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Most Powerful Super Achiever Course by Prof Ved [ENGLISH]
10000 4999

Most Powerful Super Achiever Course by Prof Ved [ENGLISH]

By: ProfVED

Validity : 6 Months
Language: English
Most Powerful Super Achiever Course by Prof Ved [HINDI]
10000 4999

Most Powerful Super Achiever Course by Prof Ved [HINDI]

By: ProfVED

Validity : 6 Months
Language: Hindi

What will you learn in this course? Module Details

  • M1: Super Brain - Proven Techniques to boost Brain Power

    • What is neuroscience?
    • How to use neuroscience to learn better, faster, and stronger?
    • Science of Accelerated learning techniques
    • How to achieve neuro growth?
    • Foods to improve brain power
    • Supplements to boost brain power
    • Discover your unique brain type and learning style
    • The 12 Keys to Create Your High-Performance Brain
    • More Accelerated learning techniques
  • M2: Super Focus - Achieve any goal in life

    • How to set up smart goals?
    • How to develop a laser sharp focus on your goals?
    • How to master your attention so you can focus and concentrate longer?
    • Habits that enhance concentration
    • Focusing exercises for better focus and concentration
  • M3: Super Memory

    • Memory and mind
    • Types of memory we have
    • Bad habits that keep us away from remembering
    • Correct pattern of thinking for good memory
    • Food, supplements, sleep and lifestyle habits that increase memory
    • The simple, invisible mental technique for remembering names
    • An incredible strategy to remember numbers
    • How to Remember words not related to each other
    • How to Remeber complex words
    • Powerful memory techniques
    • How to Develop a perfect, computer-like memory in just 5 minutes a day
  • M4: Super Speed Reading

    • Why speed read
    • Myths of speed reading
    • The critical steps to become adept at speed reading
    • Learn simple visualization exercises for better reading
    • Learn the difference between the art of skimming and scanning
    • Boost the power of your peripheral vision
    • Practice exercises to improve your reading speed
    • How to read a 200 page book in an hour
    • How to read 100 books in a year
    • What books should you read?
  • M5: MindMaps

    • Introduction to mindmaps?
    • Mind Maps: Quicker Notes, Better Memory and Improved Learning
    • How to summarize entire books or chapter in one page.
    • Using mind maps in everyday life
    • How to summarize entire books or chapter in one page.
  • M6: Super Comprehension

    • What is comprehension?
    • Bad habits that keeps us away from learning & comprehension
    • Effective methods for comprehension
    • Simple methods to nail down complex concepts quickly and easily
    • Tips on learning faster
  • M7: Super Notes

    • Different ways to take notes
    • Bad habits of taking notes
    • How to speed write
    • How to use advanced skills to make amazing notes
  • M8: Super Writing Skills

    • What are components of good writing skills
    • Bad habits that produces bad writing
    • Know the different styles of writing that are present in the English Language
    • How to structure your ideas properly into essays
    • Different forms of punctuation and their usage with proper examples
    • A step-by-step approach to writing different documents
  • M9: Super Communication Skills

    • Communication skills & success
    • Bad examples of communication
    • Direct vs indirect communication
    • Listening skills
    • Communication Skills for Persuasion
    • High-tech ways to perfect communication
    • Become part of the top 1% of communicators right now!
  • M10: Super Time Management Skills

    • Introduction
    • What are time stealers and how to avoid them
    • 30 Important time management skills
    • How to plan your morning routine similar to many successful people
    • Resources, tools to improve your time management
    • How to make a winning time table for study/exam?
  • M11: Super Energy

    • How does human body feel energetic?
    • Bad habits that drags down our energy level
    • Habits that keep our energy level high
    • Watch this and we guarantee you will never give up?
    • How to achieve self discipline
    • How to achieve Will power of a mountain
    • How to develop mental toughness
  • M12: Super Decision making

    • The science of decision making
    • An actionable guide to clearer thinking
    • Destroying indecision
    • Improving insight
    • Making complex decisions with speed & confidence
  • M13: Super EQ

    • What is EQ - Emotional Quotient? Why it is important for your success?
    • Master the signs of high and low EQ in yourself and others
    • Pinpoint why certain events or people drive you crazy--and what to do instead
    • Create a list of your hot buttons--the things that drive you crazy
    • Focus on strategic thinking and avoid being hijacked by a “gut” reaction brought on by low emotional intelligence
    • How to control your impulses & exercise self discipline
    • NLP (neuro linguistic programming) techniques to rewire emotional reactions and anchor positive emotions
    • Emotional Intelligence techniques for stress & anxiety reduction
  • M14: Unlock Super Creativity

    • What is creative thinking?
    • What keeps us away from creating thinking?
    • Methods to enhance creative thinking
    • Learn effective ways to stretch creative thinking muscles.
    • 6 Stages Idea generation Formula.
    • Learn Magical Wand technique and TLC technique to sprout the seeds of limitless explosion of ideas.
  • M15: Unlock Super Productivity

    • Declutter your Mind to Enhance Productivity
    • How to study when you dont want to
    • Finish what you start
    • The art of following through
    • the art of taking action & executing
    • The art of self discipline
    • How to plan and schedule like world leaders
  • M16: Super Simple Health & Fitness strategy

    • Introduction
    • How to smartly avoid common health related issues
    • Simple, quick Habits that keep you fit & healthy
  • M17: Super Exam Skills

    • How to Prepare Your Mind for an Exam
    • Kick bad habits and adopt smarter study practices
    • How to study when you dont want to
    • How to combine your long-term memory and short-term memory (information you want to remember during preparation) to create instant recall for tests, presentations and important projects
    • Ace your curriculum and assessments with these ultimate memory techniques
    • How to cultivate the right study habits
    • How to make a winning time table for study/exam?
    • How to plan your morning routine?
    • How make a winning study time table
    • How to ensure proper revision before the exams
    • How to plan a winning practice test schedule
    • How to deliever your best performance during an exam

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About Prof. Ved



For over 25 years, ProfVed has been analyzing the mind and memory and its capacity for brilliance. Prof Ved is a renowned faculty and brain coach who has worked closely with top CEOs and superachievers in all walks of life to unlock their true capabilities. In this groundbreaking course, he reveals the science-based practices and field-tested techniques that the world's top performers use to accelerate their learning and create world-class results. He is an International professional speaker and has spoken in many different countries. He has assisted 100,000+ students in improving their learning, motivation, creativity and thinking.