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Banaras Hindu University Mcom Exam Centres

Banaras Hindu University Mcom Exam Centres

Banaras Hindu University Mcom Exam Centres

Banaras Hindu University Mcom Exam Centres : The Department of Commerce came into being as an adjunct to the Department of Economics in the year 1940, the Silver Jubilee year of the Banaras Hindu University. The Department gained an independent status in a very short span of time. The Department of Commerce continued with its pace of growth and in the year 1965, on the eve of the Golden Jubilee year of the Banaras Hindu University, the Department of Commerce was raised to the status of a separate full-fledged Faculty. 

Heralding a new era in the year 1968-1969, the Faculty of Commerce introduced Management courses as a separate discipline of study. The growth journey of the Faculty of Commerce witnessed new heights in the year 1975, the Diamond Jubilee year of the Banaras Hindu University. In the very same year, the Faculty of Commerce was renamed as the Faculty of Commerce and Management Studies with two separate Departments in its fold. The renamed Faculty of Commerce and Management Studies grew leaps and bounds in the next few years. The growth of the faculty was giving rise to a new change in terms of a pressing need for separating the two departments as two independent faculties. By the year 1984, both the departments were given the status of two independent faculties, namely ‘Faculty of Commerce’ and ‘Faculty of Management Studies’. 

Banaras Hindu University Mcom Exam Centres

BHU PET 2017 was held in offline mode at various test centres across 16 test cities of India. Candidates who appeared for BHU PET 2017 were allotted exam centre as per their preferences marked at the time of BHU PET 2017 application. The admit card of BHU PET 2017 also mentioned test centre name, location, and instructions which were to be followed at the examination centre. Check below the list of exam cities as released by Banaras Hindu University  –

 List of Test cities for BHU PET 2017

  1. Delhi
  2. Chennai
  3. Hyderabad
  4. Varanasi
  5. Allahabad
  6. Mirzapur – Rajiv Gandhi South Campus – Barkachha,
  7. Gorakhpur
  8. Lucknow
  9. Kolkata
  10. Bhopal
  11. Vadodra
  12. Guwahati
  13. Dimapur
  14. Bhubaneshwar
  15. Kochi
  16. Jaipur

Banaras Hindu University Mcom Exam Centres


The Test will be held at the following Centres, provided there are sufficient number of candidates for the concerned Centre: Varanasi Mirzapur* Gorakhpur Lucknow Kolkata Delhi Hyderabad Chennai Bhopal Vadodara Guwahati Dimapur Kochi Jaipur Allahabad Bhubaneshwar *Rajiv Gandhi South Campus – Barkachha, Mirzapur.


1. For the attention of applicants of MPA, MFA and M.P.Ed.  

(i) The written component of Test for MPA, MFA and M.P.Ed. will be held at all the centres fixed by the University. However, the Physical Fitness Test for M.P.Ed. [see Section 15 (v)], one practical examination for MPA [See Section 15 (xxix)] and MFA [See Section 15 (xxviii)] will be conducted at Varanasi only.

(ii) Candidates numbering four times the intake for MPA courses; four times the intake for MFA course and Eight times the intake for M.P.Ed. course, in each category, drawn on the basis of merit of written test will be called to appear in the Physical Fitness Test/Practical Examinations at Varanasi Centre only.

2. For the attention of all applicants

(i) The University reserves the right to cancel any of the Centres except Varanasi without assigning any reason. Candidates should, therefore, choose five Centres in order of preference in their Application Forms.

(ii) The Centre allotted will be indicated in the Admit Card. Applicants must note that the Examination Centre once allotted to a candidate shall not be changed.

(iii) The final decision to allot a Centre to a candidate shall rest with the University.

(iv) An outstation Centre can be cancelled due to inadequate number of candidates or due to any other reason. The candidate in such a case shall be allotted another Centre

(v) Blind candidates will be allotted Varanasi Centre only.

Banaras Hindu University Mcom Exam Centres


Candidates may note that any change in the content of this Information Bulletin including Cancellation of Test Centre/Date of Conduct of Test/Withdrawal of Courses/ Notifications relating to Conduct of Test/ Display of Provisional Key etc. will be made on BHU Entrance Test Portal:( only. The candidates are therefore advised to regularly visit the said website for updates.

