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15 Common Mistakes Committed While Preparing For Exams

15 Common Mistakes Committed While Preparing For Exams

Some mistakes that we tend to commit just before entering to the exam zone, these mistakes may look small but can end up into eruption of disasters. Do take care of following. As its said a small ant is enough to make a big elephant mad.

15 Common Mistakes Committed While Preparing For Exams

1) What we are generally seen doing before the exam day is we call up a friend to know how much he/she has completed. We do this to lighten up the burden, but the opposite happens.
2) Turning pages to see how much is still left is a very common mistake which is usually committed by us, leaving us with the fear of non-completion.
3) The exam stress and fear compels our mind to follow the trend of waking up midnight after every two hours. The result is that we are unable to have a sound sleep leading to the lack of concentration.

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4) We count the number of hours that we have wasted instead of utilizing the time in studying for the remaining hours.
5) Counting the number of hours still left and thinking that you won’t be able to complete all the topics in the remaining time.
6) On the night before the exam day we leave a portion of chapter or a whole chapter or two for revision in the morning. Ultimately, we either forget to revise the left over topic or we neglect it due to the lack of time.
7) We take up those new topics which we haven’t yet touched ever, thinking that this portion will definitely come in the exam.
8) We visualize negative thoughts and failure instead of success, inviting stress to overcome us. We should rather have positive thoughts and feel as if you can do well in the exams.
9) We generally prefer selective study or summaries than going through the whole chapter just for the purpose of creating the belief that we are done with the revision.
10) Keeping your mind result-oriented instead of work-oriented and thinking that something wrong will definitely happen instead of staying positive and optimistic

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11) Developing the thought of skipping a paper or the whole attempt, just because of the frustration of revising such a vast syllabus.
12) Adopting an “I can’t do this strategy” instead of being brave and believing that “Impossible itself says I m possible”.
13) We believe in skipping the breakfast or lunch with a thought that this would save our time. This reduces our productivity instead.
14) Many students go for not just a cup of coffee but a caffeine overload forget that there’s a big difference between one cup of coffee and 5 or more.
15) The overloaded minds before the exam day forces us to leave things to God. Instead of doing this we can go for a small break instead of locking ourselves indoor and fighting with the stress.

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