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CA CPT Amendments and Updates Subject wise -May 2020 ICAI download PDF


CA CPT Amendments and Updates Subject wise – May 2020 exams

CA CPT Amendments and Updates Subject wise – ICAI had already made an announcement about changes in CA Course and Changes in  CA CPT Syllabus from 2017.

ICAI will give some fixed number of attempts to complete CA CPT in the old syllabus for old registration students.

Furthermore, in this article, you will get to learn the following things.

  • Subjects in CA CPT Course
  • CA CPT Old Scheme Vs CA Foundation New Scheme Syllabus
  • Details information on CA CPT Amendments and updates subject wise

New Amendments in CA CPT  Course subjects

Paper I: Principles and Practices of Accounting (100 Marks)

Paper 2: Mercantile Law & General English (100 Marks)

  • Part I: Mercantile Law (60 Marks)
  • Part II: General English (40 Marks)

Paper 3*: Business Mathematics and Logical Reasoning & Statistics (100 Marks)

  • Part I: Business Mathematics and Logical Reasoning (60 Marks)
  • Part II: Statistics (40 Marks)

Paper 4*: Business Economics & Business and Commercial Knowledge (100 Marks)

  • Part I: Business Economics (60 Marks)
  • Part II: Business and Commercial Knowledge (40 Marks)

*Paper 3 and Paper 4 will be Objective type papers

Amendments for CA CPT 2018 exam

New Scheme vs Old scheme quick summary

Old SchemeNew Scheme
CA Foundation | CA CPTCA Foundation
200 Marks400 Marks
Fundamentals of Accounting(60 Marks)Principles and Practices of Accounting(100 Marks)
Mercantile Law (40 Marks)Mercantile Law (60 Marks = ICA + SOGA + PA = 45 Marks + LLP + Companies Act = 15 Marks) and General English (40 Marks)
General Economics (50 Marks)Business Economics (60 Marks) and Business and Commercial Knowledge (40 Marks)
Quantitative Aptitude (50 Marks)Business Mathematics (40 Marks), Logical Reasoning (20 Marks) and Business Statistics (40 Marks)

Latest and New Amendments in CA CPT  Updates Subject wise

Paper 1: Principles and Practices of Accounting

Following a few topics have been added

  1. Average due date and account current.
  2. Departmental Accounts.

Paper 2 (Part I): Mercantile Laws

Following a few topics have been added (15 Marks)

  1. The Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008: Introduction- covering nature and scope, Essential features, characteristics of LLP, Incorporation and differences with other forms of organizations.
  2. The Companies Act, 2013 [section 1 to 22]: Important definitions, Introduction of company & corporate veil theory, Classes of companies, Conversion of company, Incorporation of company, Memorandum of Association, Articles of Association, Alteration of Memorandum and Articles, Doctrine of Indoor Management, Conversion of companies already registered, Promoters, Service of documents.

Paper 2 (Part II): General English

Section ASection BSection C
Comprehension Passages and Note MakingDeveloping Writing SkillsBasic English Grammar
  • Comprehension Passages
  • Note Making
  • Article Writing
  • Report Writing
  • Writing Formal Letters
  • Writing Mails
  • Resume Writing
  • Introduction to Basic Writing
  • Nouns, Pronouns, and Verbs
  • Articles, Adjectives, and Adverbs
  • Prepositions, Conjunctions, and Interjections
  • Direct Indirect, Active – Passive Speech
  • Vocabulary, Root Words, Synonyms, Antonyms, Prefixes, Suffixes, Phrasal verbs, Collocations, and Idioms

Paper 3 (Section A): Business Mathematics and Logical Reasoning – new Amendments, changes

Following a few topics added in Business Mathematics

  1. Algebra of Matrices, Inverse of a Matrix and determinants, solving system of equations using matrix method (Cramer’s rule) involving not more than 3 variables.
  2. The nominal rate of return
  3. Compound annual growth rate (CAGR)

Logical reasoning is new paper carrying 20 Marks

  1. Number series coding and decoding and also odd man out
  2. Blood relations
  3. Seating arrangements
  4. Direct Tests
  5. Syllogism

Paper 3 (Section B): Business Statistics – new Amendments, changes

No Changes

Paper 4 (Part I): Business Economics – new Amendments, changes

Following a few topics have been added

  1. Introduction to Business Economics
  2. Meaning of Business Economics
  3. Objectives of Business Firm- Profit Maximization, Sales Maximization, Growth Maximization.
  4. Business Cycles
  • Meaning of Business Cycles
  • Phases of  Business Cycles
  • Features of Business Cycles.
  • Causes behind these Cycles.

Following topics have been deleted and shifted to Intermediate level in detailed basis

  1. Macro Economics
  2. Indian Economy

Paper 4 (Part II): Business and Commercial Knowledge – new Amendments, changes

It is a new paper

  1. Introduction to Business

Nature of Business, Profession, and Employment. Objectives of Business. Business and Commercial Knowledge. Economic and Non-Economic Activities.

  1. Business Environment

Micro   and     Macro Environment, Elements  of  Micro   Environment   –

Consumers/Customers, Competitors, Organization, Market, suppliers, Intermediaries, Elements of Macro Environment – Demographic, Economic, Political-legal, Sociocultural, Technological, Global Environment.

  1. Business organizations Top Indian and Global Companies.
  2. Government Policies for Business Growth

Policies creating a conducive business environment – Startups, E-commerce.  Liberalization, Privatization, Foreign Direct Investment.

  1. Organizations facilitating Business

Indian regulatory bodies – SEBI, RBI, IRDA, CCI, FMC, CBDT, CBEC Indian Development Banks – IFCI, IDBI, SIDBI, EXIM Bank, NABARD

Global organizations and world trade bodies – IMF, ADB, WTO, OECD, SAARC, ASEAN, OPEC.

Accounting Bodies – IFAC, IASB, IESB, CAPA, SAFA, AOSSG.

  1. Common Business and Commercial Terminologies

Finance, Marketing, and other business terms. Stock Market Terminology.

Frequently Asked Questions on CA CPT amendments CPT syllabus changes 2018:

Q1. Is CPT syllabus changing for December 2018 exam?

CPT amendments, syllabus changes: No, CA CPT syllabus will remain the same for those who have registered themself with ICAI on or before 30th June 2018 and can give their attempt in the CA-CPT course till June 2019.

Students who registered on or after 1st July 2017 have to face CA-Foundation Course.

Q2.Is the CPT syllabus going to change for the 2018 exam or not? If yes what are the changes in ICAI CA CPT revised Syllabus 2018?

CPT amendments, syllabus changes: Yes,  CPT syllabus will change for June 2018 exam students who registered on or after 1st July 2017 have to face CA-Foundation new syllabus. The changes in CA CPT syllabus is explained in CPT new syllabus article

Q3.From when CA CPT new/latest syllabus will be applicable?

CPT amendments, syllabus changes: As per CA CPT new amendments, the changes in CA CPT syllabus 2017 came into effect from 1st July 2017.

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Conclusion on CA CPT Amendments and Updates Subject wise

CPT amendments, syllabus changes: In conclusion, the topics covered in this article are as follows.

  • Subjects in CA CPT Course
  • CA CPT Old Scheme Vs CA Foundation New Scheme Syllabus
  • Amendments and updates in CA CPT subject wise

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Hope you found the article useful.

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