Our Mission

Making India's best education accessible anytime anywhere

How it works

Geographical boundaries should never be a deterrent in gaining quality education. CAKART.in helps students connect with the best teachers across the country and learn anytime, anywhere.

Video classes by best tutors

We have created online education marketplace that offers highest quality courses from teachers and organizations around the world.

Learn at your own pace

Students can choose from a variety of courses and learn from a faculty at their own pace on any kind of device - desktop, tablet, or phone.

High quality course creation

Teachers can get technology, training and support from us to create high quality courses and sell through our marketplace.

Our Approach

Deliver The Best Marketplace Experience

Its simple. We want students to learn better and faster. That’s why we designed vertically integrated exclusive marketplace that adapts as per the specific needs of a student.

Provide The Most Effective Learning

It is proven that self paced learning produces stronger outcomes than face to face instructions. We want to make self paced learning continually more rewarding by adding further dimensions such as randomized assessments, re-study and re-attempt modules.

Enable Peer Learning and Feedback

We believe that the most rewarding learning happens in the company of peers. We bring students learning similar topics together and enable them to provide feedback, assess, ask questions and learn from each other.

Maintain Technology Leadership

A team with technology at the core, we constantly strive to build next generation tools that bring the best academic experience to students and teachers at large.

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