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ACCA result analysis and Passing percentages

ACCA result analysis

ACCA result analysis: Benefits- Our results service allows you, as an Approved Learning Partner, to find out how your students are performing against global pass rates for each exam session, for both paper and computer-based exams.  This analysis provides evidence of your success in teaching ACCA courses and can demonstrate to students why they should choose to study with an Approved Learning Partner over a learning provider that is not approved. The subject breakdown within the report provides valuable insight, enabling you to pinpoint areas for future improvement and development.  This analysis can also help to identify when Gold Approved Learning Partners are ready to advance to Platinum.


We ask you to upload your students’ details for each of your teaching sessions. The upload facility can be accessed by logging into your myACCA  account for each of the four sessions as follows  March session – student details to be uploaded in February June session – student details to be uploaded in May  September session – student details to be uploaded in August December session – student details to be uploaded in November.

 The overall pass percentage for ACCA is 40%. and the pass rates are below.

Exam sessionF1F2F3F4F5F6F7F8F9
Mar 2017N/AN/AN/AN/A38*41*47*38*40*
Dec 201682*63*71*82*40*52*50*40*45*
Sep 2016N/AN/AN/AN/A39*47*48*44*47*
Jun 201683*63*72*80*4146474546
Mar 2016N/AN/AN/AN/A3944514141
Dec 201584*64*68*74*4153454645
Sep 2015N/AN/AN/AN/A3947444235
Jun 201585*58*63*75*3750403941
Dec 201483*58*59*70*4443434540
Jun 201480*60*63*453953474040
Dec 201374*61*57*434145393545
Jun 201372*64*54*374452454045
Dec 201265*59*55*413747533443
Jun 201264*52*56*544245485637
Dec 201163*53*54*493848563638
Jun 201170*57*55*553751384038
Dec 201070*60*60*444144473840
Jun 201064*64*60*515746283643
Dec 200966*58*59*425251394037
Jun 2009735755434161303442
Dec 2008675950393053424340
Jun 2008835148462845333242
Dec 2007815667423450404340

* Results achieved by students for paper-based and computer-based examinations.

ACCA result analysis


Exam sessionP1P2P3P4P5P6P7
Mar 201745525135283832
Dec 201649514933303431
Sep 201645504737353532
Jun 201648464840383532
Mar 201650474838334430
Dec 201547474735294239
Sep 201548444536304529
Jun 201549484636283440
Dec 201452504833303842
Jun 201452474635293936
Dec 201348494942304133
Jun 201349495134314531
Dec 201250494833334432
Jun 201253494837354232
Dec 201151485134293931
Jun 201152504730354531
Dec 201051514833354444
Jun 201053475134443532
Dec 200949584841423939
Jun 200948445030323737
Dec 200853545236434139
Jun 200849484936373633
Dec 200753485631422833

* Results achieved by students for paper-based and computer-based examinations.

ACCA result analysis


Dec 201674*76*73*70*74*60*63*477550
Jun 201672*74*74*62*73*60*66*588045
Dec 201580*81*71*69*75*58*60*537454
Jun 201576*76*68*67*74*57*57*587763
Dec 201476*75*69*67*72*52*54*516356
Jun 201474*76*66*58*66*55*54*517958
Dec 201374*71*64*56*59*52*48*447143
Jun 201374*73*58*51*55*55*49*506848
Dec 201270*74*61*53*52*48*46*487049
Jun 201270*74*61*52*47*43*46*538345
Dec 201169*65*62* 57*46*41*42*536940

* Results achieved by students for paper-based and computer-based examinations.

ACCA result analysis


Exam sessionPass rate
Dec 201652
Jun 201648
Dec 201544
Jun 201538
Dec 201451
Jun 201442
Dec 201345
Jun 201346
Dec 201234
Jun 201235
Dec 201143
Jun 201138
Dec 201039
Jun 201055
Dec 200945
Jun 200950
Dec 200855
Jun 200848
Dec 200767


We go to great lengths to ensure that each exam paper is rigorously checked and tested so that it fairly and accurately tests the abilities of well prepared students. This section explains the process involved when setting and checking all ACCA exam papers.

ACCA result analysis


ACCA’s exam papers are set by a team of Examiners and subsequently checked by a panel comprising the Examiner, an Assessor, Subject Co-ordinator and Exam Sitter.

Each Examiner is responsible for setting the question paper, writing the suggested published answers and producing a marking scheme.

No member of the team is permitted to teach students who may be sitting any of the papers for which he/she is responsible. Examiners are required to report to us any attempt made by a student to discuss future papers with them.

Once an exam paper has been drafted, it is reviewed by an Assessor whose job it is to ensure that the questions are relevant to the syllabus and that the paper is fair and balanced throughout. The Assessor also ensures that the suggested answers and marking schemes are suitable for publication.

Next, a Subject Co-ordinator examines the agreed version of the question paper, suggested answers and marking scheme to ensure that they have been set in accordance with the standards required for that level of the exams. The Subject Coordinator also checks to see that the exams are consistent with previous exam sessions, avoid unnecessary overlap with other papers and ensure progression.

Once the paper has been fully considered, it is attempted by the Exam Sitter – our examiners don’t expect you to sit a paper that they are not prepared to sit themselves!

The purpose of this is to ensure that the paper can be completed by an average student in the time available. The Exam Sitter then produces a report outlining in detail any problems encountered sitting the question paper.

At all stages, the Examiner, Assessor and Subject Co-ordinator for each paper work with ACCA’s full-time team of Education Advisers who co-ordinate and monitor the papers throughout the process, providing an additional level of quality assurance.


Each Examiner co-ordinates a team of Qualified Markers responsible for marking candidates’ scripts. Markers’ meetings are held as soon as possible after the final paper for each exam session to discuss potential problems and establish a clear marking strategy. To ensure fairness in the marking of scripts, the marking team does not know the identity of the candidates.

We do not set a target percentage of candidates to be successful at each exam sitting. Your results in each and any paper are totally uninfluenced by any previous exam record, or the performance of other candidates.

Examiners and Markers pay particular attention to borderline scripts and the need to ensure consistency between exam markers.

ACCA result analysis

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