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  • What percentage of course you have finished well so far roughly?
  • How many hours you study in a day?
  • How many times you have revised the topics you have finished
  • Have you taken online or pen drive or live class from a renowned faculty?
  • What percentage of the classes you have watched?
  • Have you attempted mock tests or practice tests yet?
  • Are you planning to attempt mock tests conducted by external bodies- ICAI, ICSI, ICMAI or other institute?
  • How many tests you have taken?
  • Did you manage to finish the test papers on time?
  • Are you strictly following study material provided by the exam conducting authority such as ICAI/ICSI/ICMAI/Other Body?
  • How is your health in general?
  • How is your food habit?
  • Any interest in yoga or exercise or play sports regularly?
  • Planning to sleep well nights before the exams?
  • Planning to have light food and water before exams?

Banaras Hindu University Mcom Notes Free Download

Banaras Hindu University Mcom Notes Free Download

Banaras Hindu University Mcom Notes

Banaras Hindu University Mcom Notes : Banaras Hindu University is an internationally reputed temple of learning, situated in the holy city of Varanasi. The creative and innovative University was founded by the great nationalist leader, Pt. Madan Mohan Malaviya, in 1916. It played a stellar role in the independence movement and has developed into the greatest centre of learning in India. It has produced many great freedom fighters and builders of modern India and has immensely contributed to the progress of the nation through a large number of renowned scholars, artists, scientists and technologists who have graced its portals.

The area of the main campus of this premiere Central University is 1300 acres, which is the second largest in the World, having well maintained roads, extensive greeneries, a temple, an airstrip and buildings which are an architectural delight. Another campus of the University is coming up at Barkachha, in Mirzapur District, covering an area of 2800 acres. The university comprises 5 Institutes and Indian Institute of Technology-BHU, 16 Faculties, and 140 Departments spanning a vast range of subjects pertaining to all branches of humanities, social science, Law, science, technology, commerce, management, medicine, performing arts and visual arts. It has 4 centres of Advanced Studies and several departments specially assisted by the UGC. It has a large number of specialized research centres.

Banaras Hindu University Mcom Notes

A large part of our note making research involved delving into discussions on this topic with the experts. We talked to teachers, education bloggers, tech integrators, ed tech specialists and even the founder of the infamous Edchat to compile this do’s and don’ts of taking study notes.

1. Understand your Learning Style

Following the words of Tom Whitby, other experts widely support avoiding a ‘one size fits all’ formula. Understanding your learning style will stop you banging your head against the wall in frustration. Figuring out what works for you can switch that light bulb on over your head and make learning an easier and fun process.

2. Question Why You Are Taking Notes

Questioning the purpose of taking notes will help you process information better. This can inform what you record and how, rather than falling into mindless ‘strategies’ and techniques.”

3. Don’t Record Every Single Comment

Along with not writing every word, the key point is NOT to try to learn your notes verbatim also. You need to understand the material or you will simply trip yourself up when it comes to taking exams and tests.

4. Link your Notes to Your Syllabus

If your course requires lots of assignments and projects, you will already know that you need to reference all original sources of information you use. Take this a step further by linking the topic you are studying to your core syllabus. This will help you understand where each topic fits in the overall picture.

5. Use Technology to Your Advantage

Creating visual study aids using technology can easily be applied to your note taking routine. Notes give you the freedom to express yourself and incorporate media such as graphics, videos and presentations to give you a richer learning experience.

6. Review Your Notes Regularly

Come on, we don’t need to tell you that the process doesn’t end with building a set of beautiful study notes? Creating your notes is a great start but to learn the information, you’ll need to go back and review the material several more times. Schedule an alert to revisit your notes on a weekly or monthly basis to trigger new ideas and find inspiration. 

7. Include Visuals such as Mind Maps

Note making is more than text. Using visuals such as graphs, diagrams, pictures and mind maps can help you comprehend information easier and recall pieces of the puzzle when you need to. Mind mapping as a good way to store the key points in one place.

8. Get Insight from Your Classmates

Many education programmes encourage collaborative work as it’s a way to learn from others. Your notes are not set in stone, they can be revised at any time. One way to add depth to your knowledge is by speaking to your classmates and asking what they felt was important, it may be different from what you thought yourself. This should lead to a further discussion about the topic being studied and more learning taking place.

9. Don’t Write Notes Mindlessly

This advice goes hand-in-hand with questioning; are you getting value from your note making? Active learning means engaging with the study material as the true responsibility to learn is in your hands. Instead of mindlessly writing down definitions, formulae and re-writing your teacher’s notes, reinforce your learning by developing mind maps, flashcards and quizzes to really think about what you are learning and engage in every stage of the learning process.

