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Audit Documentation : Standard on Auditing 230

Scope of this SA :

This Standard on Auditing (SA) deals with the auditor’s responsibility to prepare audit documentation for an audit of financial statements. It is to be adapted as necessary in the circumstances when applied to audits of other historical financial information. The specific documentation requirements of other SAs do not limit the application of this SA. Other laws or regulations may establish additional documentation requirements.

Nature and Purpose of Audit Documentation : 

Audit Documentation provides :

– Basis on which the opinion has been formed by the auditor to issue his audit report

– Evidence that the audit was planned and performed as per SAs

Audit documentation also serves other purposes namely :

  •  Enable to conduct quality control review , peer review and inspections
  • Accountability to the engagement team for its work
  • Assists the engagement team to plan and perform the audit
  • Retaining of record of matters which are of continuing significance

Definations :

1. Audit File –

One or more folders or other storage media, in physical or electronic form, containing the records that comprise the audit documentation for a specific engagement.

2. Audit Documentation –

Documentation are working papers which is prepared by the auditor for audit purpose and it is a record of audit procedures performed and is for his own use. It is maintained at three stage of audit work; audit planning, audit implementation and audit reporting.

3. Experienced Auditor –

An individual who has practical audit experience and a reasonable understanding of –

  • Audit Processes
  • SAs and applicable legal and regulatory requirements
  • Business environment of the entity
  • Auditing and financial reporting issues

Documentation of the Audit Procedures Performed and Audit
Evidence Obtained

Form, Content and Extent of Audit Documentation

The auditor shall prepare audit documentation that is sufficient to enable an experienced auditor to understand :

  • Nature, Timing and extent of the audit  procedures
  • Results of the audit procedures and audit evidence obtained
  • Significant matters which arise during the audit and the conclusions

Auditor shall also record

  • Identifying characteristics of the specific items or matters tested
  • By whom the audit work was performed and its completion date
  • By whom the audit work was reviewed and its date and extent

If there is any inconsistent information which auditor has identified, auditor shall be document as how the auditor addressed the same.

Departure from a Relevant Requirement

If in any exceptional circumstances the auditor has departed from the SA, the auditor shall document the reasons and alternative procedure performed

Matters Arising after the Date of the Auditor’s Report

If the auditor performs any additional or new audit procedures or has drawn any new conclusions after the date of auditor’s report, the auditor shall document:

  • Circumstances encountered
  • Procedures performed, evidence obtained and conclusions and also their effect on the report
  • When and by whom the changes to audit documentation were made and reviewed

Assembly of Final audit file

  • The auditor shall assemble the audit documentation in an audit file on timely basis after the date of the auditor’s report.
  • The auditor shall not delete the documentation before the end of its retention period



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