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How to answer theory questions in CA Exams

How to answer theory questions in CA Exams 

Knowing the answers in the CA exam may not be similar to knowing how to write those answers. Many experts would agree to that. The main emphasis here is how to write in a manner which gives an idea to the examiner that the student writing the paper is professional and organized. This may not fetch you marks for wrong answers, however, it does ensure that you gain extra points in the eyes of the examiner when you are correctly or partially correctly answering the exam questions. So, the presentation of the answers are presented as below –

A list of points on how to answer theory questions in CA Exams is presented as below.

1. Always start a new question or a sub question on a new page.

2. You must write the question number and sub question clearly without fail

3. Ensure that sub questions are answered at the same place one after the other before you start the next main question. If you want to come back to the sub question later, write few lines of sub question on new page and then you can leave it half way to revisit again. The left space can be used later on to complete the answer.

4. Keep enough margin on the left and right side of the page to allow for thread knots etc.

5. Other than the question and sub question number, always give a summarized heading to your answer . Mostly you can put the conclusion of your answer as the heading. This will help examiner not to refer to question paper time and again.  Do not forget to underline it. Leave one line and start your answer.

6. Always try to answer a question in paragraphs if it’s a commentary. And use next paragraph if a new idea is brought in.

7. If answer cab  be given point wise it is always better to write point wise, one after another

8. Try to answer in clean and clear handwriting with next line exactly below the previous one to make it beautiful. Do not try and overwrite to correct the old errors. Better to cut it off cleanly and write again.

9. Writing to the point will help. Generic writing on an off-topic  writing may frustrate the examiner.

10. After reading the question paper, attempt the question which you know best and then subsequent questions.

11. Do not forget to write on the main sheet, the question you have attempted on the first page of answer sheet.

12. Use good quality ink/gel blue pen. Always keep 2-3 more similar pen with you during the exam.


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  1. yugandhar C says:

    thanking for urs needful information

  2. Deepak Hinge says:

    Respected sir,

    I have completed my IPCC Ist group. I have lost my IInd group in an aggregate of 5 marks eventhough i have passesd all the subjects. please tell me how to get aggregate of 150 marks .

    1. Rohit Singla says:

      concentrate on 200 above marks with exemption in advance accounts to clear other two theory subjects

  3. shruthi R says:

    thank you for your information but i am flunking in costing i need some tips to get through in it

    1. cakart says:

      Dear shruthi R,
      Have you checked video classes on costing by best faculty at CAKART? Do you think it can help you prepare better. Sometimes getting to learn from best professors can help you get that extra edge to get success in your exam. If you need more information please follow the details below.

      Please send an email to about your requirement and they will get back to you.
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  4. shivshanker modi says:

    Gud evening sir,
    First of all thank you for your suggestion, this is very helpfull for us.
    I want some help.
    I am giving ipcc third time in this may.
    I can’t give my 100% in theory even in CA nd IPCC.
    I can’t remember theory answers.
    So what i have to do?
    Thank you.

    1. cakart says:

      My team will get back to you soon.

      Thank you.

  5. amarnath says:

    Thank u very much

  6. amarnath says:

    thank you for your information but i am flunking in costing i need some tips to get through in it

    This is my mail I’d

    1. cakart says:

      Hi amarnath,

      My team will get back to you soon.

      Thank you.

  7. Rajiv says:

    sir my hindi handwriting is very nice after that i did not get good marks in theory subject from last 4 attemt what should i do

  8. Ankita says:

    I am facing problem in law am nt able to learn it bcoz of its hard language
    Nd moreover am so much panic regarding my xams I have nt yet completed my syllabus dnt know wat to do plz help me

  9. poonam singh rathore says:

    Thanxxx for info.
    I ll definatly follow dis…

  10. mukul verma says:

    Sir, agar question main 1an two point wrong ho jate to examiner full question nahi kaat dega na

  11. I am in Nigeria now. And want to prepare for ca final exam. I have attempted only once with good prepartion for IT exam (system contral audit,Information technology) and I got 54 in first attempt.I felt very bad,coz if I would get 60 which I expected sure,and I did stop next attempt.And I came to Nigeria.But still I want to prepare with best energy and wana get through this exam.But I did not bring all my books here in Nigeria.Can you tell me how should I plan?

  12. Ananthi says:

    In Nov 2014 I had lost in IPCC in both gruops.In May 2015 I am going to attempt a IPCC 1st group only.I am requesting you to give me a tips for clear the Group I in this attempt.

  13. satya narayana says:

    Thanking for your needful information

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