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A day before result feeling of a student

A day before result feeling of a student

This article tells the feelings of a student – A day before RESULT. Read full article here by Pruthvi,

I am Pruthvi, I would like to share my feelings on my own result experience, the night when the heartbeat is faster than ever and the feeling when I have to be all positive that yes I am gonna pass. Suddenly I become superstitious, instinctive, more scared & more anxious. Not even 24 hours and even the time isn’t decided. All I know is that 24 hours later life will not be the same.

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I will either be the happiest or the saddest. I just don’t want to face the question What now? What next? No I don’t want to quit. Investing 4 years on something, watching a dream that yes one day I am gonna be there no matter how many hurdles it will take, I just can’t lose, for the sake of me, my dad who actually wants me to be successful still cheers me every time I flunked and still had that faith in me. No I don’t want to break his faith, my mom; those eyes I won’t be able to face. I will blame the world around me.

But then all that they say “It happens for good and everything will be fine” is nothing but mere sympathy. At least in the short run its nothing more. No! I don’t want that feeling.

I can’t face the books again. I can’t face myself again and I will just dip down more with my self-confidence.

At this point I know I have a chance of making things fine, making things my way. This is that one chance wherein I know I can do it and I will get that degree one day and make things my way, exactly the way I have imagined them to be.

A perfect life here in India is working in a good reputed company as a planner as an organizer. Because that’s what I am good at. Planning.

All the plans I have made, just for once this time I don’t want this feeling within me let go. I want that Billion Trillion dollar true smile on my face and obviously mommy and daddy’s face.

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A day before result feeling of a student

Everyone makes mistakes, but this decision of mine! No I don’t want it to be a mistake. I don’t want to regret years from now that I could have done it if I were a little more focused. What I know is this is the best could give at present. Last year after so many years I knew I have made things fine and put them to place. This one thing will just beat it all and will add on to the journey and yes all the work I did last year will finally have a worth.

No I can’t quit! No I don’t want to be a quitter! I am a Gemini! a stubborn Gemini who wants it no matter how hard it is and how hard it takes.

I mean investing another grands over another degree now at the age of 23. NO! Just NO, neither we are in that condition financially nor am I in that age where I can take another risk. I want this risk to be worth all. Yes I am positive, I just don’t want to lose!

Trust me the feeling sucks, you just don’t know where to bang your head and where to cry, and today after all the years of failure even tears don’t come easily, not that I am immune or laid back .I am equally terrified and more broken than ever.

My age is going, before 25 I have to settle any freaking how. That’s my limit to it all. I want to earn, settle down, and help my mom dad in their life. I want to make them proud, I want to say them finally in the end that all the wait was actually worth and none of the time was actually wasted. It made me more patient, patient to the extent that I can even face a heart attack easily now. The last hours of the result definitely kill you, but no I don’t want to lose. I just can’t lose, I can’t quit, I will win, I have to man I got no other option.

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A day before result feeling of a student

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