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Author Dr. K.R.Chandratre

Introduction of Author Dr. K.R.Chandratre books

Author Dr. K.R.Chandratre
Recommended reads for you

  • Defamation Under Common Law
  • Statutory Compliances Due Date interest return and penalty

Author Dr. K.R.Chandratre is one of the renowned writer in the field of finance, especially in the area of Advanced Company Law & Practice,Paper 13 : Corporate Laws and Compliance for CS Professional,CMA Final exams. The author has written a number of excellent books in the area of Advanced Company Law & Practice,Paper 13 : Corporate Laws and Compliance that is useful for CS Professional,CMA Final exams. Author Dr. K.R.Chandratre books are currently available through Bharat Law House Pvt. Ltd. The author’s books are marketed by

Where can I get link of books by author?

Following books are written by Author Dr. K.R.Chandratre that are available on

Corporate Restructuring Covering Compromises Arrangement Amalgamations Mergers- Demergers Buy back etc Hardbound-Library edn Handbook Company Deposits Dr K R Chandratre All About Private Limited Companies Dr K R Chandratre Manual of Corporate Law Compliance Corporate Governance Dr K R Chandratre

Where can I get the Author Dr. K.R.Chandratre books from?

You can get Author Dr. K.R.Chandratre books in local book stores. However, latest edition of Author Dr. K.R.Chandratre books from Bharat Law House Pvt. Ltd are always available at You can order from home online and get the books in your hand within a week. Also, all Bharat Law House Pvt. Ltd books are available at CAKART at cost effective rates.

I would like to look at user review or feedback of author books? ?

Author Dr. K.R.Chandratre books have in total 3546 learners. Many of them have shared their reviews and comments. Please click below to view the same

Author Dr. K.R.Chandratre

What other authors are providing books similar to Author Dr. K.R.Chandratre?

Here is a list of authors similar to Author Dr. K.R.Chandratre –

1Kriti Sharma Vedant Shukla
2Lauv Kumar Radhika
3Deepu Krishna
4Kriti Sharma
5Dheeraj Tyagi
6R Krishan
7R W Ramage
8Rosedar Sra
9A M Chakraborthi
10John N Ferdico
11William Statsky
12G S Srivastava
13Pradeep K Mittal Sanjeev Kumar Dr S Koley
14Dr Arun Kumar
15Aditya Soni
17Roshan Lodha
18P C Tulsian and Bharat Tulsian
19Sanjay Suman Mundhra
20S K Pandab
21Dr Yogendra Bangar Dr Vandana Banga
22Dr T Padma K P C Rao Abhishek Mittal and Suchita Prakashan
23Bhuwneshwar Mishra and Abhishek Mittal
24Prof Arun Kumar CA Mohit Bahal CA Ankur Garg and CS Sumit Srivastava
25Prof Arun Kumar CS Dr Himanshu Srivastava and Aneesha Srivastava

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