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BCOM Second Semester Question Papers

BCOM Second Semester Question Papers 

BCOM Second Semester Question Papers:This is a three-year full-time program, spread over five semesters of teaching and final semester of training based on their choice of three streams.It is a 3 years in length Graduation program. More often than not, it is Commerce stream understudies who pick this course after twelfth standard tutoring. In any case, in fact, even Science and additionally Arts stream understudies are qualified to seek after this course! Before, B. Com. used to have numerous takers.

Scroll down to download BCOM Second Semester Question Papers :

BCOM Second Semester Question Papers

BCOM Question Papers module :

The Examiner shall set BCOM nine questions in all covering the whole syllabus and question one will be compulsory covering all the units and shall carry 8 small questions of 2 marks each. The rest of the eight questions will be set from all the four units. The examiner will set two questions from each unit out of which the candidate shall attempt four questions selecting one question from each unit. All the questions shall carry 16 marks each.

BCOM Second Semester Question Papers.

BCOM Second Semester All Subjects Question Papers


1)   English – 2

BCOM 2nd Semester ” English ” 2015 Question Papers


BCOM 2nd Semester ” English ” 2013 Question Papers


2)   Kannada -2

BCOM 2nd Semester “Kannada Language ” 2012 Question Papers


BCOM 2nd Semester “Kannada Language ” 2011 Question Papers


3)   Financial Accounting -2

BCOM 2nd Semester “Financial Accounting” 2015 Question Papers.


BCOM 2nd Semester “Financial Accounting” 2012 Question Papers.


 BCOM 2nd Semester “Financial Accounting” 2013 Question Papers.


4)   Business Mathematics-2

 BCOM 2nd Semester “Business Statistics” 2013 Question Papers


BCOM 2nd Semester “Business Statistics” 2012 Question Papers


5)  Business Economics-2

BCOM 2nd Semester “Business Economicas” 2013 Question Papers


 BCOM 2nd Semester “Business Economicas” 2012 Question Papers


6)   Human Resource Management – 2

 BCOM 2nd Semester “Human Resource Management” 2012 Question Papers.


 BCOM 2nd Semester “Human Resource Management” 2014 Question Papers.


7)  Environment Studies – 2

BCOM 2nd Semester “Environment Studies” 2013 Question Papers


BCOM 2nd Semester “Environment Studies” 2014 Question Papers


BCOM 2nd Semester ” Environment Studies” 2011 Question Papers


8)  Hindi Language – 2

BCOM 2nd Semester “Hindi Language” 2013 Question Papers


BCOM 2nd Semester “Hindi Language” 2014 Question Papers


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BCOM 2nd Semester Kannada Language 2012 Question Papers

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  • Download: Indian Economy Bcom Notes and Study Materials
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  • Download: Human Resource Management bcom notes
  • Download: Bcom Entrepreneurship Development Notes
  • Download: Bcom Costing Methods Notes
  • Download: E-Commerce Bcom Notes and Study Materials
  • Download: Principles of Macro Economics bcom study material and notes
  • Download: Corporate Low Bcom notes
  • Download: Auditing Bcom sixth semester  notes 
  • Download: Income Tax Bcom Fifth Sem notes 
  • Download: Indirect Tax BCOM sixth sem notes
  • Download: Taxation Law BCOM sixth sem notes 
  • Download: Financial Management Bcom sixth sem notes
  • Download: Business Regulatory Framework BCOM third semester Notes
  • Download: Cost Accounting Bcom sixth sem notes
  • Download: cost accounting bcom fifth sem notes
  • Download: Accounting for Management bcom fifth sem notes
  • Download: Direct Tax Bcom 4th semester notes

Bcom Study Tips

1. Set Study Goals

There is lots of credible research suggesting that goal setting can be used as part of a strategy to help people successfully effect positive changes in their lives, so never underestimate the power of identifying to yourself the things you want to achieve. Just make sure to ask yourself some key questions: Am I setting realistic goals? Will I need to work harder to achieve those goals? If you’re happy with the goals you’ve set then you should aim to develop your study plan for the year ahead with your goals in mind. Which, as it happens, leads us to Tip 2.

2. Make a Study Plan

Time is precious. Nobody is more aware of this than the poor student who hasn’t studied a thing until the night before an exam. By then, of course, it’s too late. The key to breaking the cycle of cramming for tests is to think ahead and create an effective study plan. Not only will this help you get organised and make the most of your time, it’ll also put your mind at ease and eliminate that nasty feeling you get when you walk into an exam knowing that you’re not at all prepared. As the old saying goes, fail to prepare and be prepared to fail.

3. Take Regular Study Breaks

None of us are superhuman, so it’s important to realise that you can’t maintain an optimum level of concentration without giving yourself some time to recover from the work you’ve put in. This can take the form of a ten-minute walk, a trip to the gym, having a chat with a friend or simply fixing yourself a hot drink. If it feels like procrastination, then rest assured that it’s not: taking regular short breaks not only help improve your focus, they can boost your productivity too.

4. Embrace New Technologies

Studying no longer means jotting things down with a pen on a scrap of paper. The old handwritten method still has its place of course, it’s just that now there are more options for personalising study that ever before. Whether it’s through online tools, social media, blogs, videos or mobile apps, learning has become more fluid and user-centred.

5. Test Yourself

It’s a strange thing, but sometimes simply entering an exam environment is enough to make you forget some of the things you’ve learned. The solution is to mentally prepare for the pressure of having to remember key dates, facts, names, formulas and so on. Testing yourself with regular quizzes is a great way of doing this. And don’t worry of you don’t perform brilliantly at first – the more you practice, the better you’ll become.

Take this opportunity to evaluate yourself both physically and mentally. Is your engine running on low? Instead of  complaining “I never get enough sleep” or “I’m eating too much convenience food” take control and do something about it! Make the change and see how it positively affects your attitude and study routine. This should motivate you to maintain a healthy balance in the future.

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Subjects of Bcom

BCOM Second Semester Question Papers

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