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Bank Deposit Schemes for Resident Indians

Bank Deposit Schemes for Resident Indians

Following deposit accounts are offered by banks to Resident Indians:

  • Savings Bank Accounts: These accounts are opened for savings, liquidity and safety of funds and convenience in making day to day expenses and also earning some interest income. These accounts inculcate the habit of thrift in account holders. View salient features of Savings Bank accounts.
  • Current Accounts: These accounts are opened for liquidity and safety of funds and for meeting day to day expenses. Current accounts are opened and maintained primarily by business and commercial organizations. No income is earned on these deposits. Individuals usually open these accounts for availing overdraft facility as overdraft facility is not available in Savings Bank accounts. View salient features of Current Accounts.
  • Recurring Deposit Accounts: These accounts are opened for saving purpose only. Some fixed amount is deposited at monthly intervals for a pre-fixed term. These accounts generally earn higher interest than Savings Bank Accounts. View salient features of Recurring Deposit accountsin banks.
  • Fixed Deposit or Term Deposit Accounts: These accounts are opened for investing funds for fixed terms to earn higher interests. Usually deposit for a longer period of time earns higher Interest Rate. The account holders have option of getting periodic payment of interest at monthly/quarterly intervals or re-investing the interest to be paid on maturity with the principal. View salient features of Term / Fixed Deposit Accounts in banks.
  • Special Bank Term Deposit Scheme – Bank Deposit Scheme under section 80C: This is the only Tax Saving Scheme available with banks. The accounts opened under this scheme are eligible for relief under Section 80C of the Income Tax, Act. View salient features of Bank Deposit Scheme for tax saving.
  • Public Provident Fund (PPF) Accounts:PPF account is one of the most popular tax saving option. PPF accounts can be opened in banks and post offices. The investment in PPF account qualifies for tax relief under Section 80C of Income Tax and the accrued interest is not taxable. View salient features of PPF Accounts.

Bank Deposit Schemes for Resident Indians



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