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CA Course

CA Course

CA course is now available at


Chartered Accountancy is a course which requires persons to be very much industrious and intelligent by nature. In order to take up this course and get through it successfully, it requires pure dedication and hard work. All the countries in the world have established their own Accountancy Association as to regulate the value and the number of accountancy professionals. In India this authority is properly looked over by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, ICAI. The institution was established under the Chartered Accountancy Act of 1949.

The Chartered Accountancy course is properly designed with a judicious mix of theoretical education and practical training.  The students who are taking up the course are expected to go through a two and a half years of practical training. They will also have to do 15 days course on General management and Communication skills.

The candidates have to register with the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India in order to appear for the examination. The bare minimum time allocated for each of there different level is 10 month. Exams are carried out twice a year.

CA course is of two years. This period is excluded from the training period. The CA course is divided in to three sections. This includes:-

  • Competency Professional Test (CPT) that was earlier known as Professional Education exam PE
  • Professional Competency Examination (PCE)
  • Final examination

The candidates can register for the Competency Professional Test and the Professional Competency Examination throughout the year. They can appear for the exam two times a year in May and November. The institution has made it compulsory that the students register with the Institution at least ten months before the examinations.

There is no shortage of jobs for Chartered Accountants. In India as well as abroad there is huge demand for skilled professionals of CA. Students who have completed the CA program can opt for public practice. They can also join any of the public sector or private sector organization. The Career option available for a CA is therefore wide-ranging. They can work in areas like:

  • General Practice
  • New Assurance And Performance Measurement Services
  • Change Management
  • Stakeholder Value Creation
  • Strategic Management
  • Financial Administration
  • Capital Markets
  • Financial Regulation
  • Financial Reporting
  • Tax Compliance
  • Tax Advice and Planning
  • Corporate Finance
  • Insolvency and Corporate Recovery
  • Management Consultancy

A capable professional can put together ones own private practice as a practicing chartered accountant. Chartered Accountants can find jobs with firms like accounting, Income –Tax department, auditing, cost management etc. Government service is also a possible area of employment.
Chartered Accountant is considered to be one of the most well paid professionals,which ever sector they are associated to, be it Government Service, private firms or own consultancy. There are also multi-national companies which offer candidates lucrative pay packages along with numerous perks. A person who has completed all the three levels can earn a salary ranging from Rs. 25,000/- per month. With relevant experience candidates can earn a monthly salary of Rs. 50,000 in India and more than Rs. 5, 00000 in abroad. This package will depend up on the type of company they are working with. Pay packages and perks will also depend up on the personnel involvement, dedication, hard work and loyalty to the job.

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Reason no 1.

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Reason no 2.

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Reason no 3.

People dont have time for classroom coaching.  Putting a regular schedule for study after being employed is difficult.

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