Business Process Management

Business Process Management 

What is BPM ?

  • BPM is an activity; a practice
  • BPM is something you do, not a thing you own or buy
  • BPM is about improving business processes
  • BPM is ensuring efficient and effective processes
  • BPM is optimizing the business processes

Business Process Management (BPM) is management of business processes over the life cycle of a process. The BPM can be defined as achievement of organisational objectives through management, improvement and control of essential business processes. BPM is evaluation of business processes to ensure that the processes are conducted in efficient and effective manner. BPM helps to identify the redundant processes, processes which do not add any value for the organisation and are not useful and accordingly organisation can terminate these process to save costs.

Business Process Management 

Life Cycle of BPM

BPM Principles

  • Business process are considered as organisational assets and are central to creating value for customers.
  • Deliver consistent value to the customers by measuring, analyzing, monitoring and controlling the business processes
  • Business processes should be improved continuously and the workforce should be continuously trained.
  • Information Technology is the key enabler of business processes i.e. IT helps to conduct business processes effeciently and effectively

BPM Practices

  • Top level managment should be committed to implement and carry out BPM.
  • Process owners should be competent.
  • Continuous training should be provided so as to improve the business processes.
  • IT systems should be used to monitor, control, analyze and improve the processes.
  • BPM process improvement should be executed by taking a bottom up approach.
  • Employee bonuses and rewards should be given on the basis of business process performance.
  • Radical methodologies like BPR and incremental approaches such as Six sigma/TQM should be used for process improvements.

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Business Process Management 

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