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Best accounting software in India

Best Accounting Software in India

The following are the most popular accounting softwares and are thus regarded as the best accounting software for small business in India:-

  1. Tally
  2. Busy
  3. Marg
  4. Quickbooks

The softwares mentioned above may or may not be in the order of their rankings but are the ones which are regarded as the best and most popular in India. These are generalised accounting software prepared for the purpose of simplifying accounting of small enterprises.

Medium & Large enterprises usually have a preference for customised software and these generalised accounting softwares don’t have many options for customisation. Therefore, Medium & Large enterprises usually prefer ERP (Enterprise Resource Program) which can be customised to suit their own need. However, the cost of implementation of ERP is fairly high and therefore, small enterprises usually prefer not to opt for ERP and instead prefer generalised accounting softwares.

Best Accounting Software in India

The following is a brief overview of the best accounting softwares in India for small enterprises:-


With more than 75% market share and 2 Billion business users, tally is undoubtedly the best accounting software in India for small enterprises. Tally is so popular with the accountants that the first thing that comes to their mind when asked about accounting software is Tally.

As accountants have been using this software for so many decades, they have established a comfort factor for working on tally and have a huge preference for working on tally. Its mass reach and user acceptability is what is driving its growth.

As accountants have been using this software for so many years for preparing the Balance Sheets, they prefer not to shift from this software to some other software and rather prefer to update the same software to newer versions of Tally.

To download a free demo version of this accounting software, click here.


Busy was launched in the year 1997 and is mainly popular for its inventory management features. Most of the distributers and stockists have now shifted from Tally to Busy as the detailed inventory reports generated by Busy help a business in keeping a track of the stock.

The price for busy starts from Rs. 6300 onwards and a free 30 day trial version of this accounting software can be downloaded from here.


Launched in the year 1992, Marg has build a name for itself in the market as a software which provides customised solutions depending on the need of each industry. It has build different accounting softwares for different industries like Pharmaceutical Industry, Trading Industry & Retail Industry.

Marg Accounting is very famous for its software for the Pharmaceutical Industry. A free demo version of this accounting software can be downloaded from here.


Quickbooks is one of the leading accounting softwares in the US and other countries. Few years back, it ventured into the Indian market as well by launching the Indian version of quickbooks. The need for having different software for each country arises from the fact that the accounting and tax laws of each country is different and therefore changes in the software are required to be made accordingly.

Quickbooks is highly popular with that category of accountants who have earlier used quickbooks in some other country while they were abroad and now prefer to use quickbooks in India as well. To cater to such category of individuals, quickbooks has launched an Indian version of its famous accounting software.

Quickbooks has also recently tied up with various banks for downloading the Bank Statements through the quickbooks accounting software itself and there is no need for manually feeding the details.

The price for quickbooks starts from Rs. 4,999 per year and the free demo version of this accounting software can be downloaded from here.

There are currently more than 100 accounting softwares in India but the softwares mentioned above are the ones which are the most commonly used and thus regarded as the best accounting software for small enterprises in India.

Best Accounting Software in India


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