Banaras Hindu University Mcom Exam Centres


Important Note:

1. There shall be a separate test for each course; however, there shall be common test for certain courses (as indicated below): Common Entrance Test Courses Covered I M.Sc. (Geology) (under General Course) and M.Sc. in Petroleum Geosciences (Under Special Courses of Study) II MBA in Financial Management(Under Special Courses of Study)/ MBA in Foreign Trade (Under Special Courses of Study)/ MBA in Financial Management (Risk And Insurance) (Under Special Courses of Study) III LL.M. (General), LL.M.(HRDE) and LL.M. (One Year) (under Special Courses of Study) IV Master of Vocation in Retail & Logistics Management/Master of Vocation in Hospital and Tourism Management/ Master of Vocation in Food Processing & Management

2. For such courses having common entrance test, the admission to the respective courses shall be made on the basis of merit of the candidate (in the common entrance test) and choice/ preference for course(s) given by him at the time of Counseling and his/ her eligibility for the course.

3. In case a candidate prefers to be considered for more than one course for which there are separate entrance tests, he/ she shall apply for each such course separately provided the tests are held on different dates (See schedule of Entrance Tests). 4. Mere appearance in a combined/ common entrance test does not entitle the candidate for consideration in a course(s) covered under the combined test for which he/she shall have to meet the eligibility criteria for the course(s). 

Banaras Hindu University Mcom Exam Centres


(i) A Question Booklet containing the questions and a separate Answer Sheet shall be provided to the candidate at the beginning of the Test.

(ii) The candidate, within 10 minutes of the issue of the Question Booklet, shall check the Question Booklet to ensure that it contains all the pages in correct sequence and that no page/question is missing. In case of faulty Question Booklet, the candidate shall immediately bring it to the notice of the Superintendent/Invigilators to obtain a fresh Question Booklet.

(iii) The candidate is required to write his/her Roll Number, Question Booklet No. and Set No., if any, at the appropriate places provided in the answer sheet in INK/Ball Point pen only. In addition, he/she is also required to fill up Roll Number in the space provided on the answer sheet by darkening the appropriate ovals by Blue/Black Ball Point pen only. (Note: Please note that any error in darkening the Roll Number or writing set number will result in wrong evaluation of the Answer Sheet. He/She may take further note that non-filling of Set No., if any, Roll No. and other vital details would lead to non-evaluation of Answer Sheet and cancellation of his/her candidature. Hence, the candidate should be careful in darkening Roll Number and writing set number).

(iv) The candidate is required to write in INK/Ball Point pen only, his/her Roll number and Serial Number of Answer Sheet at the appropriate places on the cover page of the Question Booklet.

(v) Each question shall be followed by four alternative answers. The candidate is required to identify the one which he/she feels to be the correct answer and record the answer by darkening the appropriate oval in the answer sheet with Blue/Black Ball Point pen only, as will also be mentioned in the guidelines given on the first page of the Answer Sheet.

(vi) The answer will be treated incorrect if more than one oval is darkened or an oval is darkened improperly. Any other method of marking such as tick mark, cross mark, use of dot, line mark and half-filled oval or marks outside the oval shall not be evaluated.

(vii) If any question is not attempted, the candidate is required to leave all the ovals against that question as blank. Such an answer will be awarded zero mark.

(viii) Inner cover page of the Question Booklet or the blank space/page at the end of Question Booklet may be used for rough work.

(ix) No page from the Question Booklet is to be torn or removed. If a candidate is found tearing any page from the Question Booklet, he/she shall be liable to punishment for adopting unfair means and shall not be allowed to continue in the Entrance Test.

Banaras Hindu University Mcom Exam Centres


a. If the candidate commits any error in writing/filling the Roll No., Set No. etc. on the answer sheet, it will not be possible to rectify the error and the answer sheet will be evaluated accordingly.


b. (i) Question Booklet will be given to the candidates after University Entrance Tests.

(ii) After completion of the tests, the provisional answers (key) will be displayed on the BHU Website ordinarily within 04 to 05 days of the test.

(iii) In case of any complaint about the questions/answers the candidate(s) will be given 05 days time after the display of provisional key on the website to put up his/her complaint before the Office of the Controller of Examinations. The evaluation will be done with key so finalized and no request for review will be entertained thereafter.

(iv) While making the complaint, the candidate must mention his/her name, Roll Number, Name of Course, Course Code Number, Set Number of Question Booklet (if any) and Serial Number of Questions and its/their key(s).

(v) The decision of the University regarding Question(s)/ Key will be final.

Banaras Hindu University Mcom Exam Centres

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