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Details on ACCA f1 Accountant in business Syllabus

ACCA f1 Accountant in business Syllabus

ACCA f1 Accountant in business Syllabus: This syllabus and study guide are designed to help with teaching and learning and is intended to provide detailed information on what could be assessed in any examination session.


Relational diagram with other papers This diagram shows direct and indirect links between this examination and other examinations which precede or follow it. Some examinations are directly underpinned by others. These links are shown as solid line arrows. The indirect links are shown as dotted line arrows. The relational diagram therefore indicates where learners are expected to have underpinning knowledge and where it would be useful to review previous learning before undertaking study.

Overall aim of the syllabus This explains briefly the overall objective of the examination and indicates in the broadest sense the capabilities to be developed within the examination. Main capabilities This syllabus’s aim is broken down into several main capabilities which divide the syllabus and study guide into discrete sections. Relational diagram of main capabilities This diagram illustrates the flows and links between the main capabilities (sections) of the syllabus and should be used as an aid to planning teaching and learning in a structured way.

ACCA f1 Accountant in business Syllabus

Syllabus rationale This is a narrative explaining how the syllabus is  structured and how the main capabilities or sections of the syllabus are linked. The rationale also explains in further detail what the examination intends to assess and how. Detailed syllabus This shows the breakdown of the main capabilities (sections) of the syllabus into subject areas. This is the blueprint for the detailed study guide. Approach to examining the syllabus This section briefly explains the structure of the examination and how it is assessed. Study Guide This is the main document that students and learning and content providers should use as the basis of their studies, instruction and materials respectively. Examinations will be based on the detail of the study guide which comprehensively identifies what could be assessed within any examination session.

The study guide is a precise reflection and breakdown of the syllabus. It is divided into sections based on the main capabilities identified in the syllabus. These sections are divided into subject areas which relate to the sub-capabilities included in the detailed syllabus. Subject areas are broken down into sub-headings which describe the detailed outcomes that could be assessed in examinations. These outcomes indicate what exams may require students to demonstrate, and the broad intellectual level at which these may need to be demonstrated (*see intellectual levels below).

Learning Materials ACCA’s Approved Content Programme is the programme through which ACCA approves learning materials from high quality content providers designed to support study towards ACCA’s qualifications. ACCA has three Approved Content Providers, Becker Professional Education, BPP Learning Media and Kaplan Publishing. For information about ACCA’s Approved Content Providers, please go to ACCA’s Content Provider Directory. ACCA’s Content Provider Directory also lists materials by other publishers, these materials have not been quality assured by ACCA but may be helpful if used in conjunction with approved learning materials or for variant exams where no approved content is available. You will also find details of Additional Reading suggested by the examining teams and this may be a useful supplement to approved learning materials.


qualifications are designed to progressively broaden and deepen the knowledge and skills demonstrated by the student at a range of levels through each qualification. Throughout, the study guides assess both knowledge and skills. Therefore a clear distinction is drawn, within each subject area, between assessing knowledge and skills and in assessing their application within an accounting or business context. The assessment of knowledge is denoted by a superscriptK and the assessment of skills is denoted by the superscriptS.


As a member of the International Federation of Accountants, ACCA seeks to enhance the education recognition of its qualification on both national and international education frameworks, and with educational authorities and partners globally. In doing so, ACCA aims to ensure that its qualifications are recognized and valued by governments, regulatory authorities and employers across all sectors. To this end, ACCA qualifications are currently recognized on the education frameworks in several countries. Please refer to your national education framework regulator for further information about recognition.

ACCA f1 Accountant in business Syllabus: GUIDE TO EXAM STRUCTURE

The structure of examinations varies within and between modules and levels. The Foundations examinations contain 100% compulsory questions to encourage candidates to study across the breadth of each syllabus. All Foundations examinations are assessed by twohour paper based and computer based examinations. The pass mark for all Foundations Level examination papers is 50%.

ACCA f1 Accountant in business Syllabus: GUIDE TO EXAMINATION ASSESSMENT ACCA

Reserves the right to examine anything contained within any study guide within any examination session. This includes knowledge, techniques, principles, theories, and concepts as specified. For specified financial accounting, audit and tax papers, except where indicated otherwise, ACCA will publish examinable documents once a year to indicate exactly what regulations and legislation could potentially be assessed within identified examination sessions. For this examination regulation issued or legislation passed on or before 31st August annually, will be assessed from September 1st of the following year to August 31st of the year after. Please refer to the examinable documents for the paper (where relevant) for further information. Regulation issued or legislation passed in accordance with the above dates may be examinable even if the effective date is in the future. The term issued or passed relates to when regulation or legislation has been formally approved. The term effective relates to when regulation or legislation must be applied to entity transactions and business practices.

The study guide offers more detailed guidance on the depth and level at which the examinable documents will be examined. The study guide should therefore be read in conjunction with the examinable documents list.

ACCA f1 Accountant in business Syllabus

Download Previous syllabus: syllabus 2016-2017

Download latest syllabus : Syllabus 2017-2018

ACCA f1 Accountant in business Syllabus

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