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The Best Way To Understand CA Questions asked in Exam

The Best Way To Understand CA Questions asked in Exam

The Best Way To Understand CA Questions asked in Exam is now available at



The Best Way To Understand CA Questions asked in Exam :

In our Experience,We have found that majority of students appearing for the exam  don’ t  read and understand the questions properly before they answer it. CA Question papers are Planned in a way that the questions that are asked plays an important role to decide the knowledge of the user.  The Paper mostly contains conceptual based understanding of the subject. A student appearing for CS exam should read , interpret and should understand such problems.

In our Experience from various CA  coaching Institutions and as  Trainers of Professional courses , We thought of sharing this important article of how  student should understand CA Question asked in exam

We will guide you through various verbs or terminology that will help the students to know how to include such keywords in exam paper . This will allow the students to know what the paper setter is exactly looking in the answers.  The Answers that the students write should be detailed and should include all the aspects that the Examiner is looking for . We need to remember that the quality of answers that the students write and Presentation skills are very important to gain Good Score. As far as possible, please don’t write which is not necessary. Try to allot the time to each questions. Please don’t give much time to one question, so that you are not able to attend the remaining questions. Suppose there are 6 questions, you can allocate half hour to each question. It may be possible that the question of which you know answer very well can be completed with less than allocated time. So spare time may be used for some another question. Write what is asked and try to avoid give unnecessary details.

It is utmost important that each subject has its own language. So try to give answer in the language of subject only.
In all subjects it is important to give answer step by step with supporting. It may be possible that you might give working note first, and answer after word, but never mix the answer and working note.

Suppose there is one question, say it is question number 3. Say there are two sub-questions say (a) and (b). Now say in (b) you are asked to answer (i),(ii) and (iii). Here you can not give answer of (b) (iii) then (i) and then (ii). You have to give answer of sub-question (b) (i), then (ii) and then (iii).
Give due important to things which are core of the subjects, like in case of audit give due importance to “Accounting Standards”, “Auditing Standards”, and “Relevant Sections”. The said things are applicable to “Law”, “Direct Taxes” and “Indirect Taxes”.


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