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BCOM Syllabus and Subjects – All Semester Complete details

bcom syllabus and subjects

B.Com Syllabus and Subjects

Bachelor of commerce  (B. Com.) is usually divided into 3 years or 6 semesters. One year has two semesters. Each semester comprises of 6 months.  In this article we provide complete details of Bcom syllabus and Bcom subjects.

Since there are hundreds of universities and each university follows slightly different syllabus, we have taken Bangalore university as an example below.

Readers are advised to scroll down to find exact details on other universities. But, the following article will provide a very good general idea on how a B Com Subjects and the Syllabus of each Bcom Subject is planned and organised.  

You can download complete B.Com Syllabus and subjects semester wise by clicking on the image below

Bcom all semester syllabus and subjects

Marking Scheme of B Com Subjects

Each subject score will be counted out of 100, which is divided into external and internal. External score has 80 marks and internal assignment has 20 marks adding up to a total of 100 marks.

In addition, a university could have further requirement from each subject. Such as Bangalore university mandates that a real case study is completed in each subject. This ensures students learn all relevant skills needed by today’s generation both for businesses and personal motivation.  

Bachelors of Commerce (B.Com) is a 3 years course which can be pursued either full time or part time graduate course. A person who is pursuing this course needs to study 5 to 7 subjects in each semester. One can opt for various combinations depending on the availability of the choices in their institute.

B.Com Course Eligibility

  • Students with 50% in H.S.C examinations (10+2 or 12th) from recognized education board with science, arts or commerce stream can opt for this course.
  • Students who pursued commerce as the core subject in 10th and 12th get preference.

B.Com first year Semester 1 syllabus and subjects

The objective of the 1st semester is to learn about the foundation, skill development or interdisciplinary through the subjects like Constitution of Indian and Human Rights, Environment and Public Health, Computer Applications and Information Technology, Business Entrepreneurship and Management, Philosophy and Psychology and Life Skills. First semester includes 4 main subjects and 2 additional language subjects. The 4 main subjects are Bcom Accounts, Bcom Economics, BCom Maths/Computer and Bcom Business Communications. Whereas for additional subjects, English is compulsory and student can select any one from other three subjects (Kannada, Hindi, Urdu).

Get complete details about B.Com first semester subjects here and downloads materials.

B.Com First Semester Subject: Table 1 consist of details about first semesters syllabus and subjects

1ACCOUNTSFinancial Accounting – 1
2ECONOMICSFundamentals of Microeconomics
3 MATHS / COMPUTERMathematics & Statistics-I OR
*Mathematics for Finance-I OR
Business Computing-I
4Management Business management -I
5COMPULSORY ENGLISHEnglish for Communication-1
6 ADDITIONAL ENGLISHLanguage through Literature-1
7GENERAL AWARENESS – 1An Insight into India
8GENERAL AWARENESS – 2Dimensions of Business Studies – 1

B.Com first year Semester 2 syllabus and subjects

The B.Com Second semester objective is to impart basic knowledge also to describe the importance of business laws and fundamental accounting. It has one of the Core Module Syllabus for Environmental Studies and includes classroom teaching and Field Work for six months. Also to successfully clear the exam you need to score a minimum of 35% marks in each theory as well as in practical exam.

Subjects included in second semester are Accounts, Economics, Maths/Computers, Management, Compulsory English, additional English, General awareness-1 and General awareness 2.  Refer the table below for details information.

One can get complete details of B.Com second semester syllabus and subjects here.

B.Com Second Semester Subject: Table 2 gives details about second semester syllabus and subjects. 

1ACCOUNTSFinancial Accounting – 2
2ECONOMICSAdvanced Microeconomics
3 MATHS / COMPUTERMathematics & Statistics-II OR
*Mathematics for Finance-II OR
Business Computing-II
4ManagementBusiness management -II
5COMPULSORY ENGLISHLanguage through Literature-2
6 ADDITIONAL ENGLISHLanguage through Literature-1
7GENERAL AWARENESS – 1An Insight into India
8GENERAL AWARENESS – 2Dimensions of Business Studies – 2

B.Com second year Semester 3 syllabus and subjects third semester gives the over understanding about corporate accounting, microelectronics, the fundamentals of management elements of company law, basics knowledge on cost accounting, also in the third sem it includes banking and financial system which leads the students to know more about financial institutions in India and Entrepreneurship.

To get complete B.Com semester 3 syllabus and subjects here.

B.Com Third Semester Subjects: Table 3 provides the details about syllabus and subject for 3rd semester.

1AccountancyCorporate Accounting-I
3Business Management / CommunicationFundamentals of Management
4Company LawElements of Company Law- I
5Cost AccountingBasics Of Cost Accounting – Spl-I
Basics of Cost Accounting-Material – Spl – II
6Banking and Financial SystemsFinancial System & Indian Banking Structure(Paper-I)
Financial Institutions in India (Paper-II)
7EntrepreneurshipFinancial Institutions in India (Paper-II)
 Growth of Entrepreneurship
8Business CommunicationCommunication for Marketing
9Marketing ManagementFundamentals of Marketing
Customer Value Management

Note: Environmental Science will be a Compulsory subject for Semester – 3

B.Com Second year Semester 4 syllabus and subjects

Fourth-semester classes start from December and last until May. This semester is divided into two groups group A and group B, group A consists of 7 main subjects and group B consists of 2 main subjects.

In group A: B.Com corporate accounting-II, macroeconomics-II,  Managerial communication,  Elements of company Law-II, Basics of cost accounting labor & Overheads SPL -II.

Indian banking system and central banking -III is the next. Entrepreneurship subjects are included as well.

Group B includes Business Communication and Marketing Management subjects. For complete details refer the below table.

Here are complete details of B.Com semester 4 syllabus and subjects.

Details of 4th semester syllabus and subjects are as below

1AccountancyCorporate Accounting-II
3Business Management / CommunicationManagerial Communication
4Company LawElements of Company Law- II
5Cost AccountingBasics of Cost Accounting Labor & Overheads Spl-III
Methods of Costing – Spl – IV
6Banking and Financial SystemsIndian Banking System and Central Banking Paper-III)
Financial Markets (Paper-IV)
7EntrepreneurshipSuccess Stories in Entrepreneurship
Environment for Entrepreneurship
8Business Communication Brand Management
9Marketing ManagementMarketing and Social Responsibility

B.Com third year Semester 5 syllabus and subjects

B.Com fifth semester is one of the semesters of the third-year state board of commerce education. Fifth-semester classes start for JUNE and end in MAY. B.Com fifth semester has six subjects out of which four are optional subject and five common subjects.

Here in 5th sem, we have Accountancy which includes Advance Accounting paper -I, Economics which includes International Economics, BTA which includes details about Income tax paper -I. Than Cost accounting, B.Com Banking & Financial systems, B.Com Entrepreneurship and lastly B.Com Marketing Management paper.

To know detailed B.Com 5th semester syllabus and subjects click here.

Details of B.Com 5th Semester Subjects in table 5 below

1AccountancyAdvanced Accounting Paper 1
2EconomicsInternational Economics
3BTAIncome Tax Paper 1
4M. LawFoundation of Mercantile Law – I
Note: Subjects chosen in S.Y. B. Com. Will continue at T.Y. B. Com.
5Cost AccountingMethods and Techniques of Costing – Spl. Paper V
Techniques of Costing – Spl.  VI
6Banking &Financial SystemsBanking law and operations – Spl. Paper V
Inclusive Financial System – Spl.  VI
7EntrepreneurshipNew Venture Creation
Financial Management For Entrepreneurship
8Marketing ManagementMarketing –An Indian Perspective – Spl. Paper V
Marketing of Services – Spl.  VI

B.Com third year Semester 6 syllabus and subjects

The sixth semester is the last semester of B.Com course. It has six subjects out of which four optional in which student can select only one subject and have five common subjects. 6th semester includes advance accounting paper 2, Contemporary Indian economics Issue and policies, then B.Com Indirect Taxes paper 2, Allied concepts in Mercantile Law-II, Marketing Management.  Individual subject details are as below.

Complete detail of B.Com sixth semester subjects and syllabus can be found here.

B.Com 5th semester syllabus and subjects 

1AccountancyAdvanced Accounting Paper 2
2EconomicsContemporary Indian Economic Issues and Policies
3BTAIndirect Taxes Paper 2
4M. LawAllied Concepts in Mercantile Law – II
5Cost AccountingStrategic Cost Management – Spl. VII
Recent Trends in Cost Accounting – Spl. VIII
6Banking &Financial SystemsBanking trends and practice – Spl. VII
international Financial SystemAnd Emerging Financial Markets– Spl.  VIII
7EntrepreneurshipMarketing And Human Resource Management
Strategic Enterprise Management
8Marketing ManagementAdvertising Management – Spl.  VII
Marketing-A Global Perspective – Spl.  VIII


Other University B.Com Syllabus and Subject details

The article above discusses in general how a B Com degree is organised in terms of subjects and syllabus. For specific university please visit the university specific articles below. Universities are arranged in alphabetical order.

Annamalai University Bcom Syllabus & subjects

Bangalore University Bcom Syllabus & subjectspn

Bharathiar University Bcom syllabus & subjects

calicut university Bcom syllabus & subjects

Christ University Bcom Syllabus & subjects

Davanagere University Bcom Syllabus & subjects

Delhi University Bcom syllabus & subjects

Gulbarga University Bcom Syllabus & subjects

Jamia Milia Islamia University Bcom Syllabus

Karnataka State Open University Bcom Syllabus & subjects

Kerala Open University Bcom Syllabus & subjects

Nagpur University Bcom Syllabus & subjects

Panjab University Bcom Syllabus & subjects

Pune university Bcom syllabus & subjects

Rajasthan university Bcom syllabus & subjects

Tamilnadu open university Bcom syllabus & Subjects

Uttarkhand Open University Bcom Syllabus & Subjects

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