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Chanakya Niti – A Perspective to Investing in Shares


 Author : B L MITTAL

Publisher: Bookmann India (11 June 2011)

B L MITTAL Books Description 

Investment in shares has been an experience of wealth creation for many people. However, the same has also been a place for destruction of hard-earned money of many investors, particularly retail investors. The fundamental question thus arises is : What is the difference? Is it the term of holding or is it the fundamental or is it the valuation? The answer lies in the wisdom of Chanakya who said – Objectivity is supreme and for Objectivity – quality, fundamental, pricing, monitoring, planning all are important. Following the wisdom of Chanakya, the authors have derived certain principles called Niti. This book contains detailed view on each such principle called NITI. Some of such Nities are detailed below : Make your Personal Resource Plan Understand your Risk Profile Take help from experts Set rules for yourself and execute according to the rules Never invest in Companies with poor Corporate Governance Invest in businesses having sustainable value No ego, no greed and no fear Monitor Regularly and Rectify the mistakes at the earliest Invest for your objective Invest Regularly Invest for Wealth Creation The book also describes where to invest, when to invest, at what price and valuation to invest and more importantly, at all one should invest in shares or not. Use this book to set your objective and then invest and if you like the wisdom of Kautilya then apply it and see the difference.

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