June 2018 exam

CA CPT June Result 2018 pass percentage is Male: 27.93%, Female: 28.21%, Total: 28.06%.

CA CPT Pass Percentage

Download CA CPT Result Dov 2017 Analysis by clicking on the image below

CA CPT Result

CA CPT Result

CA CPT Pass Percentage December 2017 exam.

 CA CPT Pass percentage:  The details of cpt percentage of candidates passed in the above said examinations are given below:
ca cpt pass percentage December 2017 exam

ca cpt pass percentage December 2017 exam

Watch the CA CPT Dec 2017 pass percentage analysis by Prof Ved below. Please feel free to share your views using the comments section below.

CA CPT Pass Percentage June 2017

CA CPT Pass Percentage – The details of percentage of candidates passed in the above said examinations are given below:

CA CPT June 2017 exam was held in 372 centres. 93262 candidates were admitted for CA CPT June 2017 and out of those only 88916 candidates appeared in CPT June 2017 exams. Only 36028 candidates declared as pass i.e. the overall pass percentage is 40.52% in CA CPT June 2017.

Pass Percentage details of candidates of Common Proficiency Test (CPT) held in June 2017
GENDERNo. of Candidates AppearedNo. of Candidates PassedPass PercentageExam Centres

From the analysis of the result of CA CPT June 2017, you may notice that girls are performing better than boys.

CA CPT Pass percentage: There is a good news for CA CPT students. In general the CA CPT pass percentage have been better than CA IPCC and CA Final.  While for CA Final and CA IPCC the pass percentage can be as low as 3-5%, the pass percentage for CA CPT exam has always been in the range of 30 – 40%.

CA CPT pass percentage analysis (Previous Attempts)

Here we are also providing past 5 year CA CPT Result pass percentage and Result Analysis.

CA IPCC Pass Percentage December 2016

The details of CA CPT  Pass Percentage which was held in December 2016 have been shared below .

As compared to the CA CPT pass percentage of June 2017 exams is lower than the CA CPT Pass Percentage of December 2016 which was as follows.

GenderCandidates AppearedCandidates PassedPass Percentage
Male 41,87719,18545.81%
Total 70,32132,65846.44%

CA IPCC Pass Percentage June 2016

The details of ca cpt percentage of candidates passed in the examination are given below.

CPT Pass Percentage: 38.71%

CA CPT Pass Percentage Analysis – June 2016
GenderNo. of candidates appearedNo. of candidates passedPass Percentage

 CA CPT Pass Percentage June 2015

The details of percentage of candidates passed in the examination is given below.

CPT Pass Percentage: 25.30%

GenderNo. of candidates appearedNo. of candidates passedPass Percentage

 CPT Pass Percentage December 2015:

APPEARED                                               PASSED                                              RESULT %

99077                                                             34129                                                         34.45%

CA CPT Pass Percentage June 2015:

APPEARED                                               PASSED                                              RESULT %

128916                                                             32619                                                         25.30%

CA CPT Pass Percentage Dec 2014

GenderNo. of Candidates appearedNo. of Candidates PassedPass Percentage
Male 63541 9060 14.26%
Female 37416 5820 15.55%
Total 100957 14880 14.74%
    • 1st Rank : P Vishweswara Rao,Vijaywada (188),P Pratik Tulshyan, Kathmandu (188) & Rohit Kr Soni,Raipur (188);
    • 2nd Rank:Prathi Sai Kiran,Guntur (186),Y Manoj Kr Reddy,Guntur (186) & Bolla manisha,Vijaywada (186);
    • 3rd Rank:M Surya Prakash,Guntur(185) & Chitthari Mahesh, Vijaywada (185)

CA CPT Pass Percentage June 2014:

APPEARED                                               PASSED                                              RESULT %

130291                                                             37303                                                         28.63%

CA CPT Pass Percentage December 2013:

APPEARED                                               PASSED                                              RESULT %

113553                                                             42706                                                         37.61%

CPT Pass Percentage December 2012

GenderNo. of Candidates appearedNo. of Candidates PassedPass Percentage

Find Last 12 Attempts CPT Pass Percentage here

AttemptTotal AppearedTotal PassedPass Percentage


Frequently Asked questions on ICAI CA CPT pass percentage of last 5 years to 10 years attempts

1.What was the ICAI CA CPT results pass percentage for last 10 years?

CPT Exam Result Pass Percentage :

CA CPT Pass percentage: As per the analysis,CA CPT total pass percentage trend for last 10 years is as shown in below table:

June 201788,91636,02840.52%
December 2016 70,32132,65846.44%
June 20161070584172738.98
December 2015990773412934.45
June 20151289163261925.3
December 20141009571488014.74
June 20141302913730328.63
December 20131135534270637.61
June 20131387463748927.02
December 20121119613030527.07
June 20121493485609137.56
December 20111159844097535.33
June 20111392264637233.31
December 20101226393187825.99
June 20101276433516827.55
December 20091170014141135.39
June 20091127883780833.52
December 2008890263420138.42
June 2008760262875137.82
February 200856307579910.3
November 2007741301320317.81
August 2007776912875337.01
May 2007428491378632.17
February 2007331411338440.39
November 2006276451836366.42

2.What may be the all India ICAI CA CPT dec 2017 expected pass percentage?

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To conclude, Based on the analysis of previous year ca cpt pass percentage, this year pass percentage will be high.

Also, in this article, we have discussed the pass percentage and analysis of previous years.

Hope you find the article useful.

Please feel free to ask anything or give your comments using the comment box below.

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