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Abhishek Sharma Courses

Abhishek Sharma courses

Most popular video lectures for CS Foundation, CS Executive, CS Professional by Abhishek Sharma for 2015 Exams.

Excellent CS Foundation Video lectures by Abhishek Sharma

CS Foundation Video lecturesCS Foundation Paper 1 – Business Environment & Entrepreneurship
CS Foundation Paper 2 – Business Management, Ethics and Communication
CS Foundation Paper 3 – Business Economics
CS Foundation Paper 4 – Fundamentals of Accounting & Auditing
Full CS Foundation Package

Excellent CS Executive Video lectures by Abhishek Sharma

CS Executive Video lecturesCS Executive Module 1 – Company Law-Paper 1
CS Executive Module 1 – Cost and Management Accounting-Paper 2
CS Executive Module 1 – Economic and Commercial Laws-Paper 3
CS Executive Module 1 – Tax Laws and Practice-Paper 4
CS Executive Module 2 – Company Accounts and Auditing Practices-Paper 5
CS Executive Module 2 – Capital Markets and Securities Laws-Paper 6
Full CS Executive Package


Excellent CS Professional Video lectures by Abhishek Sharma

 CS  Professional  Video lecturesCS Professional Module 1 – Advanced Company Law and Practice-Paper 1
CS Professional Module 1 – Secretarial Audit, Compliance Management and Due Diligence-Paper 2
CS Professional Module 1 – Corporate Restructuring Valuation and Insolvency-Paper 3
CS Professional Module 2 – Information Technology and Systems Audit-Paper 4
CS Professional Module 2 – Financial, Treasury and Forex Management-Paper 5
CS Professional Module 2 – Ethics, Governance and Sustainability-Paper 6
CS Professional Module 3 – Advanced Tax Laws and Practice-Paper 7
CS Professional Module 3 – Drafting, Appearances and Pleadings-Paper 8
CS Professional Module 3 – Elective 1: Banking Law and Practice-Paper 9
Full CS Professional Package w/o Banking
Full CS Professional Package


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