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All about Anti-Dumping Duty

All about Anti-Dumping Duty

Article is particularly based on the Duty which is charged in excess of Normal Customs duty for the exporters who are from outside India and are trying to sell the goods in India at a lower price than prevailing in the market. This type of Duty is also permissible by World Trade Organization, which looks after the unfair trade practices in the world and find the solution for the unfair portion. I have explained you further in Detail.

Now first we will discuss about the word “Dumping”. The word Dumping means export of goods from one premises/country to another premises/country such that the price is lower than prevailing in such another country, and the duty which is liable to be paid by exporter is known as Anti-Dumping Duty.

The only reason to establish or impose this duty is to safeguard/protect/give relieve to the Domestic Industry players, who may be ruined if this exporters are coming and selling at a low cost. This practice would also not lead to fair trade practice and thus there has to be some alternative for such practice. As a result this will purely discourage these practice and will result in domestic players will also compete the exporter in relation to price as well as quantity.

The whole and sole responsibility to impose this duty is on “Directorate General of Anti-Dumping and Allied Duties”, in which the main person handling all the position and having the sole right is the “Designated Authority”. This type of Duty if liable for imposition will be imposed by bringing a notification to the official gazette of India. Designated Authority shall be having the power to conduct the Anti-Dumping Investigation, through which only we come to know that should Anti-Dumping Duty be liable on this product.

These Duty will be charged over and above the Normal Customs Duty. The Credit for the Anti-Dumping Duty paid during the year will not be available to the assesse and it would be forming part of the cost of the assesse.

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