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Banaras Hindu University Mcom Fee Stucture

Banaras Hindu University Mcom Fee Stucture

Banaras Hindu University Mcom Fee Stucture

Banaras Hindu University Mcom Fee Stucture : This University was conceived as a residential University, keeping in view its objective of complete character development and thorough mentoring of students. Perhaps this is the only University in the world where courses ranging from nursery and primary school upto Doctoral/ Post-doctoral degrees are taught and pursued within a walled campus spread over 550 Hectares (1360 acres) with majestic buildings of great architectural delight.

It enshrines within its precincts, a phenomenal range of teaching disciplines incorporating almost all conceivable subjects of Science, Engineering & Technology, Humanities, Social Sciences, Commerce, Law, Education, Visual Arts. Performing Arts, Sanskrit Vidya Dharm Vigyan, Agriculture, Library Science, Journalism and a large number of Indian and Foreign Languages.

Banaras Hindu University Mcom Fee Stucture

Committed to the objectives of holistic, sustainable and equitable development of agriculture and allied sciences, aiming at liberty, security and prosperity through competent human resour ce development by virtue of integrated approach of teaching, research & extension; creation of knowledge base for the benefit of the farming community; improvement of crops/ vegetables/ fruits/ livestock/ poultry/ fish for enhanced input use efficiency & production; quality seed production and dissemination of proven technologies towards improving livelihood security and realizing the dream of Hunger Free Society, our achievements in Education (including Sports and Cultural activities) and Research (including Extension activities) justify the funds sanctioned, created and generated from time to time.

There are at present 11 departments receiving support under Special Assistance Programme (5 Centres of Advance Studies and 6 Departments under DRS level I & III), 5-UGC-Innovative/TRIEA/ Other Programme and 3-DST-FIST (Fund for Improvement of Science & Technology) 5 departments/schools are supported under FIST prgramme of DST. It also has four colleges admitted to the privileges of the University which are located in the city. The University also runs three schools apart from having a Kendriya Vidyalaya housed in the Campus. In addition, the Rajiv Gandhi South Campus has been established in the year 2006 in a sprawling campus of 1092.6 Hectares (2700 acres) located about 75 kms away from the main campus, at Barkachha in Mirzapur district, Uttar Pradesh.

Banaras Hindu University Mcom Fee Stucture


(i) Candidates appearing in the Final Year of the Qualifying Examination may also apply and appear in the Test. However, the candidate will be required to produce the original mark sheet of the qualifying examination at the time of counseling for getting admission.

Further, the candidates who are called for counseling for provisional admission in a course, but they are not able to produce the mark sheet of the qualifying examination(s) with minimum eligibility requirements at the time of counselling may also be allowed to take conditional admission. However, the conditional admission will be on the condition that

(a) such candidates give an undertaking that they will produce the original mark sheet of the qualifying examination with minimum eligibility requirement latest by 31st October, 2017.

(b) It is evident from the mark sheet(s) of the previous examination(s) relating to the course of qualifying degree that the candidate has secured at least stipulated minimum percentage of aggregate marks (for example 50%) in the previous examination(s) (except final year examination/final year semester examination(s) of the qualifying degree. (This will not be necessary for SC/ST candidates). If they fail to produce the requisite mark sheet by 31st October, 2017 their admission will be treated as cancelled and they will not claim for refund of fee paid for conditional admission.

(ii) Candidates who were admitted as regular students to Part I / I-Semester of any of the above courses of study in this University through Entrance Test in earlier years(s) and who were eligible for appearing in the concerned Examination shall not be allowed to re-appear in the Entrance Test for admission in the same Course with the same combination of subjects, unless specifically permitted by the Ordinance of the concerned Faculty.

However, they may appear in the Entrance Test for change of combination of subjects of the same course. Further, such candidates who were not eligible for appearing in the concerned examination due to shortage of attendance or for not filling the examination form in time, will be allowed to appear in the Entrance Test for that course if otherwise eligible. Candidates already admitted in Part II (III-Semester or above) are not allowed to appear in the Entrance Test of the same course even for change of subject combination.

(iii) If the applicant has passed the qualifying Exam where grades are awarded and:

(a) where the Grade Sheet does not mention the equivalent percentage of marks from grade points, the candidate should submit such a Certificate of conversion from the concerned Institution mentioning either the converted percentage, or the formula for the actual conversion of grade point average to percentage of marks;

(b) where the Grade Sheet itself mentions the equivalent percentage of marks from grade points, or the formula for such conversion, the candidate should get both sides of the Degree/Grade Sheet photocopied showing the equivalent percentage of marks/conversion formula.