10. Try Not To Get Frustrated

Our final piece of note making expert advice is possibly the hardest. Hopefully the cause of your stress will be solved by the advice already given above.

It’s easy to get frustrated at times. These note-taking strategies or using mind mapping as already discussed should help you unravel this problem. Try to remember that your study notes should work for you so if you feel like that is not the case, have a think about ways to change your current technique.

Banaras Hindu University Mcom Notes

Don’t leave it until the last minute. While some students do seem to thrive on last-minute cramming, it’s widely accepted that (for most of us) this is not the best way to approach an exam. To help sort out your time management, set up a timetable for your study. Write down how many exams you have and the days on which you have to sit them. Then organize your study accordingly. You may want to give some exams more study time than others, so find a balance that you feel comfortable with. 

Banaras Hindu University Mcom Notes

Organize your study space

Make sure you have enough space to spread your textbooks and notes out. Have you got enough light? Is your chair comfortable? Are your computer games out of sight?

Try and get rid of all distractions, and make sure you feel as comfortable and able to focus as possible. For some people, this may mean almost complete silence, for others, background music helps. Some of us need everything completely tidy and organized in order to concentrate, while others thrive in a more cluttered environment. Think about what works for you, and take the time to get it right.

Banaras Hindu University Mcom Notes

Use flow charts and diagrams

Visual aids can be really helpful when revising. At the start of a topic, challenge yourself to write down everything you already know about a topic – and then highlight where the gaps lie. Closer to the exam, condense your revision notes into one-page diagrams. Getting your ideas down in this brief format can then help you to quickly recall everything you need to know during the exam.

Banaras Hindu University Mcom Notes

Practice on old exams

One of the most effective ways to prepare for exams is to practice taking past versions. This helps you get used to the format of the questions, and – if you time yourself – can also be good practice for making sure you spend the right amount of time on each section. 

Banaras Hindu University Mcom Notes

Explain your answers to others

Parents and little brothers and sisters don’t have to be annoying around exam time. Use them to your advantage. Explain an answer to a question to them. That will help you to get it clear in your head, and also to highlight any areas where you need more work.

Banaras Hindu University Mcom Notes

Organize study groups with friends

Get together with friends for a study session. You may have questions that they have the answers to and vice versa. As long as you make sure you stay focused on the topic for an agreed amount of time, this can be one of the most effective ways to challenge yourself.

Banaras Hindu University Mcom Notes

Take regular breaks

While you may think it’s best to study for as many hours as possible, this can actually be counterproductive. If you were training for a marathon, you wouldn’t try and run 24 hours a day. Likewise, studies have shown that for long-term retention of knowledge, taking regular breaks really helps.

Everyone’s different, so develop a study routine that works for you. If you study better in the morning, start early before taking a break at lunchtime. Or, if you’re more productive at nighttime, take a larger break earlier on so you’re ready to settle down come evening.

Try not to feel guilty about being out enjoying the sunshine instead of hunched over your textbooks. Remember Vitamin D is important for a healthy brain.

Banaras Hindu University Mcom Notes

Snack on brain food

You may feel like you deserve a treat, or that you don’t have time to cook, but what you eat can really have an impact on energy levels and focus, so keep away from junk food. Keep your body and brain well-fuelled by choosing nutritious foods that have been proven to aid concentration and memory, such as fish, nuts, seeds, yogurt and blueberries. The same applies on exam day – eat a good meal before the test, based on foods that will provide a slow release of energy throughout. Sugar may seem appealing, but your energy levels will crash an hour later.

Banaras Hindu University Mcom Notes

Plan your exam day

Make sure you get everything ready well in advance of the exam – don’t leave it to the day before to suddenly realize you don’t know the way, or what you’re supposed to bring. Check all the rules and requirements, and plan your route and journey time. If possible, do a test run of the trip. If not, write down clear directions.

Work out how long it will take to get there – then add on some extra time. You really don’t want to arrive having had to run halfway or feeling frazzled from losing your way. You could also make plans to travel to the exam with friends or classmates, as long as you know they’re likely to be punctual.

Banaras Hindu University Mcom Notes

Drink plenty of water

As a final tip, remember that being well hydrated is essential for your brain to work at its best. Make sure you keep drinking plenty of water throughout your revision, and also on the exam day.

Banaras Hindu University Mcom Notes


Banaras Hindu University Mcom Notes

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Banaras Hindu University Mcom Notes

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