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11 Things Only a CA Student Will Understand

11 Things Only a CA Student Will Understand

11 Things Only a CA Student Will Understand

Being a CA student is not easy . Even though situations varies from person to person here are few things most of you can relate to ūüôā

1. Calculating the Net Income of all the coaching teachers

Teaching those batches of 200+ Students is no joke after all,…

Receipts: Tuition Fee ; expenses: Study material, building rent etc etc

Aprx Income tax

Net Income!!

Holy cow!!

2. Experiencing the luxury of travelling in all modes of Transport

After all you have to be on time for College and all the Coaching classes that are miles apart and not to forget reaching office on time.

You have had experienced it all – Buses, train, two wheeler, taking lift and what not.

3. Championing the art of failing

Whats a CA who hasn’t tasted failure in exams unless you are the lucky one‚Äôs who have cleared the exams in the first go. Even if you fail you know its not a big deal because most of your friends have failed miserably too! #Thats friendship ūüėõ

Well CA results are the only results where you get tears no matter whether you fail or pass.

4. Watching Morning , Evening shows

Well these shows are different than what other people see. These shows are exclusively for us ¬†in the Satellite coaching centers nearby and the snacks shop people near your class are the happiest and richest people Afterall it’s not easy to watch this film easily for 4 hours without those packets!

5. Time is a privilege you don’t have

You are always in a hurry. Thanks to the busy schedule you have.

6. You miss all those Family Functions , Birthdays. And celebrating Diwali is an unachievable dream if you have November attempt

“Sorry dude, ONLY¬†4 months to go for exams. Both groups dena hai…”

7.  Trying your best not to sleep

You have tried it all from tea to coffee so that you can stay awake longer and study a bit more!

8. You Pursuing CA = You are Hard-working + Smart

At least this is what people think about you…

9. Your Parents are just proud of you 

“Aakhir hamara bachha CA kar raha h‚Ķ.!!”

10. Exploring different career options simultaneously

What if I dont clear?

What am I gonna do?

Did choose wrong career path?

What are the other backup plans?

After all cracking the CA exams is not a child’s play..

11. Before you realise you reach a marriageable age

While people keep asking you as when you are going to marry you are still struggling with amendments in CA final!

“Bhai yeh is attemot ke liye applicable hoga kya?”

Source: thehangpage

11 Things Only a CA Student Will Understand

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