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BCOM Second Semester Syllabus – Complete Details

BCOM Second Semester Syllabus – Complete Details

BCOM Second Semester Syllabus – Complete Details: The BCOM Second semester syllabus are helps to increased objective of the course is to impart basic knowledge of the important business laws and fundamental accounts  . BCOM second semester syllabus is one of the  Core Module Syllabus for Environmental Studies and includes class room teaching and Field Work for six months. The syllabus divided into six units for six subject.

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BCOM Second Semester Syllabus – Complete Details

BCOM second semester syllabus explaining depend how  examination will be conducted by the college concerned at its own level earlier than he annual examination. Each student will be required to score minimum of 35% marks each in subject theory and practical. So BCOM second semester syllabus divided six subjects those are:

a)    Business communication

  • Explaining principles of effective communication writing skills such has  planning business messages, rewriting and editing, the first draft, reconstructing the final draft, business letters and memo formats, appearance request letters, good news and bad news letters, persuasive letters; sales letters, Collection letters, Office memorandum.
  • Report writing and introduction to a proposal, short report and formal report, report preparation.
  •  Explaining  principles of oral presentation, factors affecting presentation, sales presentation, training presentation, conducting surveys, speeches to motivates effective presentation skills.
  • Non- Verbal aspects of communicating and interview skills like appearing in interviews, conducting interviews, writing resume and letter of application.
  • International Communication cultural sensitiveness and cultural context, writing and presenting in International situations, inter-cultural factors in interactions and  adapting to global business.

  b)   Business mathematics

  • Linear programming-formulation of LPP( Graphical method of solution,problems relating to two variables including the case of mixed constraints, cases having no solution, multiple solutions, unbounded solution and redundant constraints).
  • Simplex method  solution of problems up to three variables, including cases of mixed constraints, duality and transportation problem.
  • Compound interest and Annuities( Certain different types of interest rates, Concept of present value and amount of a sum).
  • Types of annuities( Present value and amount of an annuity, including the case of continuous compounding).
  • Valuation of simple loans and debentures.
  • Problems relating to sinking funds.

c)   Financial accounting

  • Consignment Accounts( Important terms, Accounting records, Valuation of unsold stock, Conversion of consignment into branch).
  • . Branch Accounts .
  • Hire purchase and instalment purchase system
  • Instalment purchase system and After sales service.
  • Partnership Accountant Essential Characteristics of Partnership.
  • Change in Profit Sharing Ratio.
  • Reconstitution of a partnership firm and Admission of a partner.
  • Dissolution of a partnership firm -Modes of dissolution of a firm.

d)  Business management

  • Leadership: Concept and leadership styles ( Leadership theories (Tannenbaum and Schmidt); Likert’s System Management).
  • Motivating and Leading people at work.
  • Communication: nature, process, networks and barriers, Effective communication.
  • Managerial Control: Concept and process, Effective control system.
  • Techniques of control bout traditional and modern.
  • Management of change.

e) Business economic

  • Market Structures : market structures and business, Decisions; Objectives of a business firm. (a)
  • Perfect Competition( Profit maximisation and equilibrium of firm and industry, Short-run and long-run supply curves, Price and output determination, practical applications.)
  • Monopoly ( Determination of price under monopoly, Equilibrium of a firm, comparison between perfect competition and monopoly and Multi-plant monopoly.)
  • Monopolistic Competition.
  • Oligopoly , Price leadership; Collusive oligopoly, Kinked demand curve.
  • Marginal productivity theory and demand for factors and determination of wage rates under perfect competition and monopoly.
  • Introduction about Interest.
  • Introduction about Profit.

F)  Basic computer are Environment study (student can select any one subject)

 Basic computer.

  • Fundamental of computers:
  • Software concepts:
  • Introduction to Windows:
  • MS-Excel

Environment study.

  • Annual System: The duration of the course will be 50 lectures. The examination will be conducted by the college at its own level earlier than the examination along with the Annual Examination.
  • Semester System: The Environment Course of 50 lectures will be conducted in the second semester and the examinations shall be conducted at the end of second semester.
  • Credit System: The core course will be awarded 4 credits.

BCOM Second Semester Syllabus – Complete Details

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