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Business Ethics notes – CSEET

Business Ethics notes – CSEET

Business Ethics:

ICSI CSEET: The Council of the ICSI has released a notice regarding CSEET on the day of the inauguration of ICSI Golden Jubilee Celebrations on 4th Oct 2017.

The Gazette Notification on the Company Secretaries (Amendment) Regulations, 2020 has been published on 3rd February 2020 in the Official Gazette of India and the same shall be applicable from the said date of publication.

Now ICSI Published a notice regarding CSEET Test which going to start from 2020 May.

We are now going to discuss the details of CSEET Paper-2 Legal Aptitude and Logical Reasoning – Business Ethics notes.

Business Ethics

Business Ethics

Business Ethics:


Business ethics is nothing but the application of ethics in business. Business ethics is the application of general ethical ideas to business behaviour. Ethical business behaviour facilitates and promotes good to society, improves profitability, fosters business relations and employee productivity. The concept of business ethics has come to mean various things to various people, but generally it‘s coming to know what is right or wrong in the workplace and doing what‘s right – this is in regard to effects of products/ services and in relationships with stakeholders. Business ethics is concerned with the behaviour of a businessman in doing a business. Unethical practices are creating problems to businessman and business units. The life and growth of a business unit depends upon the ethics practiced by a businessman. Business ethics are developed over the passage of time and custom. A custom differs from one business to another. If a custom is adopted and accepted by businessman and public, that custom will become an ethic. Business ethics is applicable to every type of business. The social responsibility of a business requires the observing of business ethics. A business man should not ignore the business ethics while assuming social responsibility. Business ethics means the behaviour of a businessman while conducting a business, by observing morality in his business activities. According to Wheeler, Business Ethics is an art and science for maintaining harmonious relationship with society, its various groups and institutions as well as reorganizing the moral responsibility for the rightness and wrongness of business conduct. According to Rogene. A. Buchholz, Business ethics refers to right or wrong behaviour in business decisions.

Business Ethics or Ethical standards are the principles, practices and philosophies that guide the business people in the day to day business decisions. It relates to the behaviour of a businessman in a business situation. They are concerned primarily with the impacts of decisions on the society within and outside the business organizations or other groups who keep interest in the business activities. Business ethics can be said to begin where the law ends. Business ethics is primarily concerned with those issues not covered by the law, or where there is no definite consensus on whether something is right or wrong. – School of Distance Education.

The Principles of business ethics developed by well-known authorities like Cantt, J. S.Mill, Herbert Spencer, Plato, Thomas Garret, Woodrad, Wilson etc are as follows:

  1. Sacredness of means and ends : The first and most important principle of business ethics emphasizes that the means and techniques adopted to serve the business ends must be sacred and pure. It means that a good end cannot be attained with wrong means, even if it is beneficial to the society.
  2. Not to do any evil : It is unethical to do a major evil to another or to oneself, whether this evil is a means or an end.
  3. Principle of proportionality : This principle suggests that one should make proper judgment before doing anything so that there is a fair view taken & others do not suffer from any loss or risk of evils by the conduct of business.
  4. Non-co-operation in evils : It clearly pints out that a business should not co-operate with any one for doing any evil acts.
  5. Co-operation with others : This principles state that business should help others only in that condition when others deserve help.
  6. Publicity : According to W. Wilson, anything that is being done or to be done, should be brought to the knowledge of everyone. If everyone knows, none gets opportunity to do an unethical act.
  7. Equivalent price : According to W. Wilson, the people are entitled to get goods equivalent to the value of money that they will pay.
  8. Universal value : According to this principle the conduct of business should be done on the basis of universal values.
  9. Human dignity : As per this principle, man should not be treated as a factor of production and human dignity should be maintained.
  10. Non-violence : If businessman hurts the interests and rights of the society and exploits the consumer by overlooking their interests this is equivalent to violence and unethical act.

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