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ACCA P6 Advanced Taxation Examiners Report

ACCA P6 Advanced Taxation Examiners Report

ACCA P6 Advanced Taxation Examiners Report :The examiners’ reports are an essential study resource. Read them to learn about mistakes that students commonly make in exams and how to avoid them. The guidance articles and video set out the general approach to the syllabus and the exam, and provide tips on how to improve your exam performance.

ACCA P6 Advanced Taxation Examiners Report

ACCA P6 Advanced Taxation Examiners Report :  The examining team prepares these reports after each exam session to offer constructive feedback on candidates’ performance in the examinations. They are full of useful guidance for future candidates.

The reports provide a general commentary on candidates’ performance as well as:

  • identifying technical aspects examined in the questions
  • highlighting good performance and where performance could be improved
  • explaining aspects which caused difficulty and why the difficulties arose, whether lack of knowledge, poor examination technique, for example.

ACCA P6 Advanced Taxation Examiners Report

ACCA P6 Advanced Taxation Examiners Report :  These resources are very useful when you tackle the paper for the first time. They give you real insight into what the examiner is looking for in terms of exam performance.

They cover:

  • the main themes of the paper
  • information on how the exam is structured
  • advice on exam technique
  • tips on how to succeed
  • potential pitfalls to avoid.

ACCA P6 Advanced Taxation Examiners Report

ACCA P6 Advanced Taxation Examiners Report : The overall standard in the March 2016 exam was fairly satisfactory. The exam was in its standard format; section A consisting of the compulsory questions 1 and 2, worth 35 marks and 25 marks respectively, and section B where candidates were required to answer two out of the three questions worth 20 marks each. In general terms, those candidates who did not perform as well as they could were not sufficiently prepared in the following areas.

 They did not spend sufficient time carefully reading the question and thinking before they started writing. This meant that they failed to address the question from the required angle, produced an unstructured answer which tended to lead to unnecessary repetition, or omitted part of the requirements.

 They did not attempt every part of four questions.

 They did not have sufficient, precise knowledge of the tax rules within the syllabus, particularly some of the more fundamental rules brought forward from the F6 (UK) syllabus.

ACCA P6 Advanced Taxation Examiners Report

ACCA P6 Advanced Taxation Examiners Report : It was particularly noted that a considerable number of candidates wasted time providing information that had not been asked for.

In particular, providing detailed explanations where none were required, or (to a lesser degree), providing calculations when explanations were asked for. Candidates should pay particular attention to the following in order to maximise their chances of success in the exam in the future.

1. Know your stuff

 Successful candidates are able to demonstrate sufficient, precise knowledge of the UK tax system.

 This includes knowledge brought forward from the F6 syllabus, which remains very important.

2. Practise questions from past exams with the aim of adopting the style of the model answers. In particular, candidates should practise the often more intellectually demanding Section A style questions.

3. Address the requirement

 The requirements of each question are carefully worded in order to provide you with guidance as regards the style and content of your answers. You should pay particular attention to the command words (calculate, explain etc), any matters which are not to be covered, and the precise issues you have been asked to address.

 Read the requirement carefully – in the Section A questions the detailed tasks that you are to perform will be set out in one of the documents. It may be helpful to tick off the tasks as you address them. Marks are awarded for satisfying the requirements and not for other information even if it is technically correct.  You should also note any guidance given in the question or in any notes following the requirement regarding the approach you should take when answering the question.

 Pay attention to the number of marks available – this provides you with a clear indication of the amount of time you should spend on each question part.

4. Don’t provide general explanations or long introductions. 

 If you are asked to calculate/provide calculations, without any mention in the requirement of supporting explanations, inclusion of such explanations will not gain marks, but will probably waste time– only provide explanations when you are asked to.

 Think before you write. Then write whatever is necessary to satisfy the requirement.

 Apply your knowledge to the facts by reference to the requirement. Remember that at P6 you will be asked to apply your knowledge, rather than just reproduce information you have learned.

ACCA P6 Advanced Taxation Examiners Report

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