(iv) “Aggregate percentage of marks” will also include grace marks awarded to a candidate. The percentage of marks in the aggregate will be computed as evidenced from the final marksheet of the qualifying examination. However, in case of graduate examinations, where the final marksheet is of two or more types based on only Honours subject or all the subjects studied in three years, the aggregate shall be computed on the basis of total marks secured in all the subjects studied in three years.

For example, in case of students passing BA (Hons.)/B.Sc. (Hons.) from BHU, in earlier years the final marksheets were of two types viz based on only 1000 marks or on 1800 marks. In such cases, the aggregate shall be computed based on total of 1800 marks rather than on 1000 marks. Further, where final marksheet is based on only Hons subject but the candidate has studied other subsidiary/similar subjects also during the study of course, the marks of these subjects will also be included for computation of aggregate percentage. Still further, in case of any ambiguity/interpretational difficulties, the decision of the University will be final.

(v) (a) Degrees/Certificates recognized by Association of Indian Universities (AIU) shall only be deemed as equivalent degrees/certificates.

(b) The Distance Education Council of Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU)/Association of Indian Universities (AIU) will be the only authority to recognize the Degrees/Certificates of Distance Education. Such candidates may be provisionally permitted to appear in the Entrance Tests but will be required to submit certificates from Distance Education Council of IGNOU, New Delhi regarding recognition/approval of the courses. (c) The courses at the level of 10+2 of Madarsas, recognized by Jamia Milia Islamia, New Delhi (Central University) will be recognized for purposes of admission to BA (Hons) course of BHU.

(vi) Notwithstanding anything contained in the Prospectus of Studies regarding the Courses in which admission is made through Entrance Test, the eligibility requirements for the purpose of admission shall be only those which are mentioned in the Information Bulletin of the academic session concerned.

(vii) Application Forms of candidates who submitted forged/fake certificates or adopted fraudulent means shall be REJECTED. Further, such candidates shall be debarred from appearing in any subsequent Entrance Tests conducted by BHU.

(viii) Candidates are allowed to appear at the Entrance Tests provisionally subject to the final verification of Mark sheets/Degrees/Certificates, validity of Certificates/Mark sheets of Qualifying Examination and also of non-involvement in the adoption of unfair means in any of the University Examinations/Entrance Tests held earlier, at the time of admission.

(ix) Mere appearance in the Entrance Test or securing pass marks at the PET does not entitle a candidate to be considered for admission to the Course unless he/she fulfils the eligibility conditions.

Banaras Hindu University Mcom Fee Stucture


(x) If an applicant is inadvertently allowed to appear at the Entrance Test who otherwise does not fulfill the minimum eligibility requirements, he/she cannot, at a later date, use that as a right to claim that he/she meets the eligibility requirements.

The University reserves the right to cancel/refuse admission at any point of time if it is found that:

(A) Minimum eligibility requirements are not fulfilled.

(B) False documentation has been done, or, facts have been suppressed.

(C) Any other similar valid reason. 

(xi) Candidates admitted to any Course in this University shall not be eligible to pursue simultaneously any other full-time Course in this or in any other University/Institution.

(xii) A candidate can apply for any number of courses for which he/she is eligible, provided the Entrance Tests are on different dates (please refer to the Entrance Test Schedule).

Banaras Hindu University Mcom Fee Stucture


ITEMS 1st inst. 2nd inst.ITEMS  1ST SEM.2nd SEM & ONWARD
Boarder/delegacy Union Fee10Student Welfare Fund150150
Student Welfare Fund200
Miscellaneous Fee1Miscellaneous Fee00
Cultural Activities & Literature170Extra Curricular Activities fund105105
Academic Assessment125125Academic Assessment150150
Campus Utility Fee100150Campus Utility Fee205205
Computer & Internet Fee100
Tuition Fee125125Tuition Fee200200
Library Fee5050Library Fee250250
Student Health Welfare Scheme350Student Health Welfare Scheme175175
Laboratory Fee  300 Development Fund 600 600
Fac. Dev. & Extra Activities250
Alumni Activity Fee50Alumni Activity Fee500
Enrollment Fee100Enrollment Fee1000
Admission Fee2525Admission Fee500
I- Card and Passbook Fee26I- Card and Passbook Fee500
0College Caution Money500College Caution Money5000
Degree Charges100Degree Charges1000
Training and Placement100Training and Placement1000
TOTAL2682 475TOTAL2785   1835

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