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ACCA exam result for examination and other details

ACCA exam result

ACCA exam result Examination Results and Status Report form is below to assist you with queries related to your exam results.


This section displays the mark attained for each paper attempted at the last session of examinations.


ACCA has a range of procedures in place which reviews the academic judgements made by examiners and these ensure that the final results are robust. The quality controls applied at each stage of the marking process also ensure the integrity of ACCA’s results data. If following publication of the results you do not feel that your result reflects your perceived performance, you may request an Administrative Review under the following circumstances:

  • you believe ACCA’s procedures have not been properly applied in arriving at your mark
  • you have received an absent mark but you were present at the examination
  • you were not present at an examination but have received a mark.

The administrative reviews allow ACCA to ensure transparency and fairness, and are available for all qualifications that are assessed by paper based exam. However, this is not a re-marking service.

If you would like to request an Administrative Review for March 2017 exam session, please go to myACCA, select ‘Request an Administrative Review’ and make the required payment. The deadline to request an Administrative Review is 26 April 2017.

ACCA will carry out an Administrative Review of all processes followed to determine your final mark. You will receive written confirmation of the outcome of your review via email no later than the week commencing 8 May 2017 for the March 2017 session.

ACCA exam result


This section shows your examination status following the most recent examination session and includes all exemptions awarded and CBE passes achieved before the date stated.

Students holding provisional converted passes in P1 and P4 must pass either P1 or any outstanding Options paper other than P4 in addition to twelve other papers in order to complete the exam requirement of the syllabus.



The Professional Ethics module is a mandatory element of the ACCA Qualification. To take the module, you must have completed the first three exams of the ACCA Qualification (F1 – Accountant in Business, F2 – Management Accounting and F3 – Financial Accounting), although it is recommended that you complete all nine Fundamentals level exams (F1 – F9) before taking it. The module – which is interactive – can be accessed through myACCA.

Your status for the Professional Ethics module will show as completed on the Examination Status Results form if you have completed the module by the date shown in the examination status section of the form.

ACCA exam result


Your status for the Foundations in Professionalism module will show as complete on the Examination Status Results form if you have completed the module by the date shown in the examination status section of the form.


This section shows the performance objectives you have achieved and recorded with ACCA as at the date of this status report.

If you are using My Experience, any additional performance objectives you have achieved since the date of this report will be reflected online. You can access My Experience through myACCA.

This section also shows the time (in months) that you have accumulated and recorded in a relevant accounting or finance role.


This section shows your current status on the Oxford Brookes University degree.

SECTION F – YOUR PROGRESS TO MEMBERSHIPThis section shows your progress towards ACCA membership. To be eligible for membership you must complete all 14 examinations, 9 Essential and 4 Options performance objectives, have a minimum of 36 months experience in a relevant accounting or finance role and complete the Professional Ethics module.


We go to great lengths to ensure that each exam paper is rigorously checked and tested so that it fairly and accurately tests the abilities of well prepared students. This section explains the process involved when setting and checking all ACCA exam papers.

ACCA exam result


ACCA’s exam papers are set by a team of Examiners and subsequently checked by a panel comprising the Examiner, an Assessor, Subject Co-ordinator and Exam Sitter.

Each Examiner is responsible for setting the question paper, writing the suggested published answers and producing a marking scheme.

No member of the team is permitted to teach students who may be sitting any of the papers for which he/she is responsible. Examiners are required to report to us any attempt made by a student to discuss future papers with them.

Once an exam paper has been drafted, it is reviewed by an Assessor whose job it is to ensure that the questions are relevant to the syllabus and that the paper is fair and balanced throughout. The Assessor also ensures that the suggested answers and marking schemes are suitable for publication.

Next, a Subject Co-ordinator examines the agreed version of the question paper, suggested answers and marking scheme to ensure that they have been set in accordance with the standards required for that level of the exams. The Subject Coordinator also checks to see that the exams are consistent with previous exam sessions, avoid unnecessary overlap with other papers and ensure progression.

Once the paper has been fully considered, it is attempted by the Exam Sitter – our examiners don’t expect you to sit a paper that they are not prepared to sit themselves!

The purpose of this is to ensure that the paper can be completed by an average student in the time available. The Exam Sitter then produces a report outlining in detail any problems encountered sitting the question paper.

At all stages, the Examiner, Assessor and Subject Co-ordinator for each paper work with ACCA’s full-time team of Education Advisers who co-ordinate and monitor the papers throughout the process, providing an additional level of quality assurance.


Each Examiner co-ordinates a team of Qualified Markers responsible for marking candidates’ scripts. Markers’ meetings are held as soon as possible after the final paper for each exam session to discuss potential problems and establish a clear marking strategy. To ensure fairness in the marking of scripts, the marking team does not know the identity of the candidates.

We do not set a target percentage of candidates to be successful at each exam sitting. Your results in each and any paper are totally uninfluenced by any previous exam record, or the performance of other candidates.

Examiners and Markers pay particular attention to borderline scripts and the need to ensure consistency between exam markers.

ACCA exam result